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K had not been right to drop the webmaster website and it is difficult to real growth

station is right to be reduced, "

we read this title may be asked me a question, is it that K had not been the site and right down to the station would be a very good growth? Of course it is negative, today in a station in Shanghai Longfeng outside perspective to analyze this problem. Then the angle from which to analyze? If we analyze from the angle of philosophy, I remember Ma said that the experience is summarized from the failure of the. Successful experience to listen to it, don’t believe. For example, if you ask Bill Gates to write a successful track record, estimated he would not tell you he successfully got the first order (gold) is because her mother is an important member of the board of directors of IBM. Warren Buffett if successful record writing, even will not tell you the first time he entered Wall Street Goldman received him, because his father and Goldman have a good relationship. From the above example, summarizes the experience of success in the experience of failure is worthy of consideration, only the experience of the blood that we The imprint is engraved on my heart. Now you understand what I said is not K of the website is not a good webmaster mean. Here is my experience in this area. read more

How to optimize the B2B site

this is just an example, not necessarily can achieve the best effect, but can be used to compensate for the amount of information. Around a product key, released a number of different titles, the number of most of the B2B website for free information release restrictions, is enough for us to play.

2 you want to put yourself in the customer’s point of view. For example, you want to buy XX products, if it is the first time to buy, will worry about how its quality and effect, you may have to search XX + product quality / price / effect etc.. The customer is the same, to set the key words according to the buyers generally search habits, so as to increase the probability of potential customers can see our release information. read more

Love Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform let the webmaster stand awful to

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform promotion

but today, love Shanghai regain their product is king "principle, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform rankings across! And not only is the ranking and ranking form.

before this, search for "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform" one word, love Shanghai show is a general ranking. Photo card:

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, is one of the platform every webmaster will enter, after all is love Shanghai products, our sponsor of the webmaster must abide "100", the only way to win a space for one person in the ranking list. If you don’t follow a "K" aimed down, webmaster, pray, "hard for decades, the night returned to liberation history will repeat on your body. read more

How to write text How to quickly get through the soft external links

actually I write the purpose of this article is to increase our website "new group net" (贵族宝贝xintuan贵族宝贝) the number of the chain. In the chain for the emperor’s, not the chain of the website is really very difficult. Of course, the purpose of the soft, needless to say, we all know, soft to soft, every good article must have a real central idea, your thoughts, your experience tells us, we do not accept the soft look. Then we come to the point, how to write a soft wen. read more

How to use sharing to improve work efficiency in Shanghai Dragon

2, synchronous real-time sharing

function to achieve fast synchronous real-time sharing "reserved", if the third party platform for its different products directly to share information, to improve work efficiency, to achieve the "mass" function to Sina micro-blog through a Sina blog content, micro-blog and other Tencent corresponding demand for products. This is not going with

synchronous real-time sharing is very wide, but in Shanghai Longfeng industry but don’t bury. Why is that synchronization is widely used in real time to share? In fact, the major portals are embodied, for example: Sina blog can sync information to the micro-blog blog "," sharing blog to Windows Live ". read more

How to make your website code optimization is more reasonable

is Shanghai dragon, we all know that a site in the search engine ranking position, the majority is also the site of the domain name age, effective external links, whether the original content and other comprehensive problem, right now the search engine, network interface can not get good rankings, stand good after all. Now, it is not smart to the ranking factors with a web interface. If the web is like a museum, then the search engine is like visiting travelers, maybe it’s not appropriate. A passenger to visit a strange Museum, can let him fully understand the museum information is not the outward appearance of the museum, but the museum collection of articles, web site is like this, I have seen a lot of website interface is very friendly, but high ranking website, do not rule out here are famous sites like u88 investment network, Zhitong talent network, an open interface is all advertising, can be said that the experience of the user interface, not very good, but why their ranking is very high, I have studied their source code, they found that the internal structure is well written, the details are in place. read more

How to treat the new owners love Shanghai not included low weight website content of the original ep

According to the Shanghai We still remember the 2010 Google

but at the same time, I also told the station last night: a person does 1 things we are doing good things and can not attract the attention of the people, if you do 100 pieces of time, I believe that people’s eyes are bright blood, see the. That is to say, as a webmaster should not be quick, insist to write original articles every day, wrote 100 articles, 1000 articles, 10000 articles, if love Shanghai is not the first time included, so that Google search market in China has replaced the love of Shanghai. read more

Originally it is to optimize the website should be the contents of mining depth


Xiaobian think, to talent shows itself a lot of information on the Internet, on the original light, by gathering light is not enough, so many teachers said that if you do this, you will just be in the back row of the

but not have fallen behind? In fact, if you want to go beyond the Xin’an talent network in the industry, which rely on the + chain has to die, and that in the end what kind of operation can be achieved? We still see!

take the talent network as an example, Anhui local talent network, Xin’an talent network visibility, but also many job seekers to find work platform, if you look carefully, you will find it in the domain name has existed for 13 years and 2 days, 2 years as a business website, even if every day you send articles, send the chain, and he can stand up? Anyway, Xiao Bian think that is unlikely, because when you send articles, send the chain, they probably do not lose at the starting line, this read more

How to do web site right down

5 other factors: of course, Step

site is down right after it is remedial work, but not one or two days will be able to see the remedial changes, but should be calculated by cycle, love Shanghai every Thursday or five have a small update, so remedial a website also need at least a month or so, that is, small update three or four times at the same time should produce Excel document records, to exclude the factor are recorded, such as the original > remedy


2, a hidden code: this situation generally appear in the business website, for most enterprise website without maintenance, and the emergence of a large number of web applications can be exploited loopholes, a detailed inspection should be the internal code of the site to gradually eliminate this situation. read more

On the construction of the chain of Links

temporarily, I also used it in several ways by Links, there is a way to the QQ group of publicity, but then went in, found that publicity is too complex, not very good to find some suitable Links, therefore, to find their own Links are striking out on their own initiative rather than looking. Passive acceptance of other link >

in addition to this, he also frequently used way is to love Shanghai search and direct search Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon blog, blog marketing, keywords and so on, you can see a lot of people blog, blog and ranking is good, can the development of friendship, and then do Links, this is nothing more than a good way to do is Links, friendship links are only second, and then to their blog to find some place, almost the same type of blog, and then contact the webmaster QQ, can be found. read more