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first_imgIS IT TRUE that today we shall examine the claim of “explosive growth” made by Mayor Winnecke in the State of the City address with references from the United States census?…we will start by visiting just what “explosive growth” is?IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke brought out a term that hasn’t been associated with Evansville for at least half a century?…the term chosen by our Mayor in the State of the City address to describe what is happening in Evansville was “explosive growth”?…we wonder just what the heck Mayor Winnecke thinks that “explosive growth” means because to any layman in the streets growth of any kind is just not that apparent?…the best definition we could find was to describe explosive growth as “an abrupt positive change of significant magnitude”?…in order to examine the growth that may have occurred we consulted the federal governments repository for such information?…that is the website for the United States Census that has official 2010 counts and approximations from 2015?…the following data is for a FIVE YEAR PERIOD?IS IT TRUE that the population of the City of Evansville actually shrunk from 2010 to 2015 by 0.1% from 120,081 to 119,943?…when it comes to population the growth is negative which is more associated with the term implosive than it is with explosive?…in spite of the pollyanaish claim of explosive growth the reality is that Evansville has less people than it did 70 years ago by roughly 25,000 people and if it were not for annexation the number of the loss would approach 40,000?…that over and over the numbers associated with the economics in Evansville display nothing that could be considered to be anything other than tepid growth or negative growth?…income is stagnant, housing values have not increased significantly for 20 years, the labor participation rate languishes in the low 62% range! and while the “misery index” has improved, we are still in the bottom quartile?IS IT TRUE that it is a well known fact that the highly touted crown jewel of downtown Evansville, Ford Center is losing money to the tune of $9 Million per year below what former Evansville Mayor Weinzapfel’s masters of the universe said it would?…furthermore the plethora of big musical acts that never played Roberts Stadium but would beg to play downtown haven’t?…the number of businesses downtown is still about the same as it was before the Ford Center opened?…that has now been nearly 6 years so the bugs should be worked out of the magic medicine that the traveling medicine show said they planted?…to believe that Evansville is experiencing explosive growth is about as silly as thinking a chicken fat video would shape us all up?…it is delusional to think such things and disingenuous to say such things?IS IT TRUE that the Hillco Real Estate group is offering all 88 of the HH Gregg Stores inventory and leasehold properties in a public auction?…the entire chain if HH Gregg stores have filed for bankruptcy and are being liquidated rapidly?…the management and owners did try to find a buyer but not one interested party came forth?…HH Gregg came to Evansville into the space formerly occupied by Circuit City which filed for bankruptcy as well?…this is just another of the death march of big box retailers from the marketplace?…the prognosticators on CNBC are projecting that over 8,600 retail stores will close this year in the United States which is more than double the largest number that we have ever seen close in a single year?…we can thank the conveniences brought to us by big online retailers like Amazon?…this will truly be seen as the year that big box retail became obsolete and the malls started to search for other ways to maintain relevance?FOOTNOTE:  Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that the taxpayers of Evansville should spend another dollar to subside Ice Hockey at the Ford Center?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Among the missing

