Confused on the novice learning Shanghai Longfeng and coping method

In fact, we have a good grasp of the overall direction of the

, Shanghai dragon confused how to do

1, the diagnosis of their own website

2, and the station for the

when you understand the general direction, will be targeted to learn, we are going to improve; take the first diagnosis of their own website, this which will have a lot to learn where can see your website open speed, user experience, and whether to generate a static background, whether Keywords tag, whether breadcrumb navigation, whether have ALT tags, page keyword density, Bangui call is reasonable and so on, many of the details are really need to slowly understand, so that you have a problem to communicate with others, but not always ask how to quickly improve the flow, how to improve the weight fast, can give Shanghai dragon or ask the diagnosis; some basic questions, like Shanghai easy answers.

here, I still want to emphasize the most important 2 points, one is to take the initiative to learn, is to have an execution; many people develop a habit of passive, even very simple, love Shanghai have the answer, but not to search, would rather keep in the group asked, others do not answer dogged; in fact you want to know whether you are still going to teach myself "

on the line, and then follow the whole to grasp the details, conscientiously do a good job in every detail planning, so as to meet the actual problem, to exchange will have progress, but not every question was included and weight and specific flow; overall I think a good grasp of the 3 points on it:

keyword layout planning

when you put the whole problem is decomposed into many small nodes, you will find many places to learn, you will have to learn, not every day is to send the chain, looking for friends of the chain, feel no effect, he will feel more and more without enthusiasm, very confused, do not know what do.

two, how to plan their work

just contact Shanghai dragon friends are always very passionate, but after a period of study or practice, you will feel very confused, feel oneself do no effect, do not know how to arrange your time and how to promote their site planning. A lot of basic promotion group, many just contact friends are like this, say they do not know how to promotion, looking for people to participate in training or guidance; otherwise is to find Shanghai dragon master, want to tell the specific operation; in fact, I want to say is, in reality, is not a friend relationship, no one will go give you a guide to answer your question, may begin to tell you, but you always want to answer, is impossible, really rely on my own; Xu Guoxiang in this specific talk below:

three, how to learn

3, the chain construction site

Automatic monitoring of Web site keywords ranking (Python)

1. unless a large amount of data on the hard disk to bring pressure (such as analysis of daily number G logs, etc.) or bring as much data can think are recorded. Because of the demand is changing, if the data can be fully prepared against want.

if in learning to understand the place, the article comments can be made, if free will try to help.


for a web site is slightly larger, often have many keywords every one cycle of monitoring their ranking, in order to analyze the effect of Shanghai dragon, and determine trends and so on noble love Shanghai baby.

has a key lies in the automatic data collection and the question of whether or not. If often use the noble baby Analytics analysis of the data should be felt, the data analysis needs are diverse, only have various dimensions prior to perfect data, with the original idea for analysis, and not limited by the lack of data. Like the noble baby Analytics excellent tools fully automatic these data will be collected, to analysis Shanghai Longfeng traffic for the diversification of foundation. Similarly, if more free to say when you want to analyze the historical data to record as many species, as if these daily work, it will take a very long, so the automatic collection reflects its importance.

2. above, unless a great amount of data, or to "

program needs

The existing

for the DIY Python script in the Linux system can be put in crontab (system level tasks), timing run automatic data collection. Then when needed, and then another script to deal with the original data, analysis of the various dimensions. Generally required for low configuration VPS Linux system, a total of not more than 100 lines of Python code (Windows can achieve these, but relatively trouble).

is not going to spend a lot of effort to write the program itself from this article, after all, is some books on the content. The need to learn is to use the built-in function, and some module is used, especially pycurl, re, threading these slowly familiar.

and then a more detailed analysis of the demand. Here I summarize some principles:

monitoring ranking is the main solution is to use commercial software Rank Tracker, but it also has some not so ideal place. For example, almost all existing software problems, the function is not flexible. It is one of the biggest drawbacks it must find a system with a graphical interface (because it is Java, there are many versions of the operating system, so it is not necessarily Windows).

