How to treat the new owners love Shanghai not included low weight website content of the original ep

How to treat the new owners love Shanghai not included low weight website content of the original ep

According to the Shanghai We still remember the 2010 Google

but at the same time, I also told the station last night: a person does 1 things we are doing good things and can not attract the attention of the people, if you do 100 pieces of time, I believe that people’s eyes are bright blood, see the. That is to say, as a webmaster should not be quick, insist to write original articles every day, wrote 100 articles, 1000 articles, 10000 articles, if love Shanghai is not the first time included, so that Google search market in China has replaced the love of Shanghai.

this may be with the European and American countries attach importance to relations of copyright and intellectual property rights, on the mainland is not the same, especially the current awareness of copyright and intellectual property rights protection system has not been established there is a direct relationship. Love is not in the Shanghai the first time included the original episode, is not included in the original order in the first place is not with respect to the original author. So love the sea from Internet big company’s status is still far away.

exit Chinese storm event, at that time because Google included grab fast collection of content are very inclusive, suffer China government opposition. But Google and the first respect the original practice of people, so no matter whether small or large are all original and first priority search records, this is like writing a paper with the same respect the original.

Discuz! Lovers April 13th hearing last night a webmaster to I talk to their website snapshot is slow, the same original text in his first website, but love Shanghai only included the other repeater articles, their original article isn’t included, Google snapshot update every day, collected, included the number is several hundred the Shanghai times love. This is a lot of new webmaster confused and puzzled, of course, love in Shanghai to do so is normal.

love collection scheme, a see that love in Shanghai included the principle of weight at the website, if the higher the weight determine the reliability of the website. However, the Internet era, the homogenization of serious today, major website content from traditional media (such as Xinhua) reproduced, but as the original content included, which is really fantastic.

this, o love Shanghai to see included suggestions as follows: respect and the first truly original, truly original articles should be included starting in the first time, at the same time in the consolidation included should be more time order of ranking, the first station should be the first, the other in chronological order.

this is nothing more than to love Shanghai aspects of the website weight equal to political power, his preferred approach is not desirable. The Internet era is an era of flat, everyone is a hero, everyone became a journalist and author. Love Shanghai that included rules on the original author is a great disservice. Do not know how to see if 360? 360 to make a difference in the search engine, the rules must be different from the love of Shanghai.

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