first_imgChildren go missing left and right in Sarah Braunstein’s haunting first novel.“She loved Crackerjack. She loved the home team with all her heart,” writes Braunstein, a fiction instructor at Harvard Extension School. “She was twelve; her name was Leonora; she would disappear.”In college, Braunstein overheard a story about a family that “perished at a train crossing — only one child survived,” she recalled. And the idea for “The Sweet Relief of Missing Children” was born.“To make sense of the tragedy, I began to fashion a story — my story was one of maternal fear, longing, and erotic abandon. As I cobbled it together, I became fascinated with runaways, with teenagers who flee to urban landscapes, hungry for newness,” said Braunstein, who was also inspired by Sherwood Anderson’s “Winesburg, Ohio,” and by the writing of Flannery O’Connor, Joy Williams, Denis Johnson, and Gina Berriault. (“These writers find in the everyday horror and gorgeousness — and find in their characters both darkness and heroism.”)“During this period, I saw an exhibit of Jim Goldberg’s photographs of street kids at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I also came upon a Life magazine from 1967 featuring images of ragged, darkly glamorous teen runaways and their worried parents. I became interested in exploring the psychological experience of those who flee, and those who are left behind.”Last October, Braunstein was selected by the National Book Foundation as one of “5 under 35” for 2010, and before that she was recognized by the prestigious Rona Jaffe Foundation. And like her characters, whose lives are continuously upended, Braunstein’s life might’ve taken another route.“I grew up in a suburb of Hartford, Conn. — insurance capital of the world. My parents and stepparents at one time all worked in the insurance industry. They were always very supportive of my impulse to write, which arose early,” she said.“They often told me that Wallace Stevens had worked in insurance — at their very company. Insurance people have a reputation for conservatism — not the sorts of people who would encourage a child to pursue something as uncertain as the arts. But in a funny way Stevens’ legend paved the way for me to write.”Braunstein wrote her first story in elementary school. “It was called ‘Shining Eyes’ — a suburban Gothic in which a plucky adolescent heroine explores the abandoned house at the end of the street, only to see a pair of eyes shining in the shadows. She recognizes them: Her school principal!”“Sweet Relief” likewise tortures the reader with its beauty and unrest. Braunstein’s characters are mostly children, and though their fates are uncertain, it’s her adult characters that are doubly worrying. There’s Goldie, the desperate husband-obsessed mother, and Thomas, an employee at an abortion clinic who moonlights as a peeping Tom.Braunstein, an alumna of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, said she is working on “a second novel and a collection on essays. And some short stories.” On top of writing and teaching, she is also a mother herself.“I wrote most of this book before I was a mother, but becoming a mother of course gave me more insight into the profound love and terror of parenthood, the great challenges of the endeavor. And it reminded me again — though I’m not sure we ever really need reminding — of the vulnerability of childhood,” she said.“But maybe what it comes down to is this: Our children instill greater empathy in us. And empathy is the novelist’s most important tool.”last_img read more

Dissecting the power of a historic vaccine

first_img Read Full Story Last month, the public health community marked one of the most significant biomedical milestones in the fight against malaria in nearly half a century: European regulators authorized the world’s most advanced malaria vaccine candidate — more than three decades in the making — and paved the way for subsequent review by the World Health Organization. Now, as this historic vaccine, known as RTS,S/AS01 (RTS,S), prepares for its next major step, critical new insights into how it fends off malaria are coming to light.In a technological tour de force, an international research team has harnessed sophisticated molecular tools and analysis methods to probe the underlying biology of RTS,S, helping to explain how it protects against a disease that kills roughly half a million people each year, mostly infants and young children in Africa. The work, led by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, the Broad Institute, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the University of Washington, and other leading institutions, was published online October 21, 2015 in the The New England Journal of Medicine. Read the article.“Through this broad, multinational collaboration, we have brought the power of genomic tools to bear on a disease that poses one of the most significant threats to global public health,” said senior author Dyann Wirth, the Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Infectious Diseases and chair of the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.last_img read more

