How to use sharing to improve work efficiency in Shanghai Dragon

How to use sharing to improve work efficiency in Shanghai Dragon

2, synchronous real-time sharing

function to achieve fast synchronous real-time sharing "reserved", if the third party platform for its different products directly to share information, to improve work efficiency, to achieve the "mass" function to Sina micro-blog through a Sina blog content, micro-blog and other Tencent corresponding demand for products. This is not going with

synchronous real-time sharing is very wide, but in Shanghai Longfeng industry but don’t bury. Why is that synchronization is widely used in real time to share? In fact, the major portals are embodied, for example: Sina blog can sync information to the micro-blog blog "," sharing blog to Windows Live ".

for Shanghai dragon, get a good share of content is very important, which reproduced the effects and how much. In Shanghai dragon industry to encourage people to share, but has gradually been neglected, nor from the deeper level to understand, in fact sharing can improve the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon Er, work problems directly affect the site ranking results show, want more quickly and more reasonable to improve website ranking, not from the sharing of how to improve the work efficiency by sharing? Is mainly reflected in the aspects of

sharing tools to improve the efficiency of

?1, the use of Application of Using the

tools group has been as network marketing essential tool, including Shanghai dragon er. And now has begun to slowly decline, people began to give up is not under the more primitive and more reliable way.

?3, the use of

love Shanghai original spark plans to strengthen the implementation of original content audit and rankings show, the growing demand for web content to improve the quality of content, and constantly improve the quality of the process we should consider: don’t waste their value, how to maximize the use of high quality content. The station is the best tool to share the most favorable way to high quality content to each need to quickly share platform. In the maintenance and improve the website content rich at the same time, also in the other corresponding platform for maintenance. Of course, some of the platform of content audit mechanism of different restrictions, needs to carry on the sorting and distribution. Of course, this is not limited to the station by sharing tools to other station platform can use, for example: Sina blog, blog and other Sohu integration sharing tools.

to improve the efficiency of

group share

is suitable for domestic share tools such as: love Shanghai very much, sharing tools, bShare tools, JiaThis tools to share share, these tools support platform for many, including SNS, network bookmarks, blog, micro blog, and other types of thermal paper, contains almost all of the main stream of "media", to the rational use of these the resources will be able to maximize the content of the website exposure, added a lot of opportunity.

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