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Kemar Roach reaches 150 Test wickets

first_imgCricket West Indies today announced that Kemar Roach became the 13th Windies bowler to reach 150 test wickets, joining legends like  Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose, Michael Holding and Malcolm Marshall among others.CWI said Roach expressed honour in joining this “elite group” and is looking forward to continue playing and taking wickets for the Windies.The Windies are currently playing a three-match Test series against Sri Lanka and will next host Bangladesh in two test matches , three-one-day internationals and three Twenty20  internationals from July 4 to August 5.last_img read more

Buju Banton first show set for March 16 in Kingston, Jamaica

first_imgNot hearing from the entertainers for several days after his return he delighted fans worldwide with an Instagram post last week. To the delight of thousands of Buju Banton fans in Jamaica, and elsewhere, the entertainers much awaited first show since his release from a US correctional center earlier this montn will be held in Kingston, Jamaica on March 16, next year.Upon his return to Jamaica, the Grammy Award entertainer  albums began to soar in sales. Within 24 hours after of his return home he had 10 albums on the top 30 U.S, reggae itunes charts, held the #1 spot on the Reggae album itunes chart in U.S, U.K and various European countries as well as reached over half a million Instagram fans. To say the momentum for his return was ‘big’ may be an understatement, with many saying it was historic. National Stadium, KingstonThe enthusiasm for Buju’s release and return fueled the anticipation for his first concert.  On Wednesday Gargamel Music & Boom Energy in collaboration with Solid Agency and Rockers Island Entertainment announced they’ll present the concert billed as the ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ on Saturday, March 16 at the National Stadium in Kingston.The concert will mark Buju’s first performance on his “Long Walk to Freedom Tour.” This will also mark the return of the Buju’s ‘Shiloh’ band, who for the past month have begun their rehearsals for the Jamaican concert and subsequent tour dates. All Buju music being rehearsedIn a recent interview with Billboard Magazine’s Pat Meschino, Buju Banton’s keyboardist and musical director Stephen “Lenky” Marsden, who began working with Buju in 1995 said Buju told him to make sure he knows all his songs. “He told us to rehearse all of his albums, so we are working out the arrangements for every song he ever recorded. I know his sound from way back, so it’s really up to me to make sure the sound is right, mainly, that the grooves that the (new) drummer is playing are up to par,” Lenky said.The Buju Banton FoundationAnother key component for Buju Banton on the “Long Walk to Freedom Tour” is to tie in each show with a local charity in each country he performs. Most recently, he has established his own charity in Jamaica, called Buju Banton Foundation, with a focus on helping at-risk youths in the country. Part proceeds from the March 16th show in Jamaica will go to aide the efforts of his foundation and continue his contribution to assisting a younger generation. Tickets for the Jamaican concert will go on sale January 16th  via Buju Banton’s official website Over the next few weeks, the website, will begin to share all the “Long Walk to Freedom Tour” dates allowing fans to know how to purchase the tickets to their destination of choice.last_img read more