Opened the first travel agency specializing in runners – Motion Travel

first_imgMotion travel is a new travel agency on our market, but the real news is that Motion travel is the first agency specializing in runners going to European and world races, as well as promoting Croatia as a racing destination and the arrival of runners from Europe to race in Croatia.The whole story was created out of our own need and then the moment happened when the light above our head came on and an idea was created. Namely, the owner of the Motion Travel agency, Josip Ćorić, is a runner himself and with his friends he had the need to go to various marathons in Croatia, as well as the desire for European marathons and races.Problem?Except in our own arrangement and effort, there were no ready-made and concrete offers for going to various races, targeted at runners, both for races inside Croatia and outside of Lijepa Naša. “The idea came up last year, because as a runner I did not have an offer or an agency that would organize everything to go to half-marathons and races in various cities in Europe. As a passionate travel enthusiast and employee in agency tourism for the last 11 years, I have also come across concrete business opportunities, researched the market, talked to fellow runners and seen my opportunity to open an agency of the first of its kind.”Points out Ćorić, the owner of a newly opened travel agency specializing in runners.Solution?Motion travel, the first specialized travel agency for runnersThe need of people for “movement” as well as a large base of runners in Croatia, which grows from year to year, led us to establish Motion Travel, the only agency in Croatia specializing in recreational, amateur and professional runners and of course their fans to race in Croatia and Europe, says Ćorić, and adds that they want to be a link between the organizers and the runners. “We are already communicating with racing clubs from Germany and Austria, to generate ready-made packages for runners to visit our marathons and races. We also communicate with our racing clubs and for now the reactions are extremely positive and everyone is thrilled with the idea and launch of the first specialized agency for runners.”Says Ćorić and concludes that they have just started and that their goal is to promote and position Croatia as an ideal destination for runners.Exactly the link that the market lacked – the link between race organizers and runners, and the promotion of the entire destination and the arrival of foreign runners at our races.Runners are constantly on the move, looking for new challenges and raising their own boundaries, and are constantly looking for new locations to run, and just running is a great blend with tourism. On average, runners are over 30 years old, they take their family with them, they want to get to know the destination and consume other facilities, they come in the pre- and post-season and generate higher tourist consumption. Croatia is perfect for this type of tourism, especially in the pre- and post-season, because we have a pleasant climate, islands, sea, rivers – beautiful and diverse nature, and a complete tourist product.Over 50 million people regularly run in the EU, and their annual consumption is estimated at 9.6 billion euros.Also, we can and must be proud that in Croatia we have the first application for tourist running, the first Run friendly hotel concept, excellent, recognized and quality races from Istria, Dalmatia, the whole continent to Slavonia, and now the missing link, the agency for departure and arrival of runners for races in Croatia.So, we have everything, we need the synergy of all as well as the support of the whole system to speed up the development process and raise the performance scale to a higher level for a quality and rounded racing and tourist platform. This is how tourism develops in the pre- and post-season.Every start is difficult, so is the new entrepreneur Josip Ćorić, who is full of ideas and energy, so help him with advice, connect and create new added values ​​together. See more about Motion Travel at official websites Running is much more than running, running is movement and a way of life. So let’s not invent hot water, but first and foremost use what we have, our potentials and turn them into resources. #CroatiaFullOfRunnersRELATED NEWS:CROATIA’S FIRST IN THE WORLD GETS RUN FRIENDLY HOTEL CONCEPT – RUN HOTELTOURIST RUNNING VIA SIGHTRUN APPLICATION AVAILABLE FROM SPLIT NOWlast_img read more

Virus travel bans separate families even as lockdowns ease

first_imgHumanitarian exceptions? Elsewhere in Asia, the rules are even stricter, with countries like Mongolia effectively sealing its borders altogether. Even citizens are only able to re-enter the country on rare evacuation flights.That has left people like Nyamtseren Erdenetsetseg and her husband Sukhbaatar Dorj, who are stuck in South Korea, with no way back and no idea when they will see their children in Mongolia again.The couple went to South Korea in January to visit Erdenetsetseg’s mother, who lives in Seoul. They left their five children with Dorj’s mother while they were away.But on February 23, Mongolia announced it was banning entry from South Korea, leaving the couple stranded.They tried in vain to get a seat on an evacuation flight, and then on May 3, Dorj’s mother died suddenly.His sister has taken in the couple’s children, who ask their parents on phone calls when they will be back.”I don’t say anything,” Erdenetsetseg said. “I don’t want to get their hopes up for nothing.”She has even considered allowing her Korean visa to expire instead of extending it, in the hope authorities would deport her. But doing that would mean she would be banned from South Korea in the future.In some places, there are signs of tentative changes. China has begun relaxing travel caps for some foreign firms and is increasing the number of international flights.And in early June, Japan’s government said foreign residents now “may be granted” humanitarian exceptions to the ban, potentially offering Yukari an opportunity to see her mother.”I just pray that… I can go and see her one last time.” When Julie Sergent’s father died, she faced an agonizing decision: if she travelled from her home in Japan to attend the funeral in France, she wouldn’t be allowed back.Across Asia, domestic lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus are easing, but international travel restrictions in the region remain tight.Many countries have banned non-citizens from entry or even closed their borders altogether, with devastating consequences for some living far from family. The 29-year-old was told she might be able to apply for a humanitarian exemption, but with just two days before the funeral, there wasn’t time.”My mother was devastated. I was the only one in the family who couldn’t attend my father’s funeral,” she told AFP.”My brother and sister described to me how they wrote a message on a little piece of paper and placed it on his jacket. And that was something I couldn’t do,” she added, her voice cracking. ‘There’s no one else’Yukari, who asked to be identified by her first name only, faces a similar situation.She is half-American, half-Japanese and lives in Tokyo with her Japanese husband and their nine-year-old son.But she doesn’t have Japanese citizenship and faces being separated from her son and husband if she travels to the United States, where her mother is battling cancer.”I’m… [the] only immediate family that she has. There’s no one else… in the US,” she told AFP.Her mother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in March, and in April her doctor warned she might have just weeks to live.Ordinarily, Yukari would have taken the first flight out, but instead, she was forced to rely on friends of the family to help her mother.After a touch-and-go period, her mother’s health has stabilized, though the cancer has not gone away.”I talked to her helpers, and one of them said ‘I think she’s holding on, to see you one more time.’ That was hard to hear.”center_img In Japan, citizens can leave and re-enter the country. Those coming from designated high-risk areas are tested for the virus on arrival and asked to observe a quarantine.But foreign residents, even those with long-term ties or married to Japanese citizens, cannot do the same.That put Sergent in an impossible situation when her father died suddenly in April: if she left for France, she would be stranded there.”I might lose my job, my apartment, my income for quite a while,” she said. Topics :last_img read more

