How to write text How to quickly get through the soft external links

How to write text How to quickly get through the soft external links

actually I write the purpose of this article is to increase our website "new group net" (贵族宝贝xintuan贵族宝贝) the number of the chain. In the chain for the emperor’s, not the chain of the website is really very difficult. Of course, the purpose of the soft, needless to say, we all know, soft to soft, every good article must have a real central idea, your thoughts, your experience tells us, we do not accept the soft look. Then we come to the point, how to write a soft wen.

"how to write a good article" this theme has too many Niubi characters written, I write is not very appropriate, because we have many years did not write, even my own soft too lazy to write. Even a not very familiar with the brothers also despise to say "you are right or wrong in straw, A5 and ChinaZ have done editing, the new group net soft you publish to the A5 a bird?" the brothers, I did not directly answer you, mainly because I think if you don’t understand the tone and so disdain, then you will continue to despise. But in fact, the answer is very simple, sharing entrepreneurial experience and can gain external links, Why not?? (* * * *, and beside the point, it seems that I really can not come to write how to write a good article such content. But today I have to point in any case what to write, even if it is suppressed, will hold at least two thousand words.

I think a lot of people like me, looking at the A5 and CHINAZ website to see a lot of friends on the network promotion, Shanghai dragon when talk with eloquence is very envy, but when I wanted to write something to find out when he actually had a "incapable of action" feeling, is his ink drink too little, or you know too little? Do not know.

I personally think that depending on the nature of the classification, text should be divided into: brand shape soft, soft, enhanced sales of personal marketing type soft, soft external links, as personal webmaster, in addition to the "brand shape soft" less commonly used, other basic is to use, such as often write some Shanghai dragon article, actually this kind of soft Wen can count as personal marketing and external links or soft soft, for nothing more than to increase personal fame, increase traffic to your site. While sales of enhanced soft, there may be some who love Daniel sell tutorial, Wang Tong had many articles in order to sell his tutorial. There are some passengers who love Taobao more concentrated in MM where they released some soft, MM, through the purchase of their Taobao passenger link attraction, which also belongs to the enhanced soft sales. Of course, the classification of the soft, but today the main topic is how to write a good article, so we stop here, such as around >


is very ashamed, the past two years, I rarely write, every time to write what was actually an hour to knock out a word, but only in this nonsensical prologue, to write to some inspiration.

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