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30 million hits so far for virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel

first_imgTwitter Print TAGStommy emmanuel Email Advertisement Facebook WhatsApp Previous articleLimerick Judge to consider sentence for knifepoint robberyNext articleEight year sentences for Limerick Collopy brothers Eric Fitzgeraldhttp://www.limerickpost.ieEric writes for the Entertainment Pages of Limerick Post Newspaper and edits the music blog www.musiclimerick.com where you can watch and listen to music happening in the city and beyond. News30 million hits so far for virtuoso Tommy EmmanuelBy Eric Fitzgerald – July 20, 2016 718 Guitarist Tommy Emmanuel plays Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24Tommy Emmanuel, Australia’s legendary guitarist, has a professional career that spans almost five decades. His virtuoso playing has earned him two Grammy award nominations. Tommy plays more than 300 concerts a year, gathering hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, bringing him from international jazz festivals to shows with the Sydney Philharmonic, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry to performances for the Masai people in remote areas of Kenya.Emmanuel has been voted Favorite Acoustic Guitarist in both Guitar Player Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s reader polls.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The YouTube sensation has more than 30,000,000 views and you can witness the master in person in full flight at the Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24.Tommy answered  Limerick Post’s questions this week.After 30 million views … Has YouTube and your videos had a positive impact and revolutionised the amount of fans worldwide that are now aware of your music?Youtube and the Internet have had an amazing effect on many artists’ careers. Personally, I have been amazed by the coverage that I get from social media. My career in Europe really took off because of Youtube and then China, Russia and other Asian countries followed.I’ve enjoyed working with creative people making videos and capturing live performances in the hope of reaching into people’s lives and surprising them.Since the ’50s the guitar has been at the forefront of mainstream music evolution. A look at the singles charts today revealed no guitar sounds in the top 10. Will the guitar sound lead the way again in mainstream popular music culture?I think the guitar is still the coolest instrument on the planet. I also think there are more players than ever out there. Perhaps pop music is not as riff-driven as it used to be but there is still a lot of great players taking their music all over the world. We are all thankful that people still love to come and see live music being performed by passionate artists.Lookin’ forward to at the Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24?I haven’t played in Limerick for quite a few years and I’m looking forward to the concert on Sunday. I have a lot of fond memories of playing my first shows in Ireland to really enthusiastic music lovers. Ireland is one of the birth-places of great music.Tommy Emmanuel performs at Lime Tree Theatre this Sunday July 24. Linkedinlast_img read more

