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Beetles Strike

first_imgThousands of small Georgia trees are sprouting spikes this spring. The thorny turn of events is a clear sign of trouble, say University of Georgia experts. It’s the attack of Asian ambrosia beetles. “The classic signal that the plant has been attacked by Asian ambrosia beetles is an inch-long toothpick emerging from the trunk,” said Walter Reeves, a horticulture educator with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The female Asian ambrosia beetle emerges in spring and travels to a nearby shrub or tree. She prefers a small plant or limb 1 to 2 inches thick, boring into it at up to 1 inch per day. “As the female bores, she pushes her sawdust out of the limb,” Reeves said. “The particles, bound with webbing, may stick straight out of the bark for 1 inch or more, like a toothpick. Occasionally the toothpick collapses and the particles dangle four inches from the hole, swinging in the breeze.” The female lines her tunnel with a fungus, which grows in the moist environment. When her eggs hatch, they feed on the fungus “ambrosia.” Almost the entire life cycle is spent inside the plant, making the beetles hard to control with insecticides.Many Trees Susceptible “The beetle can invade many species of otherwise healthy trees and shrubs,” said Will Hudson, a UGA Extension Service entomologist. “So far, we have seen them on ornamental cherry, crape myrtle, goldenrain tree, redbud, hickory and Japanese maple.” Elm, oak, Bradford pear, apple and others can be affected, too. “It will attack almost any broadleaf tree or shrub of the right size,” Hudson said. Asian ambrosia beetles must be controlled. When and how is the question. Few Treatments for Infested Trees “In most landscape situations, there is little to do except keep your plants as healthy as possible,” Hudson said. “Nurseries, however, may need to spray during the green-up period, but not other times.” Infestation in Trees “There is no good way to determine if it’s better to remove the entire plant or treat it with insecticides,” Reeves said. center_img Once a tree is attacked, insecticides won’t help unless it’s squirted into the tunnel. “Even then,” Hudson said, “the fungus is the problem, not the beetle. The unknown here is whether the beetle introduces a pathogen incidental to the tunneling. (The ambrosia fungus is not a pathogen.)”Reeves offers these control recommendations: If the trunk or limb has 25 to 100 holes, remove it completely. It probably won’t survive so many attacks. If the plant has only one to 15 widely scattered holes, keep a close watch on the plant this year. Make sure you water it properly, especially this summer. If a tree or limb has completely wilted, remove it. It won’t come back. It isn’t clear whether spraying nearby trees is helpful. Borer sprays such as chlorpyrifos (Dursban) and benzene hexachloride (Lindane) don’t seem to protect them. “TOOTHPICKS” SHOW BEETLES HAVE MOVED IN As Asian ambrosia beetles bore into tree limbs, they push the sawdust out. It stays put with help from ‘webbing’ from the beetle. If you see these, it’s a sure sign the beetles have infested your tree. last_img read more

Gujarat sets 30GW renewable energy goal by 2022, 17% of India’s overall target

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:Solar-rich Gujarat has raised its renewable energy ambition by aiming for at least 30 GW of renewable energy generation capacity by 2022 – some 17% of the national 175 GW target by that point.“We plan to increase capacity to 30,000 MW by 2022,” finance minister Nitin Patel said while presenting the Gujarat budget in the state capital of Gandhinagar. “Of this, 20,000 MW will be used in Gujarat and 10,000 MW will be sold to other states.”The state minister also announced the allocation of Rs1,000 crore for a new rooftop solar scheme that aims to provide installations to 2 lakh families. Under the program, households will receive a subsidy worth 40% of the cost of rooftop systems with a capacity of up to 3 kW and a 20% subsidy for systems with capacities of 3-10 kW.According to the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy’s state by state breakdown of the national renewable energy target, Gujarat was slated to achieve 8,020 MW of solar generation capacity by 2022 plus 8.8 GW of wind power and 255 MW of biomass facilities.Earlier this year, the Gujarat state government announced it would add 3 GW of renewables capacity annually until 2022 – 2 GW from solar and 1 GW of wind. Since the first Vibrant Gujarat summit in 2003, more than 100 investments have seen Rs40,000 crore pour into renewables in the state.More: Gujarat targets 30 GW of renewable capacity by 2022 Gujarat sets 30GW renewable energy goal by 2022, 17% of India’s overall targetlast_img read more

