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EMC’s Project Nile

first_imgWe’re in Milan, where we just announced what we call internally, “Project Nile” — our code name for what we expect will be the first commercially available, complete web-scale storage infrastructure for the data center. Today, if a customer wants web-scale storage quickly, they have to go to the likes of Amazon or Google or another web-scale cloud provider.  But they can’t buy that and run it inside their data center, under their control. EMC wants to democratize access to this kind of architecture inside data centers, because we are starting to see a lot of interest in an on-premise solution among Fortune 2000 companies. We even think we can deliver this at a lower price point than web-scale providers do currently.Why now?We see customers buying larger capacities of storage from us than ever before. For example, we shipped 85 petabytes of Isilon storage to a single web-scale customer this year. To track this trend more broadly, we went back and analyzed our storage shipments over the years since EMC’s inception, in 1979. It took the company more than 25 years to ship one exabyte of storage, a cumulative amount EMC surpassed for the first time in 2005. Then, we shipped our first exabyte of storage in a single year in 2010, and then our first exabyte in a single month earlier this year. By the end of 2013, we believe we can do a single exabyte deal.Data storage capacities are growing that dramatically. More and more, customers tell us they need capacity optimized systems inside their data centers, not so much to support traditional IT applications (such as relational databases and email servers) as much as for big, social, file sharing collaboration and other newer, web-scale applications. That explains the genesis of Project Nile inside EMC.To be competitive, we plan to deliver these systems at a lower price point than web-scale providers do today, and we plan to make them as easy to buy and as easy to consume as public cloud services. So a CIO will be able to implement this infrastructure at a lower cost than handing over company data to web-scale public cloud providers. And service providers will be able to stand up their own services to compete with the big guys.On price point alone, we believe there is an opening in the marketplace for this kind of solution, because web-scale cloud providers can be a lot more costly than presumed. Even customers who use them today will acknowledge that public clouds are not cheaper over the long run. Their attractiveness is quick and convenient deployment, which we plan to offer with a new go-to-market model for EMC: go online, order what you need, buy it, and use it in your data center. To make it easy for our customers, we’ll simplify and streamline the configuration process. Our vision is that you’ll be able to go to like you would any e-commerce site and optimize your systems for file, block, or object storage, scaled to petabytes if that’s the capacity you need. Avoid the wait times of submitting a ticket with internal IT Help Desks while your CIO avoids the aggravation of unauthorized, noncompliant shadow IT.Project Nile blends the best of both worlds: the convenience of web-scale, public cloud service delivery, with private cloud control… all at a price that any web scale enterprise can love — any, that is, except today’s costly, web-scale cloud providers.Listen to the rest of my talk in Milan.last_img read more

Reflecting on Our Ocean Plastic Summer Internship

first_imgThe following is a guest blog from Dell’s ocean plastic supply chain summer interns Allison Ward and Dan Partin, graduate students at the University of Michigan’s Tauber Institute for Global Operations.Most people don’t get excited when they find streets covered in plastic bottles and trash. But that’s exactly how we felt as we embarked on our summer internship.We knew all the statistics from our initial research— the 8 million tons of plastics entering the ocean every year, the growth to 80 million tons by 2025, and the notion that one day there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. But until we actually saw the piles of discarded plastic and walked the beaches ourselves, it was really hard to imagine the horrific reality.Our summer internship project was to create a supply chain that would help Dell source more ocean bound plastic for its packaging in an environmentally and economically friendly way. We’d do that by extending the supply chain from Haiti to South Asia.It was a daunting task, but through collaboration inside Dell, with external experts, and with the support of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan, we proved out a model for Dell that could make an ocean plastic supply chain a reality.Finding ocean plastic was only the first step in the journey. We knew other important supply chain factors must be taken into consideration, such as cost and continuity of supply, but a key focus of our project was to “deliver additionality.” This meant we had to demonstrate that Dell’s intervention would make a positive impact on ocean health that would have not otherwise been created. To do so we created a holistic strategy that would improve the existing waste management structure; targeting the root cause of the problem, not just a symptom. This approach considered the livelihoods and practices of informal sector collectors, local beach clean ups and community outreach programs, and increased demand for low value plastic.The net goal is an improved waste management infrastructure that will result in not only improved communities, but also remove millions of plastic bottles’ worth of material from the ocean. Better yet, we believe the process can be replicated and brought into other regions of the world. In fact, we hope it has to be, as our goal is to someday put ourselves out of the ocean plastics business in each location.The Dell internship experience went above and beyond our expectations. Where else could we say that our project helped create a new type of supply chain with the potential to help thousands of people in coastal cities? We can confidently say that we are changing the world.For more information on internships at Dell, visit read more

