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The Cup final meets the coronavirus … and Extremoduro!

first_imgThe Federation is not having anything easy organizing the final of the Copa del Rey of the 2019-2020 edition. So far it has had to suspend the match between Athletic and Real Sociedad that was going to take place in Seville on April 18 since the coronavirus crisis has fully affected him and the RFEF has preferred to be cautious with a double objective: to preserve the health of footballers and fans and, furthermore, that this match not be played behind closed doors because it would be a totally lackluster show. But there is more. In his new organizational plans he has encountered more problems along the way. The other date he was managing after listening to the two finalist clubs this week, on May 31, does not seem to be coming to fruition either. A massive concert by Extremoduro on the 30th in that same stadium, the one with the largest capacity on his farewell tour, could prevent this.According to what AS has learned, the Federation has tested the Spanish rock band through the company that organizes the events in the Olympic stadium, to study the possibility that the farewell concert of Robe and company change the date or, failing that, move to another stadium in the Andalusian capital, either at Sánchez Pizjuán or Benito Villamarín. Despite the fact that the concert is one day before the date in which the match would be held, the Federation would not have time to prepare for the entire operation of the final, so it would need to vacate the stadium several days before if it wanted to. carry out the Basque derby on 31. Extremoduro has refused to change its plans out of respect for its fans, Since he understands that it is not a concert where only people from Seville will attend, but there will be faithful from all over Spain and even from America who have already bought their ticket and have reserved their hotel. However, several Sevillian institutions trust that in the end Extremoduro will yield (maybe with some type of compensation) to hold his concert at Benito Villamarín, with a similar capacity. AS has contacted the representative of Extremoduro, Alén Ayerdi, to give his version of events: “On Wednesday they called us from the La Cartuja stadium because the Federation had asked about the possibility of whether the date was free. Logically they were told no. Extremoduro is busy and has sold 70,000 tickets for that day. Then they called me to say if we could change the venue or the date and we logically said no again. Of these entries, there are many people who come from America and many others from all corners of Spain. I told them we couldn’t please them. We believe that they will already be looking for another option. Neither the Federation nor the King of Spain nor anyone from football will want to leave these 70,000 people without their concert and without their trip with the hotel and travel expenses they have already paid.. Let’s hope that they respect us and that soccer respects culture as culture has always respected soccer all of life. That is what we expect. “Extremoduro’s agent believes that the RFEF will no longer force this situation: “I don’t think anything will happen. We can’t please them. We can do anybody a favor if it’s in our hands, but right now we can’t do such a favor. I would be surprised if they continued down this road and I suppose they are already driving other scenarios, especially because that same day the stadiums of Betis and Sevilla are free. If the final has to be done in Seville because they have already agreed, it does not necessarily have to be in ours. In any case the request was made from the highest education and there is nothing to object. We have not heard from them since. I have heard that they have postponed the decision until next week because there are more important issues to focus on now. “The Federation, asked about this issue, points out that “it cannot be ventured” to give any date yet for the dispute of this final because it is necessary to see how this coronavirus crisis evolves and now it’s time to focus on general health. The next week the RFEF could already give some news to the clubs, so they can organize themselves, but until March 25 Rubiales and his team did not want to specify more. Then they will meet to analyze all the open fronts in reference to the future of national competitions and it will be then when all the alternatives are put on the table so that this Athletic-Real is disputed with all the guarantees and without anyone being harmed. According to various federal sources consulted, even on the 25th there are no guarantees that the official date of the final is already known. In favor of the RFEF the fact that a possible delay of the Euro Cup, and even its postponement to 2021, plays It could help the Cup final to be played in June at La Cartuja. Passing it that May 31 to Sánchez Pizjuán or Villamarín, as the manager of Extremoduro proposes as a Solomonic measure, is unlikely since the RFEF signed a three-year contract with the promoters of the Olympic stadium in Seville.last_img read more