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Umphrey’s McGee Offers Bust Outs & Big Jams In Peoria Smoker [Review/Gallery]

first_imgOn a beautiful summer night in Peoria, IL, Umphrey’s McGee played a fantastic Thursday NIGHT show to a crowd that was very eager to hear the band’s progressive rock sounds. The show had it all- a great opener in The Main Squeeze, huge jams in “Resolution” and “KaBump,” rarer tunes like “Kula” and “Eat,” the latter having an “Orfeo,” sandwiched inside. Without a doubt Umphreaks couldn’t have been be any happier with the show!The Main Squeeze started off the night with their funky and soulful tunes. Although the crowd was not quite as big as it would become when Umphrey’s would take the stage, there were still quite a large number of people that made it in time for the opener. The Main Squeeze played “Where Do We Go?,” and closed out their set with “Two Steps.”Umphrey’s wasted no time in continuing the good music. Instead of opening with a meandering Jazz Odyssey as they are prone to do, they came out firing with a very danceable “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash. To add to the uniqueness, guitarist Jake Cinninger started on keyboards with Joel Cummins. It was a great way to start the show.When they finished and Cinninger donned his guitar, it was time for the rock-n-roll, and they played “All in Time.” The first set also included the rarer instrumental “Eat,” which had a beautiful rendition of “Orfeo” inside. Keyboardist Joel Cummins really shined for the version, and percussionist Kris Myers accompanied him for the second part of the tune. The entire “Eat” segment was a real treat. The improvisational highlight of the show was in “Resolution” which soared to a blistering peak in the way that only Umphrey’s can do. They finished the set with the ending of “All in Time.”The second set began with “Der Bluten Kat” that featured another rare tune, “Kula,” inside. If one wasn’t sure that they were actually playing, “Kula” then one was assured after they went through it the second time. For both choruses, Cinninger counted the band off, “One, two, three, FOUR!” Fan favorites “Ringo” and “Triple Wide” were both excellently played, but the best part of the night came in “KaBump.” A song that is not well known to the casual UM fan, the quirky guitar part is very catchy and usually leads to improvisation. This version certainly did. It actually got quite reggae-esque, and the beat was nice and slow. But they built it up, slowly and powerfully, until the jam was full-blown rock-n-roll. With the music just oozing energy they made a very nice segue into the set closing “Make It Right.”The encore contained “Waiting Room” followed by a “Mulche’s Odyssey” to cap the concert. The only thing that would have made the show better would have been a sit-in from Main Squeeze vocalist Corey Frye. Fortunately, there will be two more chances for that to happen, and, even better, you can stream those two shows here. Rock on Umphrey’s.Check out the setlist below, courtesy of All Things Umphrey’s, as well as a full gallery from Ojeda Photography.Setlist: CEFCU Center Stage at The Landing in Peoria, IL – 8/4/16Set 1: The Message[1] > All In Time > Hourglass, Eat > Orfeo > Eat > In a Silent Way > Educated Guess, Push the Pig > Resolution > All In TimeSet 2: Der Bluten Kat > Kula > Der Bluten Kat, Ringo[2] > The Triple Wide[3], Forks, Kabump > Make It RightEncore: Waiting Room, Mulche’s Odyssey[1] with Jake on keys[2] with Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix) tease[3] with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teasesSupport: The Main Squeeze Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Taiwan Mulls Making Local Vessels Mandatory for Some Offshore Wind Activities

first_imgTwo Taiwan government agencies are considering making the use of Republic of China (ROC) flag vessels mandatory for certain offshore wind farm construction activities, according to Asia Wind Energy Association (AWEA).The Bureau of Energy (BOE) in Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is expected to convene a meeting of developers, contractors and vessel operators later this month to solicit information on the vessel specifications required for offshore wind construction and the availability of qualified ROC flag vessels.The BOE anticipates that a “maritime construction consulting platform” will develop out of this meeting. The contours of this platform do not appear to have been finalized yet, but the BOE apparently is considering appointing certain industry experts who would issue opinions whether ROC flag vessels meeting OWF construction specifications are available in the market. Developers and contractors presumably would be expected to follow the experts’ opinions.At the same time, the Maritime Port Bureau (MPB) in the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is also considering restrictions on the use of non-ROC flag vessels for offshore wind construction, as well as a possible liberalization of the requirements for a vessel to fly the ROC flag.The Regulations on Entry Applications for Non-ROC Flagged Construction Vessels (EH F-14P4K ifi.l.fM*Af’MR-S) may be amended to require any foreign flag vessel coming to Taiwan for offshore wind construction activities to first apply for a classification survey from Taiwan’s CR Classification Society. The MPB may also require that developers and contractors use ROC flag construction vessels unless no qualified ROC flag vessels are available. Finally, the MPB may require that certain offshore support vessels, survey vessels and cable laying vessels be ROC flag vessels, as the MPB believes that a sufficient number of these types of vessel are available in Taiwan.Taiwan law currently does not require that any offshore construction activities be conducted only by ROC flag vessels. Restrictions exist on the use of Peoples Republic of China (PRC)-built and PRC flag vessels, but not on other foreign vessels.Some owners and operators of ROC flag vessels have complained that foreign developers and contractors have contracted for foreign flag vessels for offshore wind construction when qualified ROC flag vessels are available, AWEA said.Foreign developers and contractors have responded that ROC flag vessels do not meet necessary specifications, are not available, or are priced higher than foreign flag vessels.last_img read more