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Former umpires say officials erred in giving 6 overthrows in WC final

first_imgLondon/Melbourne: Former international umpires Simon Taufel and K Hariharan Monday said officials standing in the World Cup final erred in awarding six runs, instead of five, to England for an overthrow, an observation that the ICC refused to comment on. Luck smiled on England midway through the final over of their innings when a throw from New Zealand fielder Martin Guptill deflected off the bat of Stokes and ran to the boundary. England tied the match and the ensuing Super Over before winning on boundary count on Sunday. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football together Sri Lanka’s Kumar Dharmasena and South African Marius Erasmus were the on-field umpires for the pulsating game in which England were chasing 242 in the regulation 50 overs. “It’s a clear mistake.. it’s an error of judgment. They (England) should have been awarded five runs, not six,” Taufel, a five-time ICC Umpire of the Year, told foxsports.com.au. Echoing Taufel’s view was former Indian umpire K Hariharan. “Kumar Dharmasena killed the World Cup for New Zealand. It should have been five runs not six,” he told PTI. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open The ICC refused to make a comment with a spokesperson simply saying, “The umpires take decisions in the field of play with their interpretations of the rules and we don’t comment on any decisions as a matter of policy.” Law 19.8 of the ICC rules, pertaining to ‘Overthrow or wilful act of fielder’, states: “If the boundary results from an overthrow or from the wilful act of a fielder, the runs scored shall be any runs for penalties awarded to either side, and the allowance for the boundary, and the runs completed by the batsmen, together with the run in progress if they had already crossed at the instant of the throw or act.” “…the umpires needed to check if at the point of throw the two batsmen had crossed each other or not. If we see that replay, when the throw came, the two batsmen had barely started the second run,” Hariharan observed. “That run can never be counted. It was duty of square leg umpire (Marius) Erasmus to consult the TV umpire and change the decision. Stokes shouldn’t have been on strike next ball,” he added. Taufel, a highly-regarded ex-Australian umpire, is now a part of the MCC’s laws sub-committee that makes the rules governing cricket. The bizarre incident took place in the fourth ball of the final over at the Lord’s. TV replays showed Adil Rashid and Stokes had not yet crossed for their second run when Guptill released the ball from the deep. However, on-field umpires Kumar Dharmasena and Marais Erasmus added six runs to England total following the incident — four runs for the ball reaching the boundary plus two for running between the wickets by the batsmen. Taufel also defended the officials. “In the heat of what was going on, they thought there was a good chance the batsmen had crossed at the instant of the throw,” Taufel said. “Obviously TV replays showed otherwise. The difficulty you (umpires) have here is you’ve got to watch batsmen completing runs, then change focus and watch for the ball being picked up, and watch for the release (of the throw),” Taufel said. “You also have to watch where the batsmen are at that exact moment.” He acknowledged the call “influenced the game” but added, “It’s unfair on England, New Zealand and the umpires involved to say it decided the outcome”.last_img read more