Pennsylvania está Reforzando el Sistema de Cuidado de la Salud Para Luchar Contra el COVID-19

first_imgPennsylvania está Reforzando el Sistema de Cuidado de la Salud Para Luchar Contra el COVID-19 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Español,  Press Release,  Public Health Todas las dispensas de licenciamiento de cuidado de la saludPuesto que todos los trabajadores de la línea de frente del cuidado de la salud de Pennsylvania se ocupan incansablemente de los pacientes en medio del brote de COVID-19, el Estado está actuando para reforzar la cantidad de trabajadores y suministros del sistema de cuidado de la salud. En los últimos días, el Estado ha realizado un streamline en el proceso, para que los médicos, enfermeros, alumnos de medicina, farmacéuticos y otros trabajadores del rubro retirados puedan trabajar en Pennsylvania, con telemedicina expandida, y lanzó un portal para adquirir suministros.“Pennsylvania está reforzando las categorías de nuestros medicos, enfermeros y otros proveedores del cuidado de la salud durante esta emergencia”, dijo el gobernador Wolf “Hemos hecho un proceso de “streamline” para que los trabajadores retirados del cuidado de la salud regresen a trabajar y brinden alivio para que las personas que están en la línea de frente puedan concentrarse en ocuparse de los pacientes. También estamos extendiendo el uso de telemedicina y apoyando y protegiendo a los trabajadores de la salud, ayudando a comprar los equipos y suministros necesarios que ellos necesitarán”.“Todos estos pasos apuntan a salvar vidas y a darle tiempo a nuestro Sistema de cuidado de la salud para prepararse para el incremento previsto de pacientes. Agradezco a todos los trabajadores de la salud de todo nuestro Estado por su dedicación al servir y cuidar a los demás en estos momentos sin precedentes”.El Departamento de Estado anunció una serie de dispensas transitorias para los profesionales de la salud y otros durante la declaración del desastre del COVID-19. Las dispensas reducen barreras administrativas para apoyar al sistema de salud y para que puedan realizar su trabajo sin cargas innecesarias.Las dispensas de licencia transitoria para los trabajadores de la salud incluyen:Profesionales del cuidado de la salud:Reactivación de las licencias para que vuelvan a su campo los médicos, osteópatas, ayudantes de medicos clínicos, terapistas respiratorios, perfusionistas, enfermeros certificados, especialistas en enfermería clínica, enfermeros practicantes matriculados y farmacéuticos, y se han recibido 119 solicitudes en las últimas tres semanas.Permitir que los profesionales de la atención médica proporcionen servicios vía telemedicina.Permitir que los medicos con licencias institucionales trabajen en más de 2 instalaciones.Alentar el uso del acceso a la telemedicina para el uso de opioides en pacientes de Centros de excelencia.Enfermeros:Permitir que más de 14.000 enfermeros practicantes matriculados ayuden en respuesta al COVID-19 levantando el requisito en el cuál practican dentro de una especialidad.Extender límites de las licencias, permisos de enfermería temporarios y permisos para graduados.Permitir que algunos graduados de la escuela de enfermería apliquen para un permiso inmediato de graduación.Farmacéuticos:Permitir que farmacias de fuera del Estado envíen mercancía a Pennsylvania.Permitir una licencia expedida temporaria para determinados farmacéuticos o farmacias.El Departamento de Estado cuenta con una página web especial con información sobre todas las dispensas de licencia temporarias.Para reforzar los sistemas de cuidado de la salud, el Gobernador Tom Wolf firmó una ley ayer para destinar hasta $50 millones con el objeto de adquirir equipos y suministros médicos, como más camas, respiradores y equipos de protección personal para hospitales, geriátricos y trabajadores de emergencias con el fin de ayudar a combatir la pandemia del COVID-19.La administración Wolf también está agilizando la compra de suministros méticos críticos para el Sistema de salud con un nuevo portal de adquisición de suministros médicos críticos Critical Medical Supplies Procurement Portal. Un esfuerzo conjunto entre la Agencia de Manejo de Emergencias de Pennsylvania, el Departamento de Salud, el Departamento de Servicios Generales y el Departamento de Desarrollo comunitario y económico. El portal es para fabricantes, distribuidores y otros proveedores que informen el estado de los suministros que rápidamente pueden adquirirse para proveedores medicos, quienes se ocupan de emergencias y profesionales de la salud.El gobernador anunció hace casi 3 semanas que todos los principales aseguradores de la salud que dan cobertura médica abarcativa aquí, cubran los tests de diagnóstico adecuados médicamente de COVID-19 y su tratamiento relacionado para los consumidores y se han comprometido a renunciar a cualquier distribución de costos para los exámenes.Hoy temprano, el Departamento de Salud anunció 533 casos adicionales positivos de COVID-19, alcanzando un total en el Estado de 2.751 en 56 condados. El departamento también informó 12 nuevos fallecimientos con casos positivos, llevando el total del Estado a 34.Para estar absolutamente actualizados con información del COVID-19, los residentes de Pennsylvania deberán visitar esta página en inglés.center_img March 28, 2020last_img read more