Professors research hearing loss, concussions

first_imgStudents and faculty members heard more about research at Saint Mary’s during Friday Faculty Colloquium Series presentations by Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, assistant professor of biology, and Dr. Sandra Schneider, associate professor of communicative sciences and disorders.Rowsell spoke on “Insights into the Restoration of Hearing Loss.” She said there are two types of hearing loss, and she is specifically interested in the sensorineural type, which is when hearing loss results from damage to the cochlea in the inner ear.This type of hearing loss has multiple causes, including presbycusis, or age. Playing different frequencies of sound demonstrated to attendees how older age decreases the ability to hear high frequency sounds.“You can speed up this process by exposure to loud noises,” Rowsell said. “In a younger ear, if you are exposed to loud noises it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to cause an immediate hearing degeneration or loss, but it may very well cause this to occur a lot earlier in life.”Mammals naturally lose hair cells as they age, and this results in hearing deficits, Rowsell said. These hearing losses are permanent because the hair cells can’t regenerate, she said.“These neurons that are connecting to our hair cells are taking information to the brain,” she said. “So what’s happening here is hair cells recognize the vibrations caused by sound waves. Neurons transmit that information to the brain for interpretation … these are the cells that are important for the function of hearing in the cochlea.”However, fish and birds can regenerate these hair cells. By studying the developmental pathways of hair cells in animals such as birds and mice, researchers like Rowsell can explore different routes of promoting hair cell regeneration in mammals, she said.One future possibility being explored in research is using stem cells in stem cell therapy to replace lost hair cells.“First, you have to know the normal developmental pathway, how they make these decisions, if you want to force an undifferentiated [stem] cell down that pathway,” she said.Schneider’s area of interest is in neurogenic communication disorders, and that interest was explored in her talk “Using Speech Analysis for Concussion Detection and Other Neurological Disorders.”The lecture began with a video of a hard hit by a football player, who, despite displaying symptoms of having a concussion, played again later in the game.“It’s an epidemic,” she said. “There are two different types of concussion … after a hard hit, the brain bounces up and back. The cranium is a very hard system. There is nothing it can do, but the brain gets knocked around … the other concussion that they don’t talk about as much is the face mask or any kind of rotational where they grab and twist the brain on top of the brain stem. Both of those are equally damaging.”Concussions are a significant health problem in the United States, and are the leading cause of death and disability in young people, Schneider said.These concussions have long-term consequences, including temporary and permanent effects on personality, relationship skills and early onset dementia, Schneider said. She said she often tells her class, “Touch the brain, never the same.”“Sometimes symptoms don’t manifest themselves immediately to the physician or clinician who is looking that them, and yet [the athlete] will have delayed onset of symptoms where the functional ability it just difficult,” Schneider said. “Unfortunately, 90 percent of concussions go undetected.”While people are finding ways to cheat current concussion tests, the voice is one thing humans can’t cheat, Schneider said. One example of this is when a student calls home, and their mother knows something is wrong simply by the emotions in the student’s voice.By collaborating with engineers at Notre Dame, Schneider uses her interest in speech to develop a technology tool to detect concussions, she said. Such collaboration resulted in data collection for over 2,500 subjects, and collecting numerous baseline and after-event recordings.“We looked at movement,” she said. “Hesitating with movement, pitch level change, also duration rate of what’s going on. Particularly motor speech execution involves about 100 different muscles containing about 100 different motor units. During normal speech 140,000 neuromuscular events are generated every second to produce one monosyllable.”Using around 40 different motor speech execution biomarkers, Schneider and her collaborators have developed a tool for detecting concussions that has 94 percent accuracy. The idea of using motor speech execution biomarkers has potential future applications in areas such as detecting autism, she said.Tags: Autism, concussions, faculty colloquium, hearing, saint mary’slast_img read more

County Board chair confident club championship revamp will be positive

first_imgIn recent years it’s frequently been a struggle to complete competitions in order to meet Munster tournament deadlines.However, it’s hoped that will much less of a problem under the new format.The draws for the county and most of the divisional championship were made last weekend in Thurles – the fixtures in those competitions will be revealed in a few weeks’ time. Michael Bourke is optimistic that the difficulties of the recent past won’t reoccur.last_img

For Kyler Murray, baseball question will be among toughest challenges in NFL Draft process

