A picture can explain the love of Shanghai and 360 market share basically the same

A picture can explain the love of Shanghai and 360 market share basically the same


(traffic statistics August)

!This is today’s

flow chart China Provincial blog, from this picture we see love Shanghai and 360 so flat road.

flat, 360 search the search engine to Shanghai to play the bright younger generation love! Sogou share unchanged, in search of the advantages of Shanghai third! Love can only display in the mobile phone side from below you will see that the love of Shanghai mobile phone antecedents 36 IP; 360 mobile phone search is currently not mature end without antecedents IP.

currently only love Shanghai, 360, and three by sogou. Other search engines too radical excluding, occasionally from Bing to several IP neither painful nor itching.

this article from Chinese provincial blog www.huashengsheng贵族宝贝, Hua Hua province provincial original! The reference picture blog traffic statistics.

in this picture is not difficult to analyze, 306 search results are very good, the search has more than 30% market share analysis. More than love Shanghai search search leading posture. Love Shanghai should have predicted risk, the recent love Shanghai alliance update frequently, advertising revenue of owners of the new on-line map + and the keywords can be doubled, obviously love Shanghai webmaster better.

look at the 360 search content updates here, on the line of the martial arts search, 360 users tend to search for updates. 360 do the search, only live user’s heart can develop better.


(flow chart of the day)

This shows that the market share of

introduction: 360 search on the line so far, has been in love with the sea in hot pursuit, today I open the flow chart gave a comprehensive look! Charts these days. The analysis result is 360 and fell in love with the Sea flat share.

loves Shanghai and 360 search engines from the war of 360 line search has not stopped, but this kind of war without smoke brought a lot of traffic to the webmaster

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