Dutch roundup: PGB, Ardagh Glass, Cardano, Gasunie

first_imgThe €168m pension fund of Ardagh Glass Nederland is seeking to liquidate and join the €21bn PGB on 1 January.Unions said they would support the plan if the company maintains average salary arrangements.In a letter to Ardagh, they said they opposed any shift towards a collective defined contribution arrangement.Unions also called on the company to pay all costs of the transfer and said the pension fund should grant all participants and pensioners indexation if the coverage ratio still exceeds PGB’s funding. Coverage at the Ardagh scheme, as of the end of June, stood at 98.6%, while PGB’s stood at 97.5%.The company and union De Unie said negotiations were ongoing but declined to provide details on the outstanding issues.Ardagh Glass, in a newsletter for its workers, argued that the pension fund was “too small to keep complying with legislation and legal rules for the scheme’s board against reasonable costs”.In its 2015 annual report, the pension fund reported costs for pensions administration of €273 per participant.Over the same period, it spent 0.24% on asset management and 0.05% on transactions.A working group at the scheme concluded that joining PGB was its best option, in part because PGB’s pension plan is quite similar to the arrangements of the Ardagh scheme.In other news, the €1.5bn pension fund of Gasunie has awarded Cardano a €300m government bond mandate, managing inflation-linked bonds (ILBs) and interest derivatives in its matching portfolio.Until now, the scheme’s government bonds and ILBs had been managed by Lombard Odier, with the pension fund managing the derivatives in-house.The Gasunie scheme said it selected Cardano because of its expertise on risk management, as well as its integrated deployment of bonds and derivatives.last_img read more

