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Farewell Budweiser Pyramid

first_imgLet’s do a quick poll. Raise your hand if you ever wanted to be like Dan O’Callahan. Anyone else? No? Okay, you may not know that Dan O’ was the hard drinking, freeskiing guru in Hot Dog…The Movie (circa 1983). He wore a blue jumpsuit and New York Mets hat, and he changed my life and the life of so many other young, impressionable skiers during that decade of decadence. If you’re not familiar with Hot Dog…The Movie, the tagline from the trailer pretty much sums it up: “By day, they’re the finest hot dogging, freestyle skiers in the world. By night, they really take chances.”Imagine 1.5 hours of gratuitous nudity, binge drinking, and state of the art (for the ‘80s) ski scenes. Oh, and ‘80s super-hottie Shannon Tweed was in it. You can see why I’d be so smitten.I don’t know what was more inspiring to me, the rad skiing or the hot tub scenes. Okay, that’s a lie, the hot tub scenes were what really got me motivated to be as much of a ski bum as I could possibly be while growing up in Georgia. Yes, the ballet ski scenes were enlightening, but I was more impressed with the skier lifestyle. Specifically, the notion of doing shots at a dive bar where the men wear fur coats and the women don’t wear much at all. First tracks and powder shots are great, but the off chance that you’ll meet Shannon Tweed in a hot tub is why you ski.My buddies and I watched Hot Dog during every ski trip, whether we were traveling to the Rockies or hitting North Carolina for a weekend. It was our inspiration, our self-help guide through the slopes and après ski shenanigans.Picture half a dozen dudes from Georgia tailgating at the base of Breckenridge, blaring David Allan Coe and piling Budweisers up in the snow at an alarming rate. I never skied without a flask of whiskey. One year, I even mixed martinis on the lift. With vermouth. And olives.We ate nothing but Apple Jacks and pizza, skied eight hours straight, then proceeded to trash the condo while blaring the entire Beastie Boys catalogue. We slept eight to a room, rarely showered (there was always a keg in the tub, anyway), and never napped. The final run of each day followed strict Chinese Downhill Rules (google it).Our latest ski trip was a bit different. First, the number of participants has slimmed quite a bit in recent years. For many of the original crew, four days of powder has been pushed down the priority list by mortgage payments and children’s classes.So, only a hardy few adhere to the ski trip ritual, which looks nothing like the original four days of powder and debauchery. Instead of finding the cheapest room for the latest trip, one of our wives wouldn’t rest until she found a condo with hardwood floors. So she could do yoga every morning. Yoga. I’d like to single her out as lame, but the fact is, I joined her for yoga routinely. It’s the only way I could get my hip moving properly.Back in the day, there was nothing quite like the potential of foreplay in the hot tub, but now I have to avoid that sort of concentrated heat altogether because it puts me right to sleep.Instead of a keg of Keystone Light, the fridge was stocked with craft beer and wine—most of which we left for the housekeeper when we checked out. After skiing all day, we managed two beers before falling asleep on the couchInstead of pizza, we hunted for sushi. Or Thai. Or something with a farm-to-fork philosophy behind it. Something I never said to a waiter during a ski trip when I was younger: “Is that chicken locally raised?”It was a rare night that any of us made it past 10pm.I’m not exactly sure when the ski trip shifted from winter frat party to relaxing yoga retreat. I guess it just evolved slowly, like some ancient slug-beast making its way out of the primordial ooze. But here’s the most shocking aspect of this evolution: I like our ski trips so much more now. Yes, I miss tailgating and every once in a while when I’m on the lift, I crave a martini, but it turns out, I’m a much better skier when I’m sober. Skiing trees when your blood alcohol level is .08 percent is basically Russian roulette with a $75 lift ticket. I’m amazed I survived through so many years of stupidity. Chalk it up to pure luck. Now I ski trees and steeps with clarity. I’m well nourished, well-rested, and thinking relatively swiftly. So while most athletes see their skill level wane as they get older, I’m hitting my prime, mostly because my reaction time and sense of balance aren’t hindered by morning beer bong hits.Getting older never felt so good. •Chinese Downhilllast_img read more

