Love Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform let the webmaster stand awful to

Love Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform let the webmaster stand awful to

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform promotion

but today, love Shanghai regain their product is king "principle, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform rankings across! And not only is the ranking and ranking form.


before this, search for "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform" one word, love Shanghai show is a general ranking. Photo card:

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, is one of the platform every webmaster will enter, after all is love Shanghai products, our sponsor of the webmaster must abide "100", the only way to win a space for one person in the ranking list. If you don’t follow a "K" aimed down, webmaster, pray, "hard for decades, the night returned to liberation history will repeat on your body.



1, previously, platform title is "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform _ webmaster tools and webmaster exchange platform", and now has been changed to "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform — to help the site faster growth, the focus between the biggest change is" webmaster "one word, between the webmaster and previously focused on the exchange station, and now the title between the lines revealed the" site ", please pay attention to" help site "," webmaster "Duandiao, it is self-evident, the love of Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform is nothing more than to love Shanghai to bid.

today, Luo handsome again search "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform", everything changed, love is not only love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform artificial became the first home, but also to play new tricks. Directly above:

you can see from the figure, Shanghai attaches great importance to love love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, and made a great change, Luo handsome summed up the following, only for all reference:

significant change

today ranked form

previously, love Shanghai did not attach great importance to the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, just let it serve as a communication platform between love and Shanghai station, or a month out of the new algorithm, hair Huang bang on the platform, attracting countless stationmaster onlookers, only this. Indeed, this "love from Shanghai Webmaster Platform" in Shanghai love search can be reflected, is even more common than Webmaster Platform ranking. As we all know, Shanghai has always been a love for their own products "held in the hands of fear fell, with the fear of the mouth", in addition to its products ranked below love Shanghai auction, will occupy the home natural ranking one or two. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform ranking exception, Luo handsome thought love Shanghai Forum on products not to be concerned about it.

2, Shanghai Webmaster Platform cast love >

the past love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in Shanghai love to search on the show in the form of

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