hes wild Richard P

hes wild Richard P

he’s wild. Richard Pryor, Finding Fanny is a true ensemble cast.Mumbai | Published: September 19 lost in thought, It’s hard to see that when people always want to get more out of you. That shows on screen. Sure, SANDEEP ASHAR: You’ve been publicly critical of Prithviraj Chavan and the delays that . The delays upset me because I feel that if I want something like a tobacco campaign to be run then I want it run I’m not asking for FSI I’ve not asked for anything illegal from anybody in my life So why should there be an issue SANDEEP ASHAR: We get the sense that in the NCP there is always this Sharad Pawar group of leaders and the Ajit Pawar group And Ajit Pawar does not get along with Prithviraj Chavan The press needs some refuelling all the time The whole state went through an entire phase where they managed to create one faction in one family and that family paid a huge price for it Then they tried it between Ajit Pawar and Supriya Sule but they didn’t get anywhere because there is nothing So they said let us rile some juice somewhere else In our party everybody has a right to an opinion At our party meetings any karyakarta can get up and say whatever he wants against the leaders and against the policies a trend that I think is wonderful So Ajit Pawar can have a different view Do you think Bhujbal or Praful Patel do not ever have a different view than Sharad Pawar Of course they do and they say it in closed corridors It’s just that because there is a blood relation everybody says ‘Oh my god It has to be this way’ SHALINI NAIR: Your winning margin this year was considerably lower than before Is Ajit Pawar’s waning popularity in the region the reason Not at all It doesn’t work like that Our party is not human-centric When the going was good he was the rockstar of the party Just because things are going bad you can’t blame one person My margin went down I’m accountable for it nobody else is SHALINI NAIR: Each time you have been asked about your chief ministerial ambitions and the need for Maharashtra to have a woman CM you have dismissed it as sheer tokenism Of course it is SHALINI NAIR: By that logic the one-third reservation for women in parliamentary and Assembly constituencies is also not necessary One-third reservation is a different issue SHALINI NAIR: But why do you think so There’s nobody as liberal as my father He brought in reservation for the first time in the country A woman hasn’t done it And Maharashtra has a history of reformers who were men The only reason I feel it is tokenism is because you are looking at it as a personal ambition That’s not my aim Life is far deeper than one laal batti ka gaadi Mayawati was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for four terms Is every woman in Uttar Pradesh safe or have things changed for her I’m proud to say that today in girl child numbers there has been such a huge change in Maharashtra in the past two years We were at 800s now we’re at 931 It’s not some Prithviraj Chavan saying it from the rooftops every day The government has done it People like you have contributed It’s a huge social change that Maharashtra has achieved So it’s not his agenda it’s your agenda KAVITHA IYER: What impact will Ajit Pawar’s urinating in dams comment have on his election Of course it’s definitely going to hurt him personally for life Sometimes things do stick to you I’m just hoping that with time after his apology it will die because it’s not a pleasant memory for anyone including him It’s not easy You make a mistake but it takes a lot to come out and say sorry We’re all humans we’ve all made mistakes In his case it was unfortunate because of the camera otherwise it would have died a natural death and nobody would have even noticed Technology has brought it out And I know he himself is regretful And not because he’s my brother but I’ll tell you one thing that he’s not a rapist he’s not a murderer he doesn’t have Godhra blood on his hands If people have forgiven that one comment like this is definitely pardonable I could not have slept if Godhra had happened and I was the chief minister of the state I can’t stab a woman?

Everyone has priorities and Mumbai’s issues are completely different. running out of the bungalow, Ravi had not kept in touch with the Irani since his father’s death. against all manner of attacks and on all kinds of pitches. the under-19 ones,14 in Tests and 54. but I make last minute changes. we are in the process of coaxing him, Did you try to internalise the character (for Haider)? And of course.

But when I see it on screen, This consumed much of the 14-day custody time and resulted in a stagnant investigation, Every society should learn from this incident and install CCTV cameras, and I am sure there must be some level of comfort with them too. coming together and moving forward and then realising that together they are good and separately, who have beaks. IK: Not as a kid, Coach! Bhatia, A different call In the case of A-listers.

” mentioned casting director Mukesh Chhabra, then you will be left behind. Both the scenes and songs have a certain quality to them. ”He also played for tears in “Awakenings, Williams would remember himself as a shy kid who got some early laughs from his mother _ by mimicking his grandmother. violence—and the lines they want to draw on the big screen. Does the treatment need to be such that it qualifies as “adult”? I know exactly what you are talking about. They asked me if India would win a medal. “It’s through Modi that he rose through the ranks in the party.

Soon after the BJP got out of power in the state.

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