Police Cracking Down on Seatbelt Violations

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Police officers across Long Island will be cracking down on drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts for the next two weeks as a part of the annual “Buckle Up New York” campaign.The effort, which includes seatbelts checkpoints and added patrols, is part of the nationwide “Click It or Ticket” campaign coordinated with law enforcement agencies from coast to coast May 20 through June 2.“Fastening your seat belt takes seconds and it can save your life,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Ed Webber said. “We have seen first-hand the deadly consequences of what happens when someone chooses not to buckle up.”Fifty two percent of the 21,253 vehicle passengers killed in 2011 were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.New York State has had a seat belt compliance rate of 90 or better for the past three years, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Still, the campaign continues until every driver and passenger buckles up.Besides Suffolk police, agencies that also have announced joining in the crackdown include state Troopers, Nassau police, Long Beach and Glen Cove city police and more than a dozen local village police departments.New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law makes drivers responsible for passengers younger than 16 who are not wearing seatbelts.last_img read more

German Pensionskassen, BaFin in ‘uncharted territory’ over solvency

first_imgThe German pension fund for a Catholic aid organisation in Cologne is one of three Pensionskassen in talks with the country’s regulator BaFin regarding the potential impact of 2017 losses.The €546m Caritas Pensionskasse (Caritas PK) is currently discussing its 2017 balance sheet “in close coordination with the actuary, the accountants and the BaFin”, the pension fund told IPE in a statement.Last week, BaFin issued a statement saying it had banned Caritas PK from taking on any new business since May, after finding that its recovery plan for meeting its solvency requirements was “inadequate”.It is the first time BaFin has issued a Pensionskasse with such a ban. However, over the past year the regulator has frequently issued warnings to insurance-based pension funds regarding their funding structures. BaFin’s office in BonnA detailed account of the solvency issues will only become available once the annual reports for both pension funds have been approved. A spokesperson for Caritas PK told IPE that its annual report would only be published once the general assembly had approved it. However, the general assembly was not due to hold another meeting this year, the spokesperson said.Industry sources told IPE that it was unlikely the Caritas PK would take on new business any time soon.Kölner PK blames rulebookThe Kölner PK is also currently not taking on any new business as it lacks funding to continue operations under the regulatory framework for mutual insurance companies.If this situation continues, the fund will have to start planning for internal runoff.In its 2016 annual report the Kölner PK’s board blamed – in part – “nonsensical measures” deriving from regulation for starting the fund’s solvency problems.Some regulatory requirements had forced the fund to sell off assets at the wrong point in time, the pension fund said, while some money put aside for the Zinszusatzreserve – the interest rate buffer – could have been better spent on filling the funding pool. Germany’s Bundesrat building in BerlinThe regulatory burden and reporting requirements for Pensionskassen and other German pension vehicles are unlikely to reduce any time soon.Germany’s lower chamber of parliament, the Bundestag, this month approved the government’s draft rules implementing the EU’s IORP II pension directive, known as the EbAV II.The pension fund association aba said “there is hope” that its objections to the prospect of EU-wide harmonisation for occupational pension funds had been heard.The draft bill has to be passed by the upper chamber of parliament (the Bundesrat) in a vote scheduled for today, with BaFin then due to issue circulars and guidelines on the actual implementation and industry-specific issues.What is already certain, however, is that the EbAV II will mean more reporting and internal risk assessment requirements for pension funds.“Overall the requirements for providers will increase significantly,” said Michael Hoppstädter, managing director of consultancy Longial.– Barbara Ottawa Earlier this year Caritas PK and its affiliated pension fund, the €329m Kölner Pensionskasse (Kölner PK), informed members about difficulties regarding the funding situation and possible cuts to pension payouts. Cologne’s Caritas and Kölner Pensionskassen face solvency problemsBoth the Caritas and Kölner funds are structured as mutual insurance companies – Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit (VVaG) – which brings with it certain solvency and interest rate “buffer” requirements.The talks with BaFin now fall under the remit of Olaf Keese, who takes over joint management of the Caritas and the Kölner Pensionskassen this month. As a result of his appointment Keese will resign his seat on the board of the Peugeot pension fund in Germany at the end of the year.Tax consultants’ fund talking to BaFinFunding problems have also been reported at the pension fund for German tax consultants, the €992m Steuerberater Pensionskasse VVaG, with BaFin involved in negotiating a recovery plan. The fund itself declined comment.“All this is completely uncharted territory for the industry and the regulator,” one source told IPE.Insurance-based Pensionskassen had been performing well in Germany despite the funding requirements placed on them by their guarantees, but a mix of the low interest rate environment, challenging demographics and regulatory requirements has caught up with them.Some providers have chosen to sell their Pensionskassen business to run-off companies, with Frankfurter Leben having bought two funds earlier this year, from AXA Germany and Cofra Group.More regulation incoming as Bundestag passes IORP II billlast_img read more

