On the construction of the chain of Links

On the construction of the chain of Links

temporarily, I also used it in several ways by Links, there is a way to the QQ group of publicity, but then went in, found that publicity is too complex, not very good to find some suitable Links, therefore, to find their own Links are striking out on their own initiative rather than looking. Passive acceptance of other link >

in addition to this, he also frequently used way is to love Shanghai search and direct search Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon blog, blog marketing, keywords and so on, you can see a lot of people blog, blog and ranking is good, can the development of friendship, and then do Links, this is nothing more than a good way to do is Links, friendship links are only second, and then to their blog to find some place, almost the same type of blog, and then contact the webmaster QQ, can be found.

my site is a small Shanghai dragon blog, is looking for the same type of blog space, then these is what we often do, to some Master Shanghai Longfeng blog to see the others, and then look at the comments below is a good way to enter someone’s blog. Then go to the others, and then post their comments, if it is of the same type, is the Shanghai dragon, but also a message Links environment, so blog is a good way, and then through a blog article, find another blog, as a ten, ten hundred, you will see Links natural resources.

there is a correlation between the Links, here refers to the correlation between almost theme related websites, such as a blog on the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and try to find some type of blog, the results of this 2 party is good, to ensure their own play link are correlated, and from the chain if you try to have extensive links, is mutual, stable link correlation is definitely the best, also can improve the overall correlation between the site, which is looking for Links found problems.

Links is a mark of essential chain in the process of doing more Links can quickly improve the site’s relevance and weight, in the construction of the chain, has an important position, this is essential, these days in the company every day to spend a lot of time to find the right Links the exchange of resources, have seen quite a few tutorials, so long simply said about Links own feeling.

, about Links words, see the website collect and snapshot is important, PR is a little and no extra attention, the love is love to see Shanghai and Shanghai included snapshot, included key love view included a week and month, see the spider activity how, and whether the next snapshot snapshot is to insist on it, but the other is not much, in fact, about Links, only the weights are generally not much difference between, you can do.

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