How to optimize the B2B site

How to optimize the B2B site

this is just an example, not necessarily can achieve the best effect, but can be used to compensate for the amount of information. Around a product key, released a number of different titles, the number of most of the B2B website for free information release restrictions, is enough for us to play.

2 you want to put yourself in the customer’s point of view. For example, you want to buy XX products, if it is the first time to buy, will worry about how its quality and effect, you may have to search XX + product quality / price / effect etc.. The customer is the same, to set the key words according to the buyers generally search habits, so as to increase the probability of potential customers can see our release information.

love Shanghai search keywords you need to release products, selected the keyword row in Shanghai love search before the three page B2B website. This is love in Shanghai included such products, maintain friendly B2B website. Release of information on these sites will have a multiplier effect. The same is true of other search engines.

Title: the title set must be long, one is more likely to cause the visitor’s attention, two is to list a few keywords can increase the possibility of search engine included. For example, XX products, the title can be set to "XX company supply XX products, XX product, XX product supplier".

pinched fingers to calculate the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization have been more than a year, during this period of time can be said to be learned a lot of things, here to tell you a little of my experience. This is what I have been in use of the method, effect is satisfactory, love Shanghai general search keywords the main products of the company, can be found on the home page I released the information, each product at least two. Just browse the website of B2B is not enough, love Shanghai included, is to release information.


website on the Internet: small B2B website how to choose too many to count the release of information, web site is a key problem. Some small sites, slow to update, love Shanghai included nature is very slow, released information on these sites is almost equal to a waste of time. Here to tell you the simplest and most effective method of choice, website, only with other search engines can love Shanghai.

settings: the so-called keywords, is for you to fill out search keywords, can use love Shanghai or Google keyword tool to select the most conventional products called hot degree and frequency can also refer to these keywords used or be searched in the above, so that your information is being searched to more buyers the opportunity.

message retransmission: to make a few optimization in front of the love of Shanghai included is no problem. The information released by the number of accumulated to a certain extent, the rest of the work is very easy, as long as the information can be updated. Many websites are provided with a key update function on the update interval, I generally stay in.

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