How do the website image optimization dutushidai

How do the website image optimization dutushidai


: a picture of Alt tag.


picture is very heavy on the website, especially the picture more sites, like good wine the wine merchants door apartment layout website, even more so. Image optimization is a very meticulous, pay attention to details and some small trouble, but small I was more careful and patient Oh, nonsense not say, is divided into several aspects and discuss some matters need to pay attention to image optimization.


pictures with the theme of the article


I personally optimistic about the good wine, so today is in the website as an example.

era, the pursuit of fast, clear understanding central idea of an article, which made the warning on the site optimization master:

said the picture is optimized, Alt tags have to mention. The search engine tracks web content is based on text and code together to consider, is also an important factor in the search engine to determine the image content. So, there is a Alt label, so we can give a reasonable search space, beneficial to the included and ranking position.

, Alt tags, I want to remind you that the Alt tag is added to each picture at the same time, the contents of the Alt tags to contain the keywords, as well as natural description of the content of the picture. As above, the subject of this article is to send what holidays Wine, the Alt tag is written on the Wine gift guide, this is good.

in this article we add a picture on one hand is to let readers love, on the other hand is to let love Shanghai very good included, but if the picture with the theme of this article is not relative, it is superfluous. Make an unnecessary move. For example, the article is mainly about Wine gift guide, if a us with white pictures or even cosmetic pictures are not in tune. Love Shanghai spider is not a fool, do not ignore in the presence of spiders? How can he included your article?

optimization is necessary!

according to my own personal habits, reading news, more love with pictures and articles, pictures can reflect the contents of the article, convenient and interesting. Must have a lot of friends too. But how to optimize the picture? As a novice Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, after so long combat, quite some small experience, hope to share with you.

Like good wine

news, Xiao Bian will take leave of the article add appropriate pictures, browse the readers.

last note is Alt tag description should not be too long. As the keyword is really too long Oh, ha ha.

In addition to

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