Why Older People Are Most At Risk From COVID-19

first_imgThe innate immune response is tuned to pounce on types of molecules that are commonly found on bacteria and viruses but not in human cells. When a cell detects these invader molecules, it triggers production of an antiviral interferon protein. Interferon triggers the infected cell to die, limiting infection. Older Immune Systems Are Weaker Maybe your physician has checked your white blood cell levels. That’s a measurement of whether you have more B-cells and T-cells in your blood than usual, presumably because they’re fighting infection. However, the statistics get grimmer as the patients get older. Whereas people in their 60s have a 0.4 percent chance of dying, people in their 70s have a 1.3 percent chance of dying, and people over 80 have a 3.6 percent chance of dying. While this may not sound like a high chance of death, during the outbreak in Italy, 83 percent of those who succumbed to COVID-19 infection were over age 60. When a pathogen invades, the difference between illness and health is a race between how fast the pathogen can spread within you and how fast your immune response can react without causing too much collateral damage. The mist ejected by a sneeze can launch viruses airborne, so other people can inhale them. That’s where your immune system comes in. It’s your body’s defense system against these kinds of invaders. Before you’re even born, your body starts producing specialized B-cells and T-cells – types of white blood cells that can recognize pathogens and help block their growth. Another type of innate immune cell, called a monocyte, acts as a sort of cellular bouncer, getting rid of any infected cells it finds and signaling the adaptive immune response to shift into gear. Keeping at least 6 feet away from other people helps significantly reduce your chance of being infected by these aerosol droplets. But there’s still the possibility for virus to contaminate surfaces that infected people have touched or coughed on. Therefore, the best way to protect vulnerable older and immunocompromised people is to stay away from them until there is no longer a risk. When you’re very young, you don’t have a lot of these B- or T-cells. It can be a challenge for your body to control infection because it’s simply not used to the job. As you mature, your adaptive immune system learns to recognize pathogens and handle these constant invasions, allowing you to fight off infection quickly and effectively. The coronavirus pandemic is taking a particularly harsh toll on older people. As you age, the reduced “attention span” of your innate and adaptive immune responses make it harder for the body to respond to viral infection, giving the virus the upper hand. Viruses can take advantage of your immune system’s slow start and quickly overwhelm you, resulting in serious disease and death. COVID-19 is caused by a respiratory virus, which can spread via tiny virus-containing droplets. Larger droplets fall to the ground quickly; very small droplets dry up. Mid-range droplets are of most concern because they can float in the air for a few feet before drying. These droplets can be inhaled into the lungs. Data from the initial outbreak in China and then Italy show that infected people under the age of 60 are at low—but not no—risk of dying from COVID-19. More recent data from the U.S. suggest that a higher rate of people in their 30s and 40s have experienced severe illness and even death than previously thought. Curiously, young children do not appear to be at increased risk of serious COVID-19 complications, in contrast to what happens with other viruses, like the seasonal flu. Low-grade chronic inflammation in individuals that commonly occurs during aging can also dull the ability of the innate and adaptive immune responses to react to pathogens. It’s similar to becoming used to an annoying sound over time.center_img The innate and adaptive immune systems can act together as a fine-tuned machine to detect and clear out pathogens. Everyone, no matter their age, needs to protect themselves from infection, not just to keep themselves healthy but also to help protect the most vulnerable. Given the difficulty older individuals have in controlling viral infection, the best option is for these individuals to avoid becoming infected by viruses in the first place. During an infection, your B-cells can proliferate and produce antibodies that grab onto pathogens and block their ability to spread within your body. T-cells work by recognizing infected cells and killing them. Together they make up what scientists call your “adaptive” immune system. The Covid-19, health, safety and pandemic concept – senior old lonely woman wearing protective medical mask sitting near the window in his house for protection from virus Social Distancing Is Vital While white blood cells are powerful people protectors, they’re not enough on their own. Luckily, your immune system has another layer, what’s called your “innate” immune response. Every cell has its own little immune system that allows it to directly respond to pathogens quicker than it takes to mobilize the adaptive response. What is it that puts older people at increased risk from viruses like this? It’s primarily thought to be due to changes in the human immune system as they age. Your Body’s Tools to Fight Off Virus Infections Brian Geiss is an Associate Professor of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology at Colorado State University As people age, their innate and adaptive immune responses change, shifting this balance. This is where washing hands, avoiding touching your face, self-isolation and social distancing all become important, especially for COVID-19. As you go about your life, your body is constantly bombarded by pathogens – bacteria, fungi and viruses that can make you sick. A human body is a great place for these organisms to grow and thrive, providing a nice warm environment with plenty of nutrients. As COV1D-19 continues to spread, this older age group will continue to be at risk for serious disease and death.last_img read more

Noble Nole. Novak Djokovic to open restaurant offering free food.

