Originally it is to optimize the website should be the contents of mining depth

Originally it is to optimize the website should be the contents of mining depth


Xiaobian think, to talent shows itself a lot of information on the Internet, on the original light, by gathering light is not enough, so many teachers said that if you do this, you will just be in the back row of the


but not have fallen behind? In fact, if you want to go beyond the Xin’an talent network in the industry, which rely on the + chain has to die, and that in the end what kind of operation can be achieved? We still see!

take the talent network as an example, Anhui local talent network, Xin’an talent network visibility, but also many job seekers to find work platform, if you look carefully, you will find it in the domain name has existed for 13 years and 2 days, 2 years as a business website, even if every day you send articles, send the chain, and he can stand up? Anyway, Xiao Bian think that is unlikely, because when you send articles, send the chain, they probably do not lose at the starting line, this


2, also want to weight transfer chain? Sorry, you want more

1, false original article, the user can search engine, not love


has recently been in the course of listening to the Shanghai dragon, found himself proud of the so-called Shanghai Dragon technology was that. Write the original article, every day outside the chain, perhaps this is what you are doing now, but today Xiaobian want to say is, you are wrong! Maybe you will say, do not send the article, do not send the chain, then what to optimize the site? If you want to know, Xiaobian look down


so long, "the chain is no use" argument has been discussed, some people say no, some people say that in the end we still be useful, gray hair outside the chain? If you want to use a chain to transfer the weight, sorry, your site will one day be punished for the chain; but if >


as a professional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, every day to consider how to increase site traffic, the weight seems to be the most important task, can flow, what is the weight come from? In the eyes of Hefei talent network Xiaobian, before 2012, the chain is the focus of the article, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix work, in which join the target keywords that every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have been doing, of course, when the website is really can pass this way to get some weight, but today you still do these things, it is out

in recent years, more and more information on the Internet, no matter what kind of content, in the search engine, will match a lot of information, how are you going to rely on the pseudo original in so much information in talent shows itself maybe you will say? "The original", the original search engine is really love but, a no value, even the users don’t want to go to see the original point, meaning that

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