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Do stand as long as the saw is noisy there is saw foam

these days, I often think about how to make websites better, stronger, more practical and more in line with my friends’ ideas. But to tell you the truth, these are easier said than done. Needless to say I do such an amateur station, this station is like A5, is not easy to achieve perfect.

website, without perseverance and perseverance is not possible, three minutes heat, it will never be done.

my 5 star composition network, since its official operation in April 2008, has gone through many ups and downs, but it has also become a success, did not undergo significant changes. Nor have experienced significant data losses. It’s safe, isn’t it?. At the beginning of the site, there were few IP, and few people came to see it. Compared to others that flow station to wow my station, only a small a little small, not worth mentioning. But I managed it with my heart, and watered the sapling with my sweat. Because I think of her as my child, the hope in life. If I am not allowed to stand now, I will really become idle and do not know what to do. read more

How to strengthen the local portal do not die in the early stages of the road

first of all thank you for reading this article, congratulation you choose to do local portal website, do not portal at least 5 years to be eliminated, perhaps 5 years after the local portal site will be like today, baidu Taobao they occupied the national market, and we go to the occupation of the local market.

The first portal program

we choose is the net program, start doing this program every day is up to more than 2 points, for 3 months, has a certain effect, but in the end due to economic reasons, business reasons have to experience into the IDC above, continue to sell network space Hongkong, Western Digital Space, space, because the only way to ensure our daily life, I was only 1 years after graduating from university began to give up work, soon married with children, so the pressure is relatively large. In this way, the portal site is there for a long time, and occasionally updated content. Baidu seems friendly to my website, and Baidu will give it a little update as soon as possible, and soon. Of course, I did a lot of SEO work among them. read more

After 80 small webmaster big ideal do webmaster bitterness Road

was 16 years old before I began to contact the computer, but also a big boy after 80. When the DOS operating system for beginners, haven’t come into contact with the mysterious network! In the University, I majored in accounting computerization, one week only then the four lesson is dealing with a computer, but the school is not the network, so the network or not and contact.

during school, I gradually like the computer courses, also went to Internet cafes. But at that time, I was just talking about QQ. Well, the original system was WIN98, but it was enough to satisfy my first encounter with the Internet. read more

How to achieve a successful platform for network transformation

in B2C shopping sites have platform at the same time, buy platform platform also quietly carry out. The United States Groupon through the establishment of "Groupon


Stores" to help local merchants create merchant pages. The handle network also began a similar attempt, as long as businesses through the quality evaluation, without waiting for the network group purchase arrangements, has the flexibility to independently publish their information in the corresponding network group purchase group purchase page. read more

How to optimize web keywords

this article is more detailed how to improve the home page to do some of the keywords and some steps and strategies, and so on. Take the http://s.yicinfo.com/ station, the main keyword is "Yichang Dangyang information network, information network, Zhijiang information network" and so on, of course, website optimization, search engine optimization, for these two words work less.

above four with the core keyword information network keywords, the most competitive is of course "information", followed by information network services. The least competitive is Yichang, and personally I feel it’s not worth much of business. I observed that some stations have optimized the word, and now I feel there is no need. It can be said that the word is out of date now. The optimization competition of the information network has become obvious, so the word "Yichang information network" has already been competitive. Of course, it is only peer competition, not the commercial value orientation competition. read more

‘m still confused about Baidu second page versus SEO

speaking of SEO, I would also like to thank sister field, the general feeling than their big sister called, I graduated from secondary school in 2001, access to the Internet, remember that time is really a lot of jokes, boot, shutdown, in the eyes of others, it is very simple, even if you do not know how you will find someone to ask for it, but I will not be the same, so the first computer class, I was at the computer for 45 minutes. Sit slowly began to play the stone age, the second time I have learned one, remember is a command allows the other game player died, his victory, read more