first_img“Money is not problem for me. I have earned enough to feed all of Serbia .I think that they deserve this after all the support they are giving to me.” Djokovic said in a statement.“Because of my family, I’ve always had a love for food. But as an athlete, it became something more—the fuel that determines how I play, how I recover and how alert I am on the court. I attribute a great deal of my professional success to my diet. Food is my passion. Of all the things I’ve experienced in life, food has changed me the most. I wanted to share that impact with the world”In 2015, Djokovic became the first tennis player in history to win $20 million prize money in one season. In 2016, after winning the French Open, he became the first tennis player in the history of the game to surpass $100 million in career prize money.The 12-time Grand Slam champion has dropped to number 6 in World rankings after ending his season in July due to injury. He is however set to return to the sport in January to begin a new season.RelatedNovak Djokovic Out For The Rest Of 2017 Due To Elbow InjuryJuly 26, 2017In “Sports”Novak Djokovic’s Father Blames Grigor Dimitrov For Son’s Coronavirus InfectionJune 24, 2020In “Featured”Novak Djokovic: I’ll Surpass Nadal And FedererMay 23, 2020In “Featured” Tennis star, Novak Djokovic is known to be in the restaurant business. In 2009, the Serb opened a restaurant called ‘Novak’ close to the Belgrade Arena in the Serbian capital. In 2016, he also opened a vegan restaurant called ‘Eqvita’ in Monte Carlo, where he and his family live. The 30-year-old is in the process of building his third restaurant, this time offering free food to those in need. The multi-millionaire revealed customers will be able to dine for free, claiming he wants to give back to those who have supported him throughout his incredible career.last_img read more

Reality Bites…Sky Bet’s Richard Flint warns UK racing of ‘unprecedented demographic challenge’

first_imgShare PokerStars moves to refresh global appeal with ‘I’M IN’ August 18, 2020 Unibet backs #GoRacingGreen as lead racing charity  July 28, 2020 Submit EFL urges government to rethink gambling sponsorship ban July 3, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Related Articles Richard Flint, the Chief Executive of online bookmaker Sky Betting & Gaming (SB&G), has issued a stark reality to the UK racing industry, stating that consumer betting changes have made it hard for the bookmaker to promote the sports ‘from a business point of view’.Although SB&G subsidiary Sky Bet is a committed partner to the UK racing’s Authorised Betting Partner (ABP) scheme, Flint stated that the sports faces ‘an unprecedented demographic challenge’, as younger betting consumers overwhelmingly wager on football.Speaking at the Gimcrack Dinner in York, Flint backed his statement with figures, detailing that ‘racing is the favourite sport of just 13 per cent of our customers, a third of the number of our over-55s’.“A quarter of our customers are under 25. Nearly all of their betting activity is via a mobile device. Even desktop computers are old-fashioned to them. Those customers are 17 times more likely to bet only on football than only on racing.”Flint stated that the trend was likely to be repeated throughout SB&G UK market competitors such as Ladbrokes, Betfred and William Hill, who have yet to commit to the ABP scheme.Commenting on the turbulent relationship between racing and betting, Flint notes that the market may simply ‘price itself out’, detailing that his firm sees four times the return on £10 wagered on football when compared to racing.With UK racing lobbying to impose a 10% outright levy on UK horseracing bets placed via digital verticals, Flint warns racing governance that they may turn the sport in a ‘near zero margin’ market for bookmakers.Flint ended his address by stating that racing and betting industry stakeholders had to work together to find a viable solution for the future of UK horseracing.last_img read more

US growth sees Sportech appoint Andrew Gaughan to its executive board

first_img UK Tote gains international ‘commingling pool ecosystem’ with Sportech April 17, 2020 StumbleUpon Andrew Gaughan,Updating the market London-listed Sportech Plc has confirmed the appointment of Andrew Gaughan, President, Sportech Racing // Digital, to its Board as an Executive Director with immediate effect.Gaughan has been a member of Sportech leadership since 2010 leading the significant growth of the firms digital racing products and services within its core US market and in new territories.Further to serving Sportech, Gaughan a gambling industry veteran has held executive positions at Scientific Games Corporation, Magna Entertainment Corporation and Woodbine Entertainment GroupSportech Governance stated that the appointment of Gaughan was made to reflect the importance that the Board places on developing its North American-based business.Confirming the governance appointment Roger Withers, Chairman of Sportech, said: “I am delighted to welcome Andrew to the Board. He is a highly valued member of our executive team, and we look forward to him continuing to accelerate the development of our North American-based business.” Sportech highlights new client wins under lockdown June 26, 2020 Share Ian Hogg joins RPM Gaming as Chairman May 5, 2020 Submit Share Related Articleslast_img read more

