The enterprise should pay attention to what the problem a new station on the line

The enterprise should pay attention to what the problem a new station on the line

enterprise website and other general site is not what big difference, but there is a little difference, pay attention to personnel of Shanghai Longfeng this requires the majority of enterprise website, enterprise website due to the particularity of the industry, sometimes encounter a variety of problems, but also have to follow certain rules, the station optimization the enterprise website also to please the search engine spiders to search engine friendly operation should also try to do less, can not do not do, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng zhenduan/) and we simply talk about the enterprises under the new station on the line to pay attention to what the problem?

company recently had three new sites, three sites and content, on-line at the same time, but also have the same problem, because the website do more urgent, there are many aspects is not perfect on the line, even the site title before it has been on the line, and is included in the search engine but now, I still go to the title. The reason is very simple, I believe that many owners also have the experience, due primarily to the business of the company do not understand that, write the site keywords and describe some error terms, that is to optimize the site for optimization and consider to set the title in expression appeared on some professional mistakes, in the face of in this case, the title of the website is sure to change, but as we all know, but a website title after a good location is not easy to change, however, due to the special nature of the industry Web site, some professional terms and not to make mistakes, to or make a joke, therefore, in the case of desperation only a further change.

enterprise website website to look good, or some publicity cases, their products will love make the website dynamic, however, dynamic URL is very effect included. Although the search engine spiders recognition ability is more and more strong, but for some dynamic URL, which contains special symbols, search engines or less love, real love search engine or pseudo static. Therefore, when the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team hope enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng in new station or try to use the pseudo static URL, and try to shorten the URL. Enterprises.

mo re positioning

URL standard pseudo static


Enterprise Station programmer in Web site because of the lack of understanding of the search engine, the total love put some useless bread crumbs navigation on the site, that is user friendly, can help users to quickly return to some column page or home page, but some do not really need, and some even more, a the directory is the home page and column page article pages directly to the back and return to the home page, this is not obviously make an unnecessary move it? Although the breadcrumb navigation can help users to quickly find what you want, you can quickly return, but also can not be used indiscriminately.

can go to breadcrumb navigation

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