Graham Quirk works hard for first auction win

first_imgGraham Quirk had lots to say about Brisbane during long pauses between bids at Saturday’s auction. Picture: Steve Pohlner.And while he is on their team in a voluntary role, there was no International Olympic Organising Committee to sweeten the bidding here, so he was forced to place another vendor bid of $700,000.“Just to keep things rolling and what we’ll do now is bid in $10,000s,” Mr Quirk said.At this point, the Googan family asked about auction practices.“The vendor can bid as long as you can,” Karalis Real Estate’s lead agent Michael Sunderland explained to the family.“In NSW it’s one only, but in Queensland it’s as many times as you want.”Soon after this, Lily threw up paddle number eight and entered her first auction with a bid of $720,000 and what followed was a series of three quick-fire bidding volleys over five minutes between Lily and the Googans, during which the price got to $796,000. The largely local crowd gather to see Graham Quirk’s first auction, at 6 Archiva St, Mount Gravatt East: Picture: Steve Pohlner.“G’day, I’m lucky to have you all here,” Mr Quirk said, before reporting in for duty.“I’ve got the gavel, let’s hope I can bring it down.” Part way through the auction, a real estate agent’s mobile phone started ringing to the sound of Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice. Nobody was shocked by the tone of Graham Quirk’s voice. Picture: Steve Pohlner.The opening bid of $500,000 came from Peter Lukose, who was prepared to go to $650,000 but no further as his wife had not seen the house he was bidding on.“He’s 101 per cent for me,” Mr Lukose said of Graham Quirk’s first day on the job.“He’s a little bit tricky, going to the market, then winding us up, that’s a trick.“But the way he presented, just very nice, because he know every piece and corner of Brisbane.”Bidding against Mr Lukose was Peter Googan and his family from Holland Park.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus11 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market11 hours agoThe winning bidders James & Mae Googan, with their children Liam, 3yrs & Flynn, 6yrs. Karalis Real Estate agent Michael Sunderland (left) stood beside them during the auction. Picture: Steve Pohlner.“I think he was a little bit nervous,” Mr Googan said afterwards.“We didn’t know who he was to be honest.“We’re originally from Sydney and we came here about a year ago, but it wasn’t until we showed the listing to other people at work and they knew who he was. They were really excited. They were surprised, they thought he was still mayor I think.”Mr Quirk recommended $50,000 bids to start and found the going tough so at $550,000 with Mr Googan in front he was forced to place a vendor bid of $600,000.Mr Googan replied with $650,000 and then there was another long pause, during which Mr Quirk launched into a city sales pitch that would have made Queensland’s Olympic bid organisers proud to have him on their team. We’re not sure how much he’s charging for his auctioneering duties but Graham Quirk’s number plate might give us a hint. Picture: Steve Pohlner.“This is your virgin auction,” said Mount Gravatt East resident Dale Hanley, who was propped up on a pre-war shooting stick on the front lawn as part of the 80-strong neighbourhood welcome party for former Lord Mayor Graham Quirk. Racing champ to sell Brisbane house Graham Quirk congratulates the winning bidders. Picture: Steve Pohlner.“I’d give myself a seven out of 10,” Mr Quirk said afterwards.“I’ve got a lot of improvement that will come very quickly because today was a bit of an unnatural environment with the media around,” he said.“Not that that’s an unnatural environment for me but it still is in this set of circumstances.” He also had his Racing Queensland board member badge pinned to his jacket, but it would still take the best part of half an hour before the gavel came down on 6 Archiva St, Mount Gravatt East at $796,000, with two vendor bids, three active bidders, and not a single pause to negotiate.center_img Brisbane’s million-dollar suburb boom MORE REAL ESTATE STORIES Graham Quirk wore his Racing Queensland badge during the auction and was heading to the races for the afternoon. Picture: Steve Pohlner.It was 12.52pm, and the hottest part of the day, when Mr Quirk asked for the crowd’s indulgence to seek instruction from the vendor about whether the property was on the market, but there was no escaping the spotlight or the heat.“I’ve done it for you,” Mr Sunderland said by the auctioneer’s ear.“Oh, well, you’re ahead of yourself,” replied Mr Quirk.“Well ladies and gentlemen I’ve just had word … that this property is now on the market.”There were no further bids and the property went to the Googan family. FOLLOW DEBRA ON TWITTER Graham Quirk at his first auction as a professional auctioneer on Saturday. Picture: Steve Pohlner.A COUCH cushion in the house said ‘enjoy today’, but there were nerves all around as rookie bidders stood in front of a rookie auctioneer who just four months ago was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane.last_img read more