BetStars enters tricky Czech market

first_imgShare GVC hires ‘comms pro’ Tessa Curtis to re-energise media profile  August 25, 2020 Share Related Articles Submit GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 ‘Deal maker’ Rafi Ashkenazi ends Flutter tenure  August 27, 2020 StumbleUpon Zeno OsskoToronto TSX listed, The Stars Group has confirmed that it has launched its new Czech Republic betting property November, Czech news sources reported that the national regulator had approved Stars Group to extend its online gambling services, allowing the operator to add sports betting provisions to its existing casino and poker services.At the time, Stars Group management chose not to confirm whether it would launch a BetStars property for the Czech market, stating that it was reviewing its options.Last week, BetStars Managing Director Zeno Ossko presented the launch of, becoming the first international sports betting operator to launch in the Czech Republic.“It is a great honour to be the first international sports betting operator to launch in the Czech Republic,” stated Zeno Ossko.“The BetStars team have worked very hard to make this a successful launch, and we hope customers in the Czech Republic will enjoy the range of betting options available.”In 2017, Czech operators have had to adjust to higher taxes and new regulations imposed on gambling services. At present, the Czech government has added a burdensome tax charge on online gambling, which includes a 23% tax charge on sports betting revenues combined with a 35% tax on casino slots play.Last May, FTSE bookmaker GVC Holdings stated that it would not pursue licensing for the Czech market, stating that the government had made its online gambling framework ‘incompatible with the business principles of the European Union’.It now remains to be seen whether BetStars can prove the Czech doubters wrong?last_img read more

Maltese based Gamanza brings gamification angle to games provision

first_img Share Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Submit Gamanza, a Malta based start up, has announced a new games aggregation platform, complete with gamification application and accompanying bonus engine, designed to enhance player lifetime values.Operators, who will have access to over 100 games, can use data from players activity on site and translate them to points, tokens or credits and levels of achievement, with each programme configurable to their own needs.All points or levels earned can be used in the ‘Reward Shop,’ where players purchase whatever system of bonuses is employed, including bonus money, free cash, free spins, free bets and specific Jackpot spins.The gamification application also features a multi-provider and multi-product tournament module, which offers multiple leaderboards for each tournament.In addition, it also works in tandem with the Gamanza bonus engine, with the bespoke application able to be deployed as a standalone or within an operator’s existing system.Magnus Lindberg, Gamanza Founder and Chief Executive, commented: “We know that gamification is incredibly important for player engagement, the appropriate rewards helps build brand loyalty and means the player stays with a site for longer and enjoys a better overall experience.”“Through our customisable and comprehensive gamification framework, we offer actionable insights that can then be exploited by operators.“We can tie together game, player and bonus action more clearly via gamification in a way that will enhance revenues.”Complementing its games provision, Gamanza also offers a plug in and play Lotto solution,  allowing players to bet on the winning numbers on 20 of the world’s largest lotteries, featuring regular jackpots of over €100m.In addition the platform also provides a real money betting application, making it possible for players to make real money bets alongside social betting activity. The product also comes with social betting features, including custom leagues, leaderboards and prize pools, ensuring winners get both the bragging rights and a monetary reward.The application is also integrated into the gamification and bonus applications, meaning even more tools are available to ensure operators have the best chance of acquiring and retaining players. TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Ray Wilson, AMLGS: Industry deserves praise for its reaction to a new normal July 23, 2020 Genesis to appeal UKGC’s ‘disproportionate suspension’ July 23, 2020last_img read more

