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The reasonable layout of the site optimization keywords multiplier

seventh is the link text. This small do not do more to explain, do link must use the keyword of the website links, whether inside or outside the chain chain, to strengthen the relationship between the keywords and the website, do a hyperlink to the keyword text, one of which is to enhance the ranking will do the content.

fourth is "meta keywords, also is the key part, this part of small don’t do more to explain, many webmaster should do website keywords part words do not need to explain what the reason. read more

The site is not the first detailed solution

this problem is actually very good solution, see his ideas. If you are keen on page ranking and flow, then you only need to cancel the delete page keywords tags or labels that can be left blank; if you prefer the long tail precise flow, so keep the inside pages of the Keywords tag can be. Shanghai officials have confirmed that love, keywords tags have been identified as "junk code, no longer used, this has been confirmed in a number of occasions.

2, the domain name weight is too scattered, the weight of the inside pages of high home read more

From April 25 2012 Shanghai ranking changes caused by the love conjecture

yesterday afternoon at about three I use Adsense tools inquires the site when it is normal, but when the five o’clock, I heard the webmaster group everyone in the discussion of this matter, that is love Shanghai crazy, once included Kuangxiang several times, directly back to the liberation; I did not what is the letter or not, just go to check, then use the webmaster tools query, the query result is indeed a surprise, the website, originally included more than 200, is more than 200 before three, 47 point in 5 to become, this change is very big to me! It was difficult to believe, but then had to believe that the data is such, do show that many sites are plucked by K, a left, it is too horrible to look at read more

Choose do keyword optimization four steps

fourth, reasonable control keywords layout.

third, do good keyword placement.


second, put the position on key words.

in the optimization of the site, not blindly from other competitors choose words began to busy, keywords index query can not be simply the most popular choice is to do. We must first understand the site of the "quality", a new popular keywords upper degree of difficulty is quite large, early we have to do is to lead, rather than direct office. To the enterprise market positioning, user groups, keyword selection is relatively easy to optimize, and then through here for the audience and the accumulation of unpopular word website traffic, and then launched the website main keywords, the order here must understand. read more

How to write the soft Wang Tong article analysis

you Shanghai dragon Er Hello, in fact, for our Shanghai dragon, we think to write articles, update the site is not a problem, even a lot of friends say, I write the word like spring, a get out of hand, in fact, many of our webmaster to write is a running account, not so attractive, in Mr. Wang Tong’s article but can achieve good marketing results, not only because of its reputation, but because the article is really worth learning our place. Today, we analyze a soft Wen Wang Tong teacher, the self treatment of cervical spondylosis. (the love Shanghai search) by carefully reading her analysis of the following aspects: fat read more

love mules one way link is one of the important factors in Shanghai Dragon

3, outbound links should not be too much, general home a few can, all good things are not too much, the only bad, you should understand this truth.


1, outbound links must be related to the authoritative website.

This paper provided by

unidirectional links derived the following precautions.

, I love mules original link: 贵族宝贝admintk贵族宝贝/a/20110209/39.html, please indicate the link.

use a metaphor to illustrate the importance of the outbound links, if you do know some of the Shanghai Dragon (one-way link to the Shanghai site, Longfeng) you probably also do Shanghai dragon, if you know only, Wang Tong’s Shanghai dragon circles of the people, then you probably also more authoritative. read more

Confused on the novice learning Shanghai Longfeng and coping method

In fact, we have a good grasp of the overall direction of the

, Shanghai dragon confused how to do

1, the diagnosis of their own website

2, and the station for the

when you understand the general direction, will be targeted to learn, we are going to improve; take the first diagnosis of their own website, this which will have a lot to learn where can see your website open speed, user experience, and whether to generate a static background, whether Keywords tag, whether breadcrumb navigation, whether have ALT tags, page keyword density, Bangui call is reasonable and so on, many of the details are really need to slowly understand, so that you have a problem to communicate with others, but not always ask how to quickly improve the flow, how to improve the weight fast, can give Shanghai dragon or ask the diagnosis; some basic questions, like Shanghai easy answers. read more

Automatic monitoring of Web site keywords ranking Python

1. unless a large amount of data on the hard disk to bring pressure (such as analysis of daily number G logs, etc.) or bring as much data can think are recorded. Because of the demand is changing, if the data can be fully prepared against want.

if in learning to understand the place, the article comments can be made, if free will try to help.


for a web site is slightly larger, often have many keywords every one cycle of monitoring their ranking, in order to analyze the effect of Shanghai dragon, and determine trends and so on noble love Shanghai baby. read more

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of your competitors is the first step to do the Shanghai Dragon

webmaster encyclopedia and love Shanghai two Wikipedia is a very good example, their.

analysis of keywords ranking

first is the strategic view, is to see the overall quality of the site as a whole, including the following aspects, loading speed, color collocation, document quality, layout, contents, which does not represent more technology and data, but sometimes some degree of heart surface phenomenon can reflect the overall the quality of a site and webmaster. But there are also some dumpster do very beautiful, this kind of situation has, but only a few alone. The general situation of the overall quality of the web pages or owners of the effort is proportional to the relationship. read more

Ah Bin five Shanghai dragon ER daily work must be done

IIS log: every day must look. Don’t look at small IIS logs, which There is much fineness in. Because the return by IIS status code to adjust the site condition. For example, the return status code is 404, it means you appear dead links, in a timely manner to writing ROBOTS shield the dead link, if it is to return to 303, then you didn’t update the pages, need to adjust the page updated, and the key is the number of visits. If the situation is to reduce the possibility that the website right down. Need to check the site adjustment. read more