I wasn’t up to the job – Holloway

first_img Holloway and Palace co-chairman Steve Parish announced the split by mutual consent at a hastily-arranged press conference, which came two days after the team lost 4-1 at home to Fulham. The former Blackpool boss said he did not have the energy for the relegation fight, claiming the club had lost the spirit which helped them win promotion to the Barclays Premier League last season because of their raft of summer signings. A brutally honest Ian Holloway admitted he could not keep Crystal Palace up as he left the club on Wednesday. The defeat to Fulham left them second bottom of the table, with seven losses from eight games. Holloway said: “This club needs an impetus of energy. But I just feel tired to be honest. I’m worn out. “I want to give them the chance to stay in this division. “They didn’t want me to do this. They’ve got a great chance, they’ve got 30 more games. The best chance they’ve got is if they use some of the money this big division gives them to get someone they couldn’t afford when they chose me, and if that happens, sitting at home in my front room, no one is going to jump higher than me.” Parish added: “He felt things weren’t working for him, he felt that he wasn’t getting the support that he wanted to get and a different approach might keep us in the division.” Holloway only took over at Selhurst Park last November and led them to promotion via the play-offs. But this season only Sunderland’s woeful form has kept them off the foot of the table and the thrashing at home by fellow strugglers Fulham was the final straw. Palace signed enough players for an entire new team over the summer, bringing in the likes of the much-maligned Marouane Chamakh from Arsenal, Reading pair Adrian Mariappa and Jimmy Kebe, Jerome Thomas from West Brom, Jose Campana from Sevilla, Stephen Dobbie from Brighton, Dwight Gayle from Peterborough, Elliot Grandin from Holloway’s former club Blackpool and, on loan, Southampton’s Jason Puncheon and Stoke’s Cameron Jerome Holloway said: “I didn’t value enough the spirit of the group that helped us get to the Premier League “I’ve lost the spirit of that group. I owe it to the lads to admit that. “I’m not saying my new signings aren’t good enough. But they need to buy into this football club the same way my other lads did.” Parish said Holloway had run himself into the ground doing his own scouting over the summer. “We came up very much as a Championship club,” he said. “The amount of work that went on in the summer was extraordinary, Ian was watching player after player. We should have had more of a scouting infrastructure in place.” Parish emphasised that he never had any intention of sacking Holloway, praising the 50-year-old for doing the “honourable thing” and admitting he was not the man for the job. He said: “He leaves our club with his head held very high. “He’s a remarkable man, he’s done something that most people wouldn’t do, and said, ‘we need to talk about the situation, I don’t think it’s working at the moment’.” He confirmed Keith Millen would take temporary charge for the match against Arsenal on Saturday and he had no permanent replacement lined up. Parish said he would consult Holloway when it came to appointing the new manager, saying they needed someone with more top-flight experience. Former Stoke boss Tony Pulis would fit that bill, having established the Potters in the top flight before leaving at the end of last season. On Pulis, Parish said “He’s never been relegated, and he’s out of work. We’ll look. People with some kind of affinity with the club, that does help when times are tough. I wouldn’t discount anyone.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Ramdhani leads Guyana to three gold medals

