Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques and methods to improve the weight of 10

Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques and methods to improve the weight of 10

usually when we write the first thing you need to consider your article’s title is a key optimization. Then the content page optimization.

now I start with some simple optimization techniques in Shanghai dragon.

well, I will not nonsense. Directly into the title to.

seventh point to the appropriate to each page of keyword blog (keywords), Desc>

sixth published on the blog: remember to give each post with illustrations and article content related ALT information, and add the relevant information in the pictures around. As the chain like.

pro. Hello I am a four. Give us some optimization techniques today. The webmaster invited to tell you this lesson,. As for the last forgotten draft oral forget like everyone saying most sincere apologies.

said second points fail, that is to pay attention to language Chinese market don’t use English Kazakhstan, I have been talking nonsense, of course we are all in Chinese for the update of the sea love wins in the more understand Chinese, because love is in Shanghai Chinese mainland, so the site of simplified love Shanghai more friendly. If you stand to make the English website, is that it is optimal strength… You as can be imagined.

fifth if you post a lot of garbage message against you must delete. The influence of the very. This is the reputation.

fourth. In the important or sensitive words you can use pinyin ah ha, English, separated or split line; or for the more important the URL.

third is what we in the chain with it, this I believe we all know very well, can not explain, you are outside the chain of our website in writing can be added. You can get the chain in words, in words high weight words, is very helpful.

noble baby although included criteria for easing, but is relatively stable, there are certain requirements to be collected ", update the content is gradually increased. So we in the Google website ah well included. The reason is this.

Title love Shanghai and noble baby to his scoring 95 points, showing the importance of title, the title is not too long, the best control in less than 28 words, two or three words can appear keywords, many a bit long winded, less short weight. So to handle the degree. Master the degree you have grasped the core of this keyword optimization.

give two search engine habits. Love Shanghai, love her new things, the love is included new sites, as long as the new pages are included, after slowly finishing, overqualification was K off.

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