Meet the Women of the Dell EMC Partner Program: Sheri Hedlund

first_imgWhat is your current role/area of responsibility, and how long have you worked with the channel partner community?I have worked within the channel for more than 14 years. In my current role, I lead Dell EMC’s indirect sales execution.What are your goals for your company’s channel business over the next year?We’re fully committed to being the #1 channel partner in the industry. We’re enabling our partners to lead customers on a digital transformation to advance human progress, from the edge to the core to the cloud. Through our Dell EMC Partner Program, our partners are seeing exponential growth, fueling their business so that they can open more doors and invest in the future with us. Driving profitable growth is our sales priority and we’ll do it by enabling our partners to win new business, increase services, attach and sell a rich portfolio mix with rich incentives.Outside of your family, please name a woman you admire and why?I have always admired Audrey Hepburn for her many talents, beauty, grace, graciousness, and philanthropic contributions. Her early life was fraught with obstacles that most of us cannot comprehend, yet she never lost sight of what she was after, what was possible, and, most importantly, she never let go of what once was. This positive attitude gave her the ability to go after every opportunity and pursue a very successful career while keeping her values along with her legendary approach of graciousness and care toward every person she met.What advice would you give to other women in the industry? Or men?The importance of strong mentorship is absolutely invaluable.  Surround yourself with men and women who listen intently and offer candid, direct and constructive feedback vs. someone who only offers praise.  True mentors challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, stands by you when you fail, lifts you up and applauds your successes, and who sincerely cares about you as a person.  Mentors may change over time based on your needs and theirs, so it’s important to always establish an action plan together and agree on outcome expectations.Recently, I had the opportunity to join one of our strategic channel partners, AHEAD, as they launched their first Women’s Network event.  It was a room full of aspiring women and men who openly discussed their interests in #Diversity and #Inclusion.  One of the topics that had the greatest interest was in fact how to find the right mentors, and it occurred to me that making mentor/mentee connections may be as important as being a mentor myself, so I strongly encourage women and men, regardless of their position, to become active in being both a mentor and a mentee and also leveraging their network to help connect others to find the best guidance possible as we all navigate our careers paths.Please share some words to live by that have helped you throughout your career.Early in my career, one of my leaders taught me the art of executive communication.  While I was great at pulling together every supporting detail possible, she told me that I was too verbose and needed to work on my “so what” message so that I would be heard.  Still til this day, I focus on my “so what” which is the art of clear and concise communication.  When I’m working to deliver a meaningful and memorable message, whether it’s an internal presentation, a communication to my team or an end customer pursuit plan with a partner, I start by asking myself “so what’s the message I’m trying to convey”, “so what do I want them to hear”, “so what are the next steps”, “so what’s in it for you/me”.  Learning early on how to deliver the “so what” has really helped me be more valuable to my leadership, has driven me to be more relevant and has helped my contributions be more meaningful.The Hedlund family enjoys family time, travel and their shared love of music at Lollapalooza during Spring Break.What do you do for fun outside of Dell EMC? I have young kids, daughter is 9 and son is 11, so when I’m not at work you will find me busy running around with kids activities – basketball, football, swimming, dance camps, roller skating, trail walks, bike rides, ice cream and donut shops – all the things a typical kid enjoys!  For the occasional adult time, my husband and I enjoy good food and the Austin live music scene, and anything on the water.  Our vacations are generally centered around beach activities; and while we don’t do it often enough, we love deep sea fishing! This is the fifth post in our Meet the Women of the Dell EMC Partner Program series, which provides insight into what drives the inspiring women of the Dell EMC channel. Missed the first posts? Get to know Joyce Mullen (President, Global Channel, OEM & IoT, Dell EMC) and Cheryl Cook (Senior Vice President of Global Channel Marketing, Dell EMC), Julie Christiansen (Vice President, Global Channel Marketing, Dell EMC) and Mary Catherine Wilson (Senior Director Global Channel Marketing, Dell EMC) now.last_img read more