britbet and Tote to explore ways of collaboration after standstill agreement

first_img Submit John Williamson to oversee UK Tote Group’s international growth August 28, 2020 StumbleUpon SBC Awards: The key to an effective submission August 28, 2020 Share Share Related Articles britbet, the pool betting operation backed by most of the UK’s racecourses, has agreed to a ‘Standstill Arrangement’ with the incumbent Tote ahead of the existing Tote exclusivity licence ending on 12 July in order to allow ‘further time to explore opportunities to collaborate’.The deal means that in the short term, the punter will notice no difference as the Tote brand will remain the racing pools provider at the country’s racecourses and beyond with no changes to its liquidity. The two operators say that the arrangement will provide the opportunity to develop a long-term partnership to ensure there is a single pool betting operation for British racing which is in the best interests of the sport.britbet was due to take over the pool betting operations at all but two racecourses on 12 July as the seven year monopoly granted to Betfred on the acquisition of the Tote expired, but the agreement to enter into extended discussions has altered plans. britbet will continue upgrading technology and hardware across the 55 racecourses, along with the ongoing transfer of staff from Betfred to britbet, but the existing Tote brand will now remain on racecourses rather than the new britbet branding.Neil Goulden, Chairman of britbet, explained: “The britbet vision has always been very clear, namely to maximise the guaranteed investment for our partner racecourses and to ensure the racecourses take control of the technology pathway, product presentation and customer engagement on our courses to improve the entire pool betting landscape.“With those principles secured, we are able to explore ways in which we may be able to work with an invigorated Tote to deliver the best product and service for our racecourse partners and ultimately for racegoers. This agreement is clearly aligned with our “by racing, for racing” proposition and, thanks to the hard work of the britbet Board and team, I am delighted that we have secured those key aspects which now enable us to consider ways of working in partnership with others.”Fred Done, Founder and CEO of Betfred, said: “This is a significant step in the right direction for the future of the Tote and I look forward to seeing the continuation of the hard work and achievements Betfred have made in the seven years of our ownership.”Alex Frost, Chief Executive of Alizeti Capital and 25% stakeholders in the Tote, said: “I would like to thank Neil and the Britbet board for the immensely collaborative and positive manner in which discussions have taken place. Our team will continue to work with the britbet team to ensure the best outcome for the sport in the months and years ahead. As Together for the Tote we are committed to securing racing’s finances for generations to come through a revitalised Tote.”The danger with the introduction of another pool betting operation in competition with the traditional Tote is that the resultant loss in liquidity would lead to two weak horseracing pools rather than one strong one. The extending of discussions suggest that both parties are willing to discuss matters more realistically than perhaps has been the case in the past. Kansspelautoriteit enters into MoU with Malta Gaming Authority August 28, 2020last_img read more

LOGiCO – Italian health report contradicts government’s advertising prohibition

first_img Related Articles Share StumbleUpon Di Maio’s man Giacomo Lasorella takes leadership of AGCOM August 17, 2020 TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Share Submit CT Gaming bolsters Italian profile with The Betting Coach  August 27, 2020 Pointing to research undertaken by Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS), Italian online gambling trade body LOGiCO has stated that digital incumbents are better prepared than land-based counterparts to protect national consumers from gambling harms and addiction.“ISS’ evidence and statistics, confirms what LOGiCO has maintained for some time, online gambling verticals offer better procedures for identifying problem gamblers and limiting services to vulnerable consumers” details LOGiCO President Moreno Marasco.The ISS report on Italian gambling trends, details that 94.5% of adult players engage in physical (land-based) gaming, whilst online gambling is still considered a niche market by Italian consumers.Furthermore, at a consumer protection level, the Italian gambling sector now has to adhere to the protocols of the new Italian self-exclusion registry, a directive limited to digital incumbents.Marasco states LOGiCO’s case for a better regulatory framework for Italian online gambling services, as Italian betting incumbents fear the implementation of further market restrictions by Italy’s populist Lega/5-Star coalition government.“The ISS report underlines that recent measures undertaken by the Dignity Decree will be ineffective in the fight against problem gambling and criminal actors targeting vulnerable players.”Representing Italian online gambling stakeholders, LOGiCO points to ISS statistics which detail that advertising has no relevant significance in a consumer choosing to engage with gambling products.Furthermore, Marasco states that the Decree has been short-sighted in its understanding of gambling, as criminal operators design their products to be enticing to problematic players, uninterested in having any engagement with casual consumers.last_img read more