New initiatives introduced to revive the economy

The concessionary income tax rate of 14% on agriculture is presently applied only for the companies engaged in agricultural businesses. The income of individuals from Agricultural undertakings will also be reduced from the existing maximum rate of 24% to 14% so that individual farming agriculture is also encouraged. Accordingly, the government is confident that the primary surplus of 1.8 percent of GDP and the budget deficit of around 4.9 percent of GDP that have been targeted for 2018 could be achieved in support for further fiscal consolidation to provide economic stability. The measures to further consolidation of external trade and payment transactions are also being examined to provide much needed stability to the exchange rate.The President and Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs have directed the implantation of the policy measures. The necessary Gazettes for the tax related proposals will be issued today and Cabinet approval sought to amend the necessary tax laws. (Colombo Gazette) In order to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions which resulted in farmers losing their livelihood and becoming heavily indebted, interest and the penal interest incurred by farmers and small Paddy Mill owners on loans up to a maximum of Rs.50 million, from all Commercial Banks during the past 3 years, will be written off in full and will be borne by the Government. The Government today introduced a set of new initiatives in an attempt to revive the economy.The Finance Ministry said that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Mahinda Rajapaksa, have raised concerns regarding the serious setback in the economy as reflected in the persistently low growth rates during the last three years along with the rising cost of living. The VAT rate applicable on the import of Sawn Timber will be reduced to 5% to support the local Construction Industry. VAT on import of fabric will be exempt providing benefits to the small and medium garment manufacturers. A guaranteed price scheme will be introduced for Paddy, Onion and Potatoes produced locally by our farmers. Accordingly, SCL will be raised during harvesting period to protect farmers through remunerative guaranteed prices. As  potatoes and B-Onions are  being harvested, SCL on potatoes  and B-Onions will be maintained at Rs.40 per Kg. The maximum threshold on Loan advances given by Samurdhi Banks to Samurdhi beneficiaries to support their livelihood activities will be increased by Rs.10,000/-. The Government says the consumers have been saddled with high cost of living. In this background the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs has given direction to implement following initiatives to revive the economy. Considering the high tax imposed on the Telecommunication services, the Telecommunication Levy of 25% will be reduced to 15%.The thrust of these initiatives are to encourage production and simplify the tax system. The Government says it will help households with additional income in their hands. The proposed changes to the tax system will also encourage inward remittances and savings.The Government also expects to reduce its expenditure with the rationalization of Cabinet ministries as reflected in a lessor number of ministries and reexamination of capital expenditure programs. The concessionary Income Tax rate of 14% is presently applicable under the SME categories only for Companies. This rate will be extended to include individuals including those providing professional services.Therefore,the income tax rate for professional services will be reduced from 24 percent to 14 percent. Fertilizer prices for paddy will be maintained at Rs.500/50kg bag and fertilizer prices for other crops will be reduced to Rs. 1,000/50kg bag from Rs. 1,500/50kg bag. To encourage local entrepreneurs, professionals and migrant workers to remit their earnings in foreign currency on services provided outside Sri Lanka, Income tax will be exempted on such remittances. The Prime Minister is of the view that ill-conceived economic and financial policies of the previous Government have led to this situation by marginalizing local entrepreneurs, industries and domestic production. In order to ease the pressure on high cost of living while also protecting the local farmer, Special Commodity Levy will be reduced on Dhal by Rs.5 per Kg, Chickpeas by Rs. 5 per Kg, Black gram by Rs.25 per Kg. Customs Duty will also be waived on Wheat grain to Rs. 9 per Kg from the existing waiver of Rs.6 per Kg. Sugar will be brought under the Special Commodity Levy whereby the applicable taxes on Sugar will also be reduced by Rs.10 per Kg. Accordingly, the commodity prices will be reduced with immediate effect. Withholding tax will be exempted on Interest on any savings and fixed deposits maintained in any financial institution. The adverse impact created by high indirect taxes will be mitigated by simplification of VAT and NBT. The VAT threshold will be increased from Rs.12 million per annum to Rs.24 million per annum.The threshold for the VAT liability of wholesale and retail sector also will be increased from Rs.50 million to Rs.100 million per twelve months providing benefits to small traders and businesses. Given the impact of fuel pricing on all strata of the society specially those engaged in transport, agriculture and fisheries sectors, price of Petrol (Octane 92) will be reduced by Rs. 10 per litre, Auto Diesel by Rs.7 per litre and Lubricants including the 2T lubricants used in three-wheelers and small agricultural engines by Rs.10 per litre with effect from mid night today.At the same time a cost based pricing mechanism will be implemented on fuel in place of the monthly fuel price formula. read more

Womens EHF CL Final Gyori with 2 to Podgorica

← Previous Story Second “Handball for all” Academy in Serbia! Next Story → Hungarian Play Off Final: MKB Veszprem leads 1:0 Over 5.500 spectators made fantastic atmosphere in the “Veszprem Arena”, where host team, Gyori beats Buducnost Podgorica 29:27 (13:12) in the first match of Women’s EHF Champions League Final. That was a real clash between Anita Gorbitz (12) and Bojana Popovic (14). Final decision will be made in Podgorica next Sunday.Đer – Budućnost 29:27 (13:12)Hala: „Vesprem arena“.Spectatotrs: 5000.7 meter: Đer 7/7. Budućnost 11/6.Exclusions Đer 4, Budućnost 10 minutes.ĐER: Lunde Haraldsen 20 saves – 5 7-meter, Radičević 4, Amorim 4, Loke 4, Verten 3, Lekić 2, Gerbic 12/7.BUDUĆNOST: Voltering 16 saves, Popović 14/3, Đokić 3/1, Bulatović K. 3/2, Miljanić 3, Savić 3, Jovetić 1. read more