Why can’t BCCI produce good umpires?

first_imgNew Delhi: Sundaram Ravi, an umpire on the elite panel of the International Cricket Council (ICC), is considered good by world standards. Just like all the umpires, Ravi also made some outstanding decisions and fumbled at times.Poor umpires now cannot escape their omissions and commissions as the television cameras catch everything they do out in the middle. It was cruel to expose Ravi failing to spot a no-ball off the last delivery of a nerve-tingling Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Mumbai Indians (MI) on Thursday.That one ball became contentious as an extra delivery could have given RCB a chance to win the match by hitting a six off the “free-hit”. Things were made worse for Ravi as the giant screen in the ground pointed to the no-ball and replayed it over and over to magnify the blunder.Ravi is not the only umpire who failed to spot a no-ball because of a variety of factors such as the bowler’s run-up, his jump and the delivery stride smudging the bowling crease. It is not to justify the mistake, but one bad call cannot be decide the competence of an umpire.When action-replays were introduced, the highly respected former India captain and international umpire Srininvas Venkatasraghavan once told the Australian media that the camera was not in the right position to judge a leg before decision whereas the umpire was since he was the nearest to the action.Should the Indian cricket board or the IPL Technical Committee take penal action against Ravi? Not many are in favour of that because if action is taken against the best umpire in the land, who had an off day or as Steve Smith might put it as “brain fade”, what about the scores of umpires whose incompetence goes unnoticed right through the cricket season at different levels?The worst affected by erroneous umpiring are the cricketers at junior levels as their careers get badly hit. What about action against the RCB skipper Virat Kohli, who made a spectacle of his disgust publicly for the cameras to pick? The point here is will the match referee report the captain’s behaviour to the authorities?Even the winning captain, Rohit Sharma, went along with Kohli as if to sympathise with his India skipper, pointing to the other umpire for calling a legitimate delivery a wide in the previous over.Do these great men take bad decisions in their strides without a murmur only in Tests and ODIs where the match referees are made of sterner stuff?At the end of it all, when one looks back at the way the umpires come through the selection process and the manner in which the postings are being made, it is nothing but a racket.Like academic examinations in some parts of the country, the umpiring tests are also marred by the leaking of theory papers and recommendations from powerful officials of the cricket board for candidates from their state units.The appointment of match referees, umpires and coaches/supervisors for first-class matches doesn’t appear to have had any positive impact. Umpires continue to make awful mistakes and get away with the help of the state officials.A chairman of the board’s umpiring panel got some nincompoops from his state promoted through the rungs and they are getting away with murder. His promotees include an umpire who failed the hearing test.One umpire, because of his proximity to the key Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials, used to threaten the match referees against mentioning his goof-ups in their reports.Another well-known international umpire made dozens of mistakes in a Ranji Trophy match, from leg before and caught-behind to run-outs. All he did was to plead with a board official to leave him with just a rap on the knuckles.Neither the board officials, nor the media take junior cricket seriously as none of these matches are watched by anyone except the players and their parents, who are sometimes accompanied by goons who ensure that their favoured players are helped by the umpires.Frankly, there are not enough umpires, leave alone qualified ones, to supervise the matches. And even the good ones are often under the pressure to please the powerful in the cricket board. If the BCCI cannot find good umpires, what is the use of all the money it generates? IANSAlso Read: SPORTS NEWSlast_img read more

Heenan a doubt for start of Pro12 season

first_imgThe Flanker was taken to hospital last night after a stud went through one of his hands in a pre-season clash against Montpellier.Head coach Pat Lam says he is waiting to get an update on his injury.last_img