Some problems should be paid attention to the construction of the chain by English Forum

Some problems should be paid attention to the construction of the chain by English Forum

first thing to say is a few points to note in the registration of the forum. The accuracy of 1, the basic personal information of the forum. Because the domestic foreign friends of the local customs and practices is not very understanding, geographic region, so we registered in foreign forums more to do the investigation, fill out the most reliable personal information, let the forum administrator think you are native, so that you can be more easily approved. (some of the foreign forum is to go through the administrator audit to register successfully, this situation in the country should not common), 2 is the time when you will activate the forum, the forum registration, the forum system will send you an activation email, the domestic forum and there is not much difference. However, some foreign forum on the forum activation is a time limit, such as 24 hours. If more than, you should use a different e-mail re registration. 3, for 3 minutes did not close to the activation email forum, don’t wait for the next forum registration immediately.

. For example, a forum signature, but can not appear in the post, can not appear in the theme of post. There is a forum signature is a text format, with no connection. There is no forum signature, but your post has not been edited. These are at the beginning of the post before should research "

then say that the need to pay attention to the post. We register the forum to do what? In order to post it to the post; what to leave a link?. So we wanted to leave a link in the forum. But some forum management is relatively strict, if you go up with connection or use signature links in the post, that your account is likely to be blocked. So we need to think of a way. Of course, for those who can spam I won’t have to worry about these things.

so what do to get the account will not be sealed, the post will not be deleted, and can put the link here. Our strategy is to start with. What is now the forums not connected with the post or reply, but also related to the theme, or have been deleted may. First made about two weeks, every day 1-2 post or reply. Two weeks later for a number, a number of posts before for a week after the precipitation, precipitation to post links. You will encounter a lot of problems at this time, this is my problem today. For example, in your forum signature can only reply to posts, in the theme of your hair post not

Hello, time flies, blink of an eye to Monday. This weekend Yang Jie Shanghai dragon blog no update, because there is no idea what. Do not know if you are doing this weekend, I have been quite substantial, try the War Within Three Kingdoms game, I feel pretty good, is a strategy based game, interested friends may wish to play. Well, a turn, and today we say the English forum several problems needed to pay attention to the construction of the chain website. This is what I feel at work today, so I write to let everyone see.

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