Shanghai Longfeng simple enterprise station should find some industry rules

Shanghai Longfeng simple enterprise station should find some industry rules

, the 1 competitors take is not the conventional Shanghai dragon strategy may be cooperation with a number of B2B, may be several B2B gold member, so bring the chain you may not search, or search to find less do not consider ~~~

now do Shanghai dragon is a large part of the service station for the enterprise, but think carefully, the Shanghai dragon does not have much technical content, whether you are engaged in what industry, analysis of competitors always have the details did not do optimization, but the ranking is better than you stand there, there are too many the station is not about the structure of URL robots sitemap layout of the original chain… Many of the sites are directly set a template with a set of procedures, static do not content is not updated, the chain also rarely, but the ranking is very strong, if this happens to have a stand in you the signature, and happened to you belong to that kind of stuffy hair every day the chain, their brains to write original but still can not see the hope of Shanghai dragon Er, in such a situation I think no one will calm ~


2, very strong competitors in one of them there, but we did not see, such as web users such as the length of time, in particular, for example, the content is very good, although very little ~~

here we don’t talk about technology, we should talk about how to face the Shanghai dragon, see too many entry just Shanghai dragon er up every day is in the rankings, then complained the chain of hair how not to continue to play a role? The chain released yesterday while opening a document, while looking for a new chain… So every day, stuffy hair outside the chain, but no effect, you do not worry. "

if you do not consider other factors, but from the technical point of view, the absolute key enterprise station Shanghai dragon in the chain, this is not what to say, but outside the chain of the word to go, do not you send the chain, it must be someone else is not a good ranking, the number of the judgment standard to compare with others! Take a data from the Shanghai dragon never thought over his number, ranking will be more than him, if you have this idea, then you will be doomed to tragedy!

The advantage of

encountered this situation generally there are so few points, may not comprehensive summary of


3, occupy a large part of their own reasons! Every morning to open the computer to do outside the chain, boarded the QQ for friends of the chain, seemingly not follow a few rules, made for a chain is tired, then do not want to send, then do not know what to do, in a Daze staring at? The forum is full of worthless words? Most of us make a same mistake: no plan!!! So we go Shanghai dragon road is wrong, Shanghai dragon is not a all things in common, each industry has its own rules, think hard often, the effect is not up to expectations, the body is tired, more tired heart!

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