Calling All Microsoft SQL Server Professionals

first_imgAre you planning to attend Microsoft Ignite or SQL PASS Summit in early November? Dell Technologies will be out in full force, in both Orlando and Seattle, talking to attendees about the benefits of Dell EMC Storage for their existing Microsoft SQL Server versions and looking ahead to the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2019.Microsoft SQL Server 2019 has exciting new data virtualization capabilities that come along with its highly anticipated release. Big Data Clusters take advantage of numerous PolyBase connectors to bring insights on data, where it sits, without complicated and costly ETL processes. These new features will unlock great insights from your company’s data… and even more so when data is stored in the right place, at the right time, with the right SLA.SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters leverages Kubernetes as a whole new deployment platform. For those coming from prior versions of SQL Server on Windows, implementing this can be a daunting challenge. There are many factors to consider when planning your deployment and we will have all the experts on hand to guide you through best practices on data placement whether structured or unstructured.Can’t wait to learn more? Join Dell Technologies for an hour of data training this Wednesday, October 30th, to hear about the containerization of Microsoft SQL Server and Big Data Clusters, including availability and protection strategies.The reality for most companies is that SQL Server 2019 is unlikely to happen a greenfield scenario and there are probably many other Microsoft SQL Server versions already deployed. Consolidation onto a modern all-flash platform with consistent data services can elevate the capabilities of an environment and maximize efficiency and agility.Join us at Microsoft Ignite 2019Dell Technologies is a Diamond Sponsor and will be on-site in the Partner Solution Zone at Booth #1547. Come visit us and speak with our technical experts about how we help our customers make IT and Digital Transformation Real – from the edge to the core to the cloud.Expo Theater Session Wednesday November 6, 10:55AM – 11:15AMTitle: It’s all about the data: Abstraction beyond virtualizationAbstract: In the data-driven age, information is as valuable as currency. Only when you can harness data from multiple sources and formats can you accelerate business innovation. Containerization enables agility at hyperscale and is a critical step towards achieving true data abstraction beyond just virtualization. Join us to learn how Dell EMC delivers foundational solutions to support Microsoft SQL Server 2019, including big data clusters, enabling businesses to take advantage of next-generation analytics, and go behind their data to draw valuable insights.Sponsored Session: Thursday, November 7, 10:15AM – 11:00AMTitle: There is a new era in data management – Dell Technologies makes data innovation a realityAbstract: There are many paths towards modernizing the Microsoft Data Estate. Designing the right solution that meets today’s needs while laying the foundation for where your business will need to be tomorrow is a critical step in becoming an innovation leader. Join us as we outline the modernization strategies organizations need to consider in this new era of data abstraction and how Dell Technologies can guide you on this journey.Join us at SQL PASS Summit 2019Dell Technologies is a Gold Sponsor of the event and will be on-site at Booth #216. Join us in the booth for happy hour on Wednesday night, grab a souvenir cup with a complimentary beverage. Meet with our experts to get educated and pick up your pass for a free massage and unwind at the VMware Lounge.Sponsored Session: Wednesday, November 6th, 7AMTitle: SQL Server 2019 and Big Data Clusters on Dell EMC StorageAbstract: Dell EMC Storage and SQL Server 2019 are changing the game for big data and data analytics. In this breakfast session come learn how Dell EMC Storage is enabling SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster. We’ll also discuss some architecture options for deployments and talk about the latest integrations from Dell EMC.Technical Session: Thursday, November 5th, 10:15AMTitle: Deploying SQL Server 2019 and Big Data Clusters on VMwareAbstract: SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters introduce Kubernetes as a whole new deployment platform. For those coming from prior versions of Microsoft SQL Server on Windows, this can be daunting to deploy and manage. This session will walk through how to do the deployment step-by-step so you can understand how it is done, the components involved, and what you might need to learn more about as you take the journey to SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters.Following SQL PASS Summit & Microsoft Ignite 2019, look for our follow-up blog containing the Dell Technologies and perspective of all the announcements from a very active week!last_img read more

Brazil neighbors limit travel to halt virus strain’s spread

first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil’s neighbors have started restricting international travel amid concern about the spread of a new coronavirus variant that experts say may be more contagious and driving a second wave of infections. Guyana’s government closed its border with South America’s largest country on Friday, two days after Colombia halted passenger flights to and from Brazil; both nations cited the new variant as their reason. Argentina’s government decided to cut in half the number of flights to Brazil starting Feb. 1, according to a Jan. 27 report in state news agency Telam. And Peru on Jan. 26 banned air traffic from Brazil; the governor of Peru’s Loreto department bordering Brazil called on the government to shut down land crossings, too.last_img read more

Things to Know: Fewer Black Americans are getting vaccinated

first_imgAn Associated Press analysis shows that Black people in many parts of the U.S. are lagging behind whites in receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Statistics released by 17 states and two cities tell the same story: Through Jan. 25, Black people were getting inoculated at levels below their share of the general population. Meanwhile, U.S. hospital systems are coming under fire over accusations that they are playing favorites when it comes to who gets the first crack at COVID-19 vaccines. And in other virus news, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order that will require masks to be worn nationwide on federal property and certain modes of public transportation, including planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis and ride-shares.last_img read more

Pope on Iraq trip: Worthwhile even if most watch him on TV

first_imgROME (AP) — Pope Francis says he’s still planning to visit Iraq in March, even if most Iraqis have to watch him on television to avoid the coronavirus. The important thing, he said, is “they will see that the pope is there in their country.”After St. John Paul II canceled a planned 2000 visit to Iraq, Francis said he has every intention of keeping his word to visit because he doesn’t want to disappoint the Iraqi people a second time. He said only a serious new surge in infections would put the trip in question. Francis made the comments to Catholic News Service during an audience to mark the 100th anniversary of the news agency of the U.S. bishops conference.last_img read more