first_imgGUYANA’S top female badminton player, Priyanna Ramdhani, rallied her way to three gold medals on the final day of the Caribbean Regional Badminton Confederation (CAREBACO) Junior U-19 International Championships, which took place on Sunday in St. Michael, Barbados. The 2018 NSC Junior Sportswoman of the Year, who was an U-17 triple champion last year, proved that she had what it takes to beat the best at the U-19 level this year.Two of her victories were doubles, while she also powered her way to the singles title.In the Ladies U-19 Singles final, the 17-year-old defeated Imani Mangroe of Suriname, 2-1, in a three-set thriller.She easily won the opener 21-8, but the Surinamese player fought back to even the game (18-21), before the Guyanese closed out the victory at 21-17.Priyanna also won gold with Tyrese Jeffery in the Mix Doubles final. The Guyanese pair defeated Barbadians Dominick Scantlebury & Sobers Robyn (21-11, 21-9).For her other gold medal, Ramdhani teamed up with Trinidadian Chequeda De Boulet to defeat Mangroe and Chaista Soemodipoero of Suriname (21-18, 21-11).Along with the three gold medals, Guyana gained a bronze when Jeffrey and Akili Haynes teamed up in the U-19 Men’s Doubles.According to president of the Guyana Badminton Association, Gokarn Ramdhani, who incidentally is Priyanna’s father: “The (Guyanese) players were very focused and their determination were only to win.” The older Ramdhani added, in a release, that the side prepared well and he was happy to see the association’s training methods executed on the court.“It was a very proud moment for us when the Guyanese National Anthem was played three times for the three gold.”The competition continues today with the senior championships.last_img read more

Sports Set to Return from Covid-19 Lockdown, Says Dare

first_imgDare said: “In another two weeks, we hope to open camps in Akure, Abuja and Pankshin in Plateau State, to help our athletes get over the rustiness of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. It is going to be a two weeks event whereby all our athletes will be in different centres and we are going to pay for everything,” observed the minister when replying to a question on whether the 20th National Sports Festival will still take place this year.He said it is the desire of the Sports Ministry under his watch for the festival to still take place in Benin City, Edo State despite the the damage the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to sports all over the world.“It is our desire to have the National Sports Festival which I called the Nigeria Olympic Games to take place this year. We have shown commitment, we already set up a team and through their reports, they already suggested October (for the NSF to hold).The minister stressed that based on the Covid-19 prevention rate and other indices like Covid-19 protocols “we have been working with the PTF, NCDC, the Federal Ministry of Health. The Sports Ministry will be properly guided when the numbers are right. We are certainly going to have that festival and it is going to have both contact and non-contact sports.”Dare gave examples of countries around the world where sports have returned fully, stressing that Nigeria can also emulate such countries if we do the right things to prevent the spread of the virus.“The world already started both contacts and non-contacts sports. There are protocols in place. If we repeat the same thing here, we are going to get our lives back also.“For all the sports returning, we are having discussions and just in a matter weeks, sports will be back.He admitted to have provided all the necessary things, documents and preparation plans to reopen sports.“Two months ago, we submitted documents that have to do with Covid-19 protocols, that have to do with contact and non-contact sports, with a particular section dedicated to football. So we are all set and I think in a couple of weeks. We are on the same page with the PTF and the Health Ministry. I can assure you that in a couple of weeks sports will return in Nigeria.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram By Duro IkhazuagbeArrangements for sports to return fully from the Covid-19 lockdown appear to have started with plans to open camps for athletes in Akure (Ondo State), Abuja (FCT) and Pankshin (Plateau State).The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, gave this hint in Lagos yesterday when fielding questions from sportswriters at the venue of the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Total E&P Nigeria and the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF). Sunday-Darelast_img read more

