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Ministry of Health Refutes Numbeos Ranking on Moroccos Health Care System

Rabat – The Ministry of Health has refuted the findings of a report issued by database website numbeo. The online ranking lists Morocco’s healthcare system last on a list of 89 countries.The ministry issued a  statement  on Wednesday, August 21, emphasizing that the report lacks “scientific accuracy and the standards adopted by international organizations and competent authorities in the preparation of such reports.”“The data on which the countries were classified, including Morocco, lack scientific and objective accuracy and cannot be scientifically adopted to assess the level of health care at the national level,” added the ministry. The Ministry emphasized that the methodology used in the report also lacks credibility and does not meet the standards of organizations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO).The report, according to the ministry, is based on incorrect data and “not statistically represented to assess the national health system.”The Ministry also advised Moroccan news outlets against “inaccurate data and false reports “ by Numbeo. The ministry added that Numbeo is not affiliated with any international accredited institution for health statistics.The ministry concluded its statement by emphasizing the important “progress of health care, despite some constraints.” The ministry added that the progress enabled Morocco to achieve important results in several areas, including the reduction of maternal mortality by 35% and children under five by 28 % between 2011 and 2018.Numbeo’s findings are based on a survey made through the contribution of  only 125 people. The narrow test group calls the survey’s reliability and accuracy into question.While Morocco acknowledges challenges in the health sector, several reports listed Morocco higher than a number of Arab and African countries, including the Health Assessment Questionnaire without Disability Index in 2018. The index ranked Morocco in 112th place ahead of Paraguay, Nigeria and South Africa. read more