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of your competitors is the first step to do the Shanghai Dragon

webmaster encyclopedia and love Shanghai two Wikipedia is a very good example, their.

analysis of keywords ranking

first is the strategic view, is to see the overall quality of the site as a whole, including the following aspects, loading speed, color collocation, document quality, layout, contents, which does not represent more technology and data, but sometimes some degree of heart surface phenomenon can reflect the overall the quality of a site and webmaster. But there are also some dumpster do very beautiful, this kind of situation has, but only a few alone. The general situation of the overall quality of the web pages or owners of the effort is proportional to the relationship.

analysis of external links


Shanghai dragon’s aim is to make the site to get more traffic, and thus have more income, so get more traffic in this stage, not the thing to do is to analyze competitors, after all, can grasp some information of competitors to give some help to our optimization, whether in confidence in the strategic level, or technical knowledge, have merit. Today to talk about the first step ahead of the competition, if a thorough analysis of your competitors.

do not check the number of directly included, for some sites, although the collection of tens of thousands of, or even hundreds of thousands, but this is not the most important, does not mean it website is relatively high. We want to see is his whole number included, if a page of the whole collection is very good, the overall number of included can reach 80% or even higher, so that this site weight is very good or very good architecture. This point is we need to study the opponent.

analysis included the proportion of

analysis of internal links

external links is an important indicator of a website, when we query a keyword competition difficulty, will first check the home page ranking website external links number, when the number of their external links when the number of quality in general, in general, we are very fortunate, confidence will relax, do not trust in yourself the technology, but relatively less competition, so we do Shanghai Longfeng cost becomes small, it is equivalent to increasing profit. Therefore, the external links must be checked, and carefully check, check every, whether the chain or black chain;



The overall quality of

check in another important aspect is the analysis of key words, keywords ranking directly reflect the weights of the site. Some PR high site, included many, but the ranking ability is not strong, so also do not reflect the weight. On the other hand, do not just look at page keyword ranking, the more need to see the page keyword ranking. If the inside pages of keywords ranking is good, then the competitors must be very strong.

Ah Bin five Shanghai dragon ER daily work must be done

IIS log: every day must look. Don’t look at small IIS logs, which There is much fineness in. Because the return by IIS status code to adjust the site condition. For example, the return status code is 404, it means you appear dead links, in a timely manner to writing ROBOTS shield the dead link, if it is to return to 303, then you didn’t update the pages, need to adjust the page updated, and the key is the number of visits. If the situation is to reduce the possibility that the website right down. Need to check the site adjustment.

this "ah bin" all original, starting A5, retain the copyright 贵族宝贝jiechuangpaiju贵族宝贝 please keep the link. Shanghai Longfeng exchange with QQ:115583829.

Shanghai Longfeng work can be said to be a long-term and "huge" project, in order to enhance the stability of ranking or need to spend every day work to maintain. The importance is not stressed, I think a lot of people are clear. As a qualified Shanghai dragon ER daily maintenance work is ranked what? Five must do here we take a look at the Shanghai dragon ER every day at work:

I have said is the most independent Shanghai dragon ER, certainly not saying like this, this is a personal experience. After all, there is a team to do, editing and the chain Commissioner, so I would not need to do this work.

2. see

1. test sites in their data: there are rankings, included, the chain (a total of YAHOO snapshot, and outside the chain of home import there is love Shanghai DOMIAN), another is Links (if this is a friend to do, can check to reduce the workload). These data are basically a qualified Shanghai dragon ER must do every day, can pass the feedback back a lot, and then adjust the work, maintain the stability of the good rankings.

3.: editor to edit articles more needless to say, the search engine is always love original content, if you want to do is to edit the articles carefully, even false original intentions to also want to edit.

4. of the chain: main Links, soft paper submission, forum posting, replies, blogs and other

5. site traffic statistics antecedents: do the result of optimization is to increase the user to increase sales, so these sites carrying the flow of data will be observed every day. Because some key words online does not necessarily achieve the desired effect, and some long tail word but gave us a lot of help, so we should optimize the timely tracking do analysis to adjust the site.

The increase of

Betta CEO Chen Shaojie live too early to talk about the second half of the industryLove spell to win

2, learning tyrants type continuous entrepreneur Wang Xing

Chen Shaojie told reporters, "regulatory intervention, for us such head enterprises is a good thing, positive, orderly environment is conducive to orderly development."."

Wang, 25 years before the age of

in the Internet era, but also the emergence of a number of daring Ganpin Fujian entrepreneurs, some of them are already listed companies CEO, some investors, some are still running all the way.

hasn’t arrived in the second half,

, has a typical "three good" student experience: from Fujian, Longyan, one of them was sent to Tsinghua University, graduate scholarship to study in the United states. In 2003, he abandoned American Studies and returned home to establish a campus network. He was bought by thousand oaks in 2006. Renren was founded in 2005

at the same time, with the explosive development of live platforms, on the other hand, regulation is also overweight. Especially this year, supervision has been broadcast, hitherto unknown, aperture fabric live and many other interesting live broadcast platform to leave quietly. Live in the future how to deal with the industry to decide on what path to follow? Betta

in Chen Shaojie’s eyes, live broadcast is the next Internet portal. According to his plan, they next play is "live +" such an ecological. The game is the first major brand Betta, Betta is also the focus of development, therefore, they will not only deep in the game, it will also develop the vertical category, deep in the two dimension, music, finance, automotive and other fields.

