How to make your website code optimization is more reasonable

How to make your website code optimization is more reasonable

is Shanghai dragon, we all know that a site in the search engine ranking position, the majority is also the site of the domain name age, effective external links, whether the original content and other comprehensive problem, right now the search engine, network interface can not get good rankings, stand good after all. Now, it is not smart to the ranking factors with a web interface. If the web is like a museum, then the search engine is like visiting travelers, maybe it’s not appropriate. A passenger to visit a strange Museum, can let him fully understand the museum information is not the outward appearance of the museum, but the museum collection of articles, web site is like this, I have seen a lot of website interface is very friendly, but high ranking website, do not rule out here are famous sites like u88 investment network, Zhitong talent network, an open interface is all advertising, can be said that the experience of the user interface, not very good, but why their ranking is very high, I have studied their source code, they found that the internal structure is well written, the details are in place.

in the website source code, the code written in very neat, very standard, website is based on DIV+css, and each content area of this, there will be additional instructions within the site are basically the main text, basically no FLASH (now Google to catch FLASH the contents inside, and each picture) have ALT properties to allow search engines to interpretation of the content of the picture, the code contains < h1> h2> < two labels to the page size, the page file size is not more than 60KB, the website opened quickly, spider the friendly page has been well improved.

website code optimization, relatively speaking, is very simple, as long as we usually pay attention to the details of the website, internal advice if you have time to check the site, you can refer to the following point optimization:

A: layout of the site, it is best to use DIV+Css, if you are still using TABLE, it only shows you OUT.

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