Ørsted Secures 900MW Offshore Wind Grid Capacity in Taiwan

first_imgTaiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has awarded Ørsted the right to connect 900MW offshore wind capacity to Taiwan’s power grid.The selected projects are the 605MW Changua 1 and the 295MW Changhua 2. The two projects are one of the eleven selected by the ministry in the first auction round. In total, 3,836MW of grid capacity was awarded to the eleven projects.The company will deliver the first large-scale commercial offshore wind projects in the Changhua region and connect 900MW to Changhua’s total available grid capacity of 1,000MW in 2021.The next step for Ørsted’s projects, which are located in the Taiwan Strait off Changhua County, is to obtain the establishment permit and to secure the feed-in-tariff by signing a power purchase agreement with Taipower.The projects are expected to be built in 2021, subject to Ørsted’s final investment decision.Martin Neubert, Executive Vice President and CEO of Ørsted Wind Power, said: “This is a breakthrough moment for offshore wind in the Asia-Pacific region. We’re proud to be trusted with this important and large assignment, which will be a landmark in Taiwan’s ambitious transition to renewable energy.”Ørsted has obtained site exclusivity on four offshore wind sites located between 35 and 60km from the shore of Changhua County. The four sites, which have a total potential capacity of 2.4GW, received environmental impact assessment approvals in February 2018.The remaining 1.5GW allocated across three projects can participate in future auction rounds, the developer said. Taiwan’s government has announced that it expects to auction up to 2GW of offshore wind capacity in June 2018.Ørsted is also the co-owner of Taiwan’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, Formosa 1. Subject to the owners’ final investment decision, Formosa 1 will be extended from its current 8MW capacity to 128MW in 2019.Matthias Bausenwein, General Manager for Ørsted in Asia-Pacific, says: “Ørsted is fully committed to deliver world class wind power plants for Taiwan on time to accompany the ambitious green energy targets in Taiwan. We’ll collaborate closely with central and local governments, and, as outlined in our grid application, we’re determined to build up the local supply chain, engage in local communities and transfer knowledge to Taiwan while developing local talent.”last_img read more

Wärtsilä to provide services for Japanese LNG carrier quartet

first_imgShinshu Maru LNG carrier; Source: JERA/NYKFinnish technology group Wärtsilä has signed long-term service agreements for four Japanese-owned LNG carriers.Wärtsilä said that two of the vessels were owned by a joint venture between Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and JERA while the other two are owned by a joint venture between Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) and JERA.The solutions covers a range of services, including scheduled maintenance parts for the equipment covered, all workshop services, all field servicing for piston related maintenance, turbocharger maintenance, condition-based maintenance (CBM) reporting, remote operational support (ROS) from Wärtsilä’s expertise centers, and dynamic maintenance planning.It is worth noting that all four vessels are powered by Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines.Jörgen Naaijer, general manager of marine agreement sales of Wärtsilä Marine, said: “These agreements have been customized to address our customers’ long term needs and business objectives.“They bring measurable and guaranteed lifecycle cost benefits to the owners in terms of reliability, operational efficiency, and accurate maintenance planning based on the true condition of the equipment, which minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime.“last_img read more

One Batesville Community Response Fund needs your action

first_imgBatesville, IN—One Batesville Community Response Fund has been able to grow the fund to nearly $30k but the task force is not done raising funds and awareness. They know that for many businesses and community members, the financial impact will be ongoing for many months. One Batesville wants to be able to continue to offer support through the rest of the year or as long as needed. The One Batesville Task Force includes local community leaders from our school, chamber, faith-based, healthcare, and non-profits who are dedicated to filling the voids that have resulted from COVID-19. The Community Response Fund is made possible by the collective economic contribution of our residents and businesses. The individuals and small business owners that are eligible for this funding are valuable members of the community; they are the same people we have counted on through the years to support our youth sports, buy raffle tickets from our kids, and pitch in at church fundraisers. It’s critical that we support them now, as the impact of COVID-19 takes this unexpected toll.  Individuals, families, and small business owners can contact 812-932-BARC or visit to submit your request. People can expect a call within one business day, a decision if the grant is approved within one week, and funds issued immediately following, pending all requirements have been satisfied. Only residents that have been directly impacted by COVID-19 are eligible for assistance; however, they can assist anyone with navigating available community resources. They recognize the challenges faced by many hardworking residents and businesses who have been negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 closures and hope this funding can help provide some comfort in these difficult times.last_img read more