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The correct use of Shanghai love sharing tools let a tiger with wings added website optimization

to give you a list of points on the installation site to share the love of Shanghai benefits, I believe you are very right for the optimization of the workers. But Shanghai is not a shared love installation can achieve such a powerful effect, but we need to master some skills to play their role to the extreme in order to achieve the above results. For the use of love of Shanghai share, the author also slightly some experience, here to share with you:

(1) when our website install love Shanghai share, and not all of a sudden will really have to run the user click on our shared links, so we should find some share mutual brush platform at this time, such as some of the QQ group, and then apply to join, plus a 3 to 4 QQ group; read more

Correct and user interaction and sharing websites for the user stickiness

(1) the author suggested that the site should be placed at the site exchange small window to the right, and follow the scroll bar and the mobile mobile, it allows users to view the impact to a minimum, and the best way to set up a small window close button, as shown below:

small window to believe this is loved by the users, we should copy it.

In addition to the attention of

second: set "a reprint" function button, allowing users to share your website content

(2) AC small windows do not open from time to time. A small window a small window user is the most boring time to open, you close enough to 5 seconds, the small window and pop up, one after another, causing the user off the pop-up on the site is very offensive, therefore, we can close the small window in the user, giving the user a little tip, if we want to tell them click the open button which, more it is better than regular open. read more