How to do web site right down

How to do web site right down

5 other factors: of course, Step

site is down right after it is remedial work, but not one or two days will be able to see the remedial changes, but should be calculated by cycle, love Shanghai every Thursday or five have a small update, so remedial a website also need at least a month or so, that is, small update three or four times at the same time should produce Excel document records, to exclude the factor are recorded, such as the original > remedy


2, a hidden code: this situation generally appear in the business website, for most enterprise website without maintenance, and the emergence of a large number of web applications can be exploited loopholes, a detailed inspection should be the internal code of the site to gradually eliminate this situation.

3, website content: Web content is the main problem because of the lack of original content, so in this regard solving way is to release some of the original content, original content does not necessarily need to write your own, can spend money in the task net ghost-written6, the price in accordance with the industry to determine, for the acquisition of existing or previous pseudo original content can be edited, but each modification schedule should be maintained at a certain number.


many webmaster when the site is down right love Shanghai directly on the site lost confidence, or stop the site all daily maintenance work, and asking all around other webmaster how to remedy the website, actually own website only to clear their own how to remedy the daily maintenance after all sites are doing so. From the website of the daily maintenance work to eliminate.



continued to observe the progress of remediation

1, the stability of space

: no good solution, what the only solution is to replace the direct business space.


site is down right does not exclude other factors, but still can be excluded by modifying the exclusion, step by step after the screening can be solved, the method is better than the problem.


site outside the chain: the definition of many webmaster is not clear, the so-called "mass chain", for example, every day you manually released a lot of forum or blog posts, forum or blog and published mostly spam sites, then the site is likely to be mistaken for the search engine group, and for Links problems, suggest you Adsense every time check Links, although this work is very boring, but if the Links site is K or drop right, how much will affect their own website, this should be a kind of joint punishment mechanism in the love of Shanghai, especially the number of friendship over 100 links or web content are collected, completely let users read this website, the Links should clean up as soon as possible.

down the right remedy for reasons

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