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30 million hits so far for virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel

first_imgTwitter Print TAGStommy emmanuel Email Advertisement Facebook WhatsApp Previous articleLimerick Judge to consider sentence for knifepoint robberyNext articleEight year sentences for Limerick Collopy brothers Eric Fitzgeraldhttp://www.limerickpost.ieEric writes for the Entertainment Pages of Limerick Post Newspaper and edits the music blog www.musiclimerick.com where you can watch and listen to music happening in the city and beyond. News30 million hits so far for virtuoso Tommy EmmanuelBy Eric Fitzgerald – July 20, 2016 718 Guitarist Tommy Emmanuel plays Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24Tommy Emmanuel, Australia’s legendary guitarist, has a professional career that spans almost five decades. His virtuoso playing has earned him two Grammy award nominations. Tommy plays more than 300 concerts a year, gathering hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, bringing him from international jazz festivals to shows with the Sydney Philharmonic, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry to performances for the Masai people in remote areas of Kenya.Emmanuel has been voted Favorite Acoustic Guitarist in both Guitar Player Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s reader polls.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The YouTube sensation has more than 30,000,000 views and you can witness the master in person in full flight at the Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24.Tommy answered  Limerick Post’s questions this week.After 30 million views … Has YouTube and your videos had a positive impact and revolutionised the amount of fans worldwide that are now aware of your music?Youtube and the Internet have had an amazing effect on many artists’ careers. Personally, I have been amazed by the coverage that I get from social media. My career in Europe really took off because of Youtube and then China, Russia and other Asian countries followed.I’ve enjoyed working with creative people making videos and capturing live performances in the hope of reaching into people’s lives and surprising them.Since the ’50s the guitar has been at the forefront of mainstream music evolution. A look at the singles charts today revealed no guitar sounds in the top 10. Will the guitar sound lead the way again in mainstream popular music culture?I think the guitar is still the coolest instrument on the planet. I also think there are more players than ever out there. Perhaps pop music is not as riff-driven as it used to be but there is still a lot of great players taking their music all over the world. We are all thankful that people still love to come and see live music being performed by passionate artists.Lookin’ forward to at the Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24?I haven’t played in Limerick for quite a few years and I’m looking forward to the concert on Sunday. I have a lot of fond memories of playing my first shows in Ireland to really enthusiastic music lovers. Ireland is one of the birth-places of great music.Tommy Emmanuel performs at Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24. Linkedinlast_img read more

4 reasons your employees are bored by training

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wes Mallgren Wes Mallgren is Content Manager for cybersecurity training firm BrightWise. He has over a decade of experience directing animation for organizations like E*Trade, the NY Jets and Australian Gold … Web: https://www.bright-wise.com Details If the word “training” elicits a collective deep sigh among your employees, you’re not alone. But, all hope is not lost. There’s a reason most people dread traditional training activities. In fact, there’s at least four: 1. They Crave EntertainmentPeople live for stories. We love to binge on tales of heroes momentarily brought down by the bad guys and ultimately rising up to save the day. Your employees are people, people who very likely enjoy binging on heroic, dramatic and comedic tales. Traditional training assets (e.g. videos, articles, lectures, workshops) rarely tap into that desire to be entertained by a good tall tale, hence the resulting boredom. THE FIX: Modern training companies have developed a solution. It’s called enter-train-ment. Okay, I just made that up, but it’s a thing – a mashup of entertainment and training in a way that excites employees and makes them want to see what happens next. Look for providers that produce content that engages trainees in a narrative, features a continuity of characters and generally inspires employees to keep coming back for more. 2. They ‘Have To’ Do ItHave you ever noticed how something becomes instantly awful the minute someone makes you do it? Mowing the lawn can be sort of enjoyable… until you get a surprise call that the in-laws are coming in an hour. Reading that report on changing consumer behavior might be pretty interesting… until your boss asks you to present it to the board first thing in the morning. Sadly, employee training in highly regulated industries, like financial services, has fallen into the “have to” category. Increased examiner insistence on continual training has amped up compliance and cybersecurity mandates. No one loves a mandate.  THE FIX: Gamify the mandate. Add incentives that make it rewarding to participate in your training effort, and track those incentives publicly. You can take the high-tech route with intranet dashboards or simply add stickers to a handmade poster board in the break room. It will also help to talk less about the compliance burden and more about the “what’s in it for me” of training. Help employees see clearly how the content will make their job easier or more enjoyable. 3. They Are AdultsAdult learners are very different from the students they once were. They are self-directed and want subject matter that is immediately relevant. Traditional training models put a lecturer at the front of the room who takes on the role of teacher, providing the lesson, the assignment and telling attendees what to do at every step of the interaction. And, traditional content often skips over the relevancy piece of the pie, keeping attendees from seeing the tangible benefit of their attention. THE FIX: Empower your employees to learn at their own pace with on-demand content that is actionable and totally relevant to their lives. In many cases, you can still track and measure the learning, just as you would with traditional lecture or workshop-style engagements. The BrightWise platform, for example, allows credit union employees to view 3 to 5-minute cybersecurity awareness videos whenever they want. At the end, they take a quiz to measure their learning. The results live inside the same platform, accessible by HR, compliance, infosec – whichever department depends on them for reporting. 4. They Are BusyYour employees have full schedules. Fitting even their regular duties into the work week often requires a Herculean effort of cramming, shoving, pivoting, briefing and rescheduling. Requiring them to add one more thing, particularly if they don’t see the value and do not enjoy it, adds to their load. THE FIX: Work to change perception of training from burden to break. Host training parties, create training competitions, and eat snacks or move your bodies as you do it. Go outside for a session, hit up the local coffee place, gamify their participation – anything you can think of to make employees view training as a respite from their day. Above all else, keep it brief. Full-day, or even half-day training sessions have their place, but try to do them as infrequently as possible. Instead, lean on self-guided, micro-learning training options as often as you can. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the annoyance and frustration training often inspires is a first step toward transforming it for the modern workforce. With a fresh approach and on-demand content that enter-trains, training can actually become a cultural asset, something that reminding your staff why they love to work at their credit union.last_img read more