Correct and user interaction and sharing websites for the user stickiness

Correct and user interaction and sharing websites for the user stickiness

(1) the author suggested that the site should be placed at the site exchange small window to the right, and follow the scroll bar and the mobile mobile, it allows users to view the impact to a minimum, and the best way to set up a small window close button, as shown below:

small window to believe this is loved by the users, we should copy it.

In addition to the attention of

second: set "a reprint" function button, allowing users to share your website content

(2) AC small windows do not open from time to time. A small window a small window user is the most boring time to open, you close enough to 5 seconds, the small window and pop up, one after another, causing the user off the pop-up on the site is very offensive, therefore, we can close the small window in the user, giving the user a little tip, if we want to tell them click the open button which, more it is better than regular open.

AC small window set, second to improve the site interaction and sharing of skills is to install a "one click" small button for the website reprint. We also mentioned above, now the Web2.0 era is a shared era, as long as there are people willing to share, so the website stickiness will be more and more high, the popularity of the website will be more and more. Therefore, we can go to the website to find some ready to install the code on our website, so you can keep users share the content of our website whenever and wherever possible, to allow more people to share our website.

: the first small window should be friendly and practical

is now a lot of websites to strengthen the interaction between users and websites, will set up a special plug-in to provide a simple window to let users to the site and communicate and consulting. But after the author’s investigation, found that many sites do not exchange small window properly, small window decoration in some enterprises station sites are central, and failed to close the small window button, a small window that would give users browse obstacles, and not any positive impact. Therefore, the author believes that the settings of the site exchange small window should be two things:

– >

web now has entered the 2 era, is a shared and interactive era, do not you see Sina micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝, these large alumni network interactive website platform is so hot, now visible, interaction and sharing of the website users expect, favorite. Easier said than done, to achieve as Sina like micro-blog interactive is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of time and money, this is our small consumption can not afford the. Therefore, the author here according to their own experience, and we explore how to share reasonably through several techniques and user interactive sharing, to enhance user stickiness. On site.

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