Friends of the chain platform into a dilemma Scindapsus algorithm

Friends of the chain platform into a dilemma Scindapsus algorithm

love Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm, but also to be fair, not specifically for a web site, in order to let all the sites can go on the right path optimization, rather than a variety of gray hat, black hat everywhere, which is one of the means of purifying the network. So, the webmaster, please calm down, "Baidu" is not to eat you. Just think, if your site uses regular.

I was in the "major chain exchange platform analysis" in one article, introduces the current mainstream chain platform, including the station front, the owners of the home, friends of the chain platform, Ali several slightly webmaster helper network major. Among them, the front page site webmaster have no love, Shanghai has not found the home, the home station is directly closed webmaster link trading function, chain trading platform to half of the country.

February 19th, Shanghai in the "love love" in the sea Scindapsus algorithm for on-line announcement stressed: love Shanghai will make adjustments to the super chain intermediary website, buy sell links, links to sites of three sites, and the friends of the chain as a platform for "super chain intermediary", bear the brunt of the object being hit, the chain platform almost casualty completely, friends of the chain platform remaining only in life. Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know Links for the website ranking, website content included, snapshots love Shanghai has great influence, small website chain exchange personnel may be less, and some large portal sites, the chain is the digital Guangyou personnel exchange, if the site is Shanghai Longfeng, then a chain exchange is almost essential. However, Scindapsus algorithm introduced, like a pig knife, let the chain platform back into the corner, now in love with the sea type "chain exchange", "chain exchange platform", basically some small, or drop right after the station.



friends of the chain platform has three functions: one is to provide a chain exchange function, the two is to provide a chain purchase function, three is to provide a chain purchase function. Stationmaster is the most commonly used function and function of two normal chain exchange, love Shanghai will vigorously combat, but the chain business behavior, is one of the most used black hat means, it will influence the love of Shanghai for the site of the judgment, which resulted in changes of impermanence love Shanghai rankings, let oneself to love Shanghai the ranking is not controllable, so it is not difficult to understand the love of Shanghai has been linked to the sale of the blow. Since the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform line, love Shanghai Yili love Shanghai for sale links carry out blow, but there are a number of hit, a fish escaped through the Seine, and the next batch, and the friends of the chain platform is a carrier chain business, before the blow, can fundamentally suppress neither painful nor itching, now, let these vectors disappear, link trading behavior in order to gradually control, Shanghai love this trick, the bane of stationmaster in completely, the future of all kinds of cheating, will love Shanghai with a series of measures to gradually disappear, webmasters may also reduce gradually to control force in Shanghai ranked the love.

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