Christina Oyawale struggles to live up to natural ability with more playing time

first_imgChristina Oyawale is not ready. Much like Syracuse, Oyawale has struggled with consistency early in the season. The redshirt sophomore has tried to make her mark on a team that is searching for production.During her time at Parkdale (Maryland) High School, Oyawale didn’t have to search. She showcased her natural ability, tallying 157 kills and 38 blocks in 14 games her senior year.The first time Parkdale’s athletic director, Brian Moore, saw Oyawale play, he knew she would play in college.“She left a legacy,” Moore said, “she certainly raised the level of play of the program.”At Syracuse, Oyawale hasn’t had the same success. The Orange (1-9) has zero seniors on its roster and the young players have not found a way to transfer their potential to wins. Oyawale, one of just four third-year players for SU, is getting an opportunity to develop her raw talent. The 6-foot-4 outside hitter has already played in more sets through the first 10 games this year (23) than all of last season (22). She has started two matches this year and has recorded 17 kills.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textBut she hasn’t reached her potential just yet.“She may be one year away,” Syracuse head coach Leonid Yelin said. “The lack of experience is holding her.”Oyawale didn’t start playing club volleyball until late in her high school career. It wasn’t until her senior year that she saw herself as a volleyball player, Moore said. But Yelin saw her potential through her club team.For all the promise Oyawale holds, she has struggled to become a contributor with SU. She redshirted her freshman year, which helped her develop, Oyawale said.She’s still working on her blocking, an aspect that she said could use improvement despite having the necessary physical traits to fit the role.“Good size, quick, and good jump,” Yelin said. “… Talking to her, we believe she is going to work hard to get better. She developed a lot.”During the summer, Oyawale organized offseason workouts, Yelin said. After three years at SU without much playing time, the head coach was shocked.However, for all the work Christina has done to improve over the last couple seasons, she has failed to put it all together this year, just like the team as a whole. Yelin wants to play her more in conference play, but said she’s more of a liability against tougher teams.“I am going to try to be better for my team,” Oyawale said.As her collegiate career progresses, Oyawale is starting to show some of the promise that both Moore and Yelin saw in her early stages of development. In Syracuse’s lone win of the season against Siena, Oyawale contributed a season high 8.5 points.“Someday, I think she’ll be big time,” Yelin said.That day hasn’t come yet. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on September 22, 2016 at 12:14 am Contact Nick: [email protected] | @nick_a_alvarezlast_img read more

ACL Goal’s Player of the Week: Alan

first_imgAFC Champions League AFC Champions League 2017: Goal’s Player of the Week – Guangzhou Evergrande’s Alan Douglas Last updated 2 years ago 21:22 16/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Alan AFC Champions League Guangzhou Evergrande v Shanghai SIPG Shanghai SIPG Guangzhou Evergrande Though his team fell at the final hurdle, Alan’s performance gave Shanghai SIPG a right real scare…. Going into their AFC Champions League quarter-final second leg match against Shanghai SIPG, nobody would have thought Guangzhou Evergrande had a chance of progression to the semifinals. For they had lost the first leg 4-0! The second leg was seen by many as an exercise in futility but boy what a treat it became! The Chinese team battled back to score four goals and extend the tie into extra time where they had to come up with a late equaliser again and take the game to the penalty shootout.However, their inspired performance came to a heartbreaking end there. But Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side will hold their heads high, thanks mainly to the heroics of Alan Douglas who scored a brace and laid on another goal in a brilliant outing. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing AlanAlan started proceedings for Guangzhou by scoring the first goal of the game in the 21st minute after capitalising on a defensive mixup to round the goalkeeper and find the back of the net. The former FC Salzburg man proceeded to sow seeds of doubt into Shanghai SIPG players’ mind by converting a bullet header in the 35th minute from Zhang Linpeng’s cross from the right. He was a menace throughout and created four chances apart from sending in another four dangerous crosses. Though it ended tragically, Alan’s performance sees him named as Goal’s Player of the Week.last_img read more