first_imgIn choosing football over baseball for his immediate career path, Kyler Murray claims to be following his heart, saying, “Football has been my love and passion my entire life. I was raised to play QB.”Sounds good. And I think Murray is making the right call in taking the easier path to on-field and financial success. But NFL teams will want to hear the 21-year-old, Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Oklahoma say it in person when he is interviewed at the NFL Combine. GMs will still have concerns about the money factor, as they know it is part of Murray’s decision considering the opportunity he has as a likely first-round draft pick who could easily jump into the top 10. That equates to a lot more money than the amount he would have received from minor league pay in the Oakland A’s farm system for his first couple seasons, even with the $4.66 million signing bonus, of which he had to return all but $210,000.As a comparison, QB Josh Rosen (No. 10 overall selection by Arizona last year) received a $10.9 million signing bonus and $17.6 million guaranteed over four years under his rookie deal. Like Rosen, Murray will have a chance to earn a $30 million-plus-per-year contract by his fourth season if he proves to be a franchise QB. He also is sure to gain significant endorsement income as a high-profile QB in America’s No. 1 sports league in terms of fan interest.In Major League Baseball, though, it’s rare for a star player to be paid huge money until he’s been around for five or six years (with the free agency level at six years). Mike Trout is the anomaly as a star player who got paid his megadeal after just a couple seasons. The norm is Mookie Betts, who was paid $10.5 million last year as MVP in his seventh pro season (with three years in the minors), and he’s still two years away from free agency. For all these reasons, Murray will be among the most interesting players this draft season in terms of teams wanting to get to know him better. And it will be fun to see him face the questions.I expect him to do it with confidence, knowing he has a bright future ahead in the sport he says he loves.Jeff Diamond is a former president of the Titans and former vice president/general manager of the Vikings. He was selected NFL Executive of the Year in 1998. Diamond is currently a business and sports consultant who also does broadcast and online media work. He makes speaking appearances to corporate/civic groups and college classes on negotiation and sports business/sports management. He is the former chairman and CEO of The Ingram Group. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffdiamondNFL. MORE: Best, worst fits for Murray in NFL DraftMurray’s answer to the baseball question will be scrutinized, as each GM and coach will formulate his own opinion on Murray’s commitment to football. His potential to fallback on baseball makes GMs and coaches a little nervous, thinking he could skip an offseason program at some point to scratch his baseball itch. NFL teams do not want divided attention in their players, especially the starting QB.With so much at stake for NFL teams in terms of money, salary cap space and draft capital, that’s the way it works.In my current work with an NFL agent group, I do interview prep with our soon-to-be rookies so they are trained on how to answer tough questions (along with Wonderlic prep). I tell our players they have to stay patient and be personable during the interview grind at the Combine, Pro Day and on pre-draft visits to team facilities.If I were working with Murray, I would emphasize how he needs to be prepared to answer the baseball question for teams who want to be sure there won’t be an about-face a couple years down the line as the physical difference in the two sports becomes more obvious, or the desire to play both sports returns. Above all, I would insist that Murray be honest in his answers to GMs, player personnel directors, scouts and coaches. They all know he is being tutored on how to answer questions, and they can easily spot when a player is not speaking the truth.MOCK DRAFT: Murray not a top-10 pick … yetMurray will go through a grueling couple days at the Combine with physical testing and on-field drills to the extent he participates. I would recommend Murray do all he can to showcase his speed, agility and passing skills. (Although in my NFL team management days, I always relied more on how a player performed in actual games than his Combine measurables.)I also would want Murray to be upfront about the obvious financial incentive to come in the NFL, and that he understands the year-round commitment required to keep learning and improving at his craft. Another subject that will stir questioning for Murray is his lack of height (5-10). Even with the success of Super Bowl-winning QBs Drew Brees (6-0) and Russell Wilson (5-11), most GMs and coaches prefer their QBs to be of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning stature (6-4 or taller) so they can stand tall in the pocket.But smart personnel people understand there is no blueprint for a successful QB’s size, and what a QB like Murray gives up in height can be a gain in mobility and playmaking ability. Astute coaches can design offenses around the skill set of players such as Murray.I watched the barely-six-foot-tall Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton take the Vikings to the Super Bowl in my first year with the team, so I’ve never been overly concerned with a QB’s height. Neither were two Hall of Famers in GM Jim Finks and coach Bud Grant, who acquired Tarkenton from the Giants in a blockbuster trade in 1972. They saw Tarkenton use his quickness, elusiveness and smarts to lead Minnesota to three Super Bowls.Today, the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes at 6-3 is not the biggest QB, but he is the reigning MVP and the most exciting player in the game today. Browns QB Baker Mayfield, last year’s top draft pick, looks like the real deal at 6-1.MORE: Can Murray go No. 1 overall in draft?A third subject Murray must be ready to address is his relative lack of experience. He started only one full season in college, but it was spectacular — a 12-2 record in leading the Sooners to the College Football Playoff, 39 touchdown passes against just seven interceptions, plus 12 rushing touchdowns.Other recent high draft picks such as Mitchell Trubisky (No. 2 overall in 2017) have had to fight off the same knock. Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State, another player being touted as potentially the first QB selected this year, will have to answer the same questions.Then Murray will be asked about the old argument that no defense is being played in the Big 12 conference. All he has to do is toss Mahomes back as an answer. The former Texas Tech QB is doing just fine against the big boys in the NFL.MORE: Odds on teams taking Murray in draftlast_img read more