K had not been right to drop the webmaster website and it is difficult to real growth

K had not been right to drop the webmaster website and it is difficult to real growth

station is right to be reduced, "

we read this title may be asked me a question, is it that K had not been the site and right down to the station would be a very good growth? Of course it is negative, today in a station in Shanghai Longfeng outside perspective to analyze this problem. Then the angle from which to analyze? If we analyze from the angle of philosophy, I remember Ma said that the experience is summarized from the failure of the. Successful experience to listen to it, don’t believe. For example, if you ask Bill Gates to write a successful track record, estimated he would not tell you he successfully got the first order (gold) is because her mother is an important member of the board of directors of IBM. Warren Buffett if successful record writing, even will not tell you the first time he entered Wall Street Goldman received him, because his father and Goldman have a good relationship. From the above example, summarizes the experience of success in the experience of failure is worthy of consideration, only the experience of the blood that we The imprint is engraved on my heart. Now you understand what I said is not K of the website is not a good webmaster mean. Here is my experience in this area.

there is a joke, is also love sea K have no hair, thinking can only think of one reason, that is the content, this let me see an article as if what is called copy with some differences in collecting inspiration. Of course, I’m not collected, but with no acquisition what difference, every day I go to a website to copy the contents and contents of order is not disrupted, with the collection as like as two peas. I judge the reason should be with related content, in addition I wonder what other factors. There is a love of Shanghai made a mistake, should be like this, is in July when love Shanghai K station, the station was unfortunately K enterprise, I remain perplexed despite much thought, but also find a lot of friends, they also said that only love Shanghai misjudged, the solution is how to do it how to do, and not half a month to put out, confirmed our judgement is accurate.

I am "honored" to tell you I was K four station, K station is four times four times growth ah, the growth path of blood experience, the first time I was a Shanghai dragon blog is K, it is not convenient to search Shaoyang Shanghai (screenshot dragon, ranked first on the I), you can go to check with the webmaster tools of historical records, in July 27th the day included zero. What is the reason, this is relatively simple, because the record was kept for two days in space, resulting in all of the sites included were removed from the sea of love. Until two days before will not appear so big, I used to have the website was closed for a few days, not what the problem ah, why is this love Shanghai so serious punishment, then finally want to understand, is the blog weight is too low. Believe that even a week off Sina love Shanghai will be deleted. We remember a new website or low weight website not open phenomenon, love Shanghai right down is very serious.

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