1, forward-looking investor – Cai Wensheng

brick network founder Jiamu published his views in the know. He believes that in recent years, the rise of Xiamen so fast, one is the government to create a soft two of the Fujian entrepreneurs top gathering area, on the other hand, Cai Wensheng and a number of prospective investors indeed greatly promoted the development of the Internet in Xiamen.

the merchant of Fujian is also called the "Fujian", as one of the ten China merchants, Shanxi, Huizhou, par with guangdong. It is also the only one of the traditional three business groups that has continued to this day. It is reputed as the "first class of Chinese businessmen".

Chen Shaojie said the second half changes and live broadcast industry, ecological industry, referred to the business focus direction of next step Betta, Betta progress, capital market and supervision of the betta attitude.

in this regard, Chen Shaojie believes that it is too early to talk about the second half. "It’s not the second half is a beginning of separatist warlords, live for entrance level impact of the Internet is still very deep, from the industry, people are more and more, two years ago, not what people do this, until now the influx of capital, has just begun, even the midfield is yet to come." In his view, now live far from the crazy stage, BAT big companies in layout, although the investment of the broadcast platform, but not to the white hot stage, the real into the second half, the situation will be more severe.

Cai Wensheng in 1999 to open the business domain, seize the about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the domain name has a foot in all walks of life. In 2000, the Internet field, investment domain name and great success, three years after the establishment of 265, and was acquired by shlf1314 in 2007. He held three consecutive sessions of the Chinese Internet webmaster conference, the majority of the webmaster as a personal website godfather. After 2007, the company began to invest in the Internet, and invested dozens of excellent websites, becoming famous angel investors in china. In October 18, 2016, the 2016 Hurun IT rich list was released, and the Cai Wensheng family ranked thirty-fifth with 10 billion 500 million yuan.

October 18, 2016, 2016 Hurun IT rich list released, Wang Xing to 10 billion 500 million yuan ranked thirty-fifth.

then, there will be only a few large platforms left behind in the live broadcast industry. In this regard, Chen Shaojie believes, "so the future live industry is sure to add a lot of small heads, and the middle will be very difficult to do."."

"youth does not work, old has no reputation."."

the broadcast industry has ended barbaric growth period, entered the stage of the whole industry profitability of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, is getting better day by day, the unicorn gradually revealed; but on the other hand, dividend cuts in the industry, the homogenization of competition and regulatory force forced the industry reshuffle. Among them, there are many small broadcast platform has been out, in this momentum, the broadcast industry will enter the adjustment period in 2017, does this mean that the live broadcast has entered the second half?

, the live industry is still too early to talk about the second half, just a time when the warlords are beginning to rule. The influx of capital, even the midfield, has not arrived yet." Recently, Betta CEO Chen Shaojie told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters.

that’s what goes around the coast of Fujian. Fujian is good at doing business with their long-standing, universal, open and expand the spirit of love spell. They are full of adventure, advocating out "Nuggets", once targeted will not give up, "make a money to borrow money to put into it, relying on their own fighting spirit of success.

the merchant of Fujian is also called the "Fujian", as one of the ten China merchants, Shanxi, Huizhou, par with guangdong. It is also the only one of the traditional three business groups that has continued to this day. It is reputed as the "first class of Chinese businessmen".

, Xiamen and Fuzhou are two cities with the most concentrated entrepreneurial environment in Fujian. In particular, carding Xiamen start-up companies, will find many are inextricably linked with Cai Wensheng.

recently, the tax authorities have also made action on the personal income tax self-examination of the live broadcast platform. In this regard, Chen Shaojie said, "the fish on this matter the sensitivity is very high, they began very early to anchor a


Forwards not pay attention to the operation of Shanghai Dragon

Is the study of the search engine to adjust the

4, Shanghai dragon operation. Here is related mainly in the relevant content, not a theme links. That is not related, or a proportion of problems. For example, your site theme is Hefei Shanghai dragon, then you are in the content construction in Hefei Shanghai dragon related content, such as other aspects of life as a theme, not overwhelming. Import links also pay attention to a relationship, high-quality external links factor correlation.


website called Shanghai dragon popular point, make the site to get good rankings. Then, adjust the striker here think that is the story of a Shanghai dragon manipulation. A search engine to Shanghai dragon operating practices, on the other hand, is not conducive to the search engine of Shanghai dragon manipulation.

2, Shanghai dragon regular operation. Often here is mainly manifested in the structure of the website often change site title, description often modify etc.. Whether the website structure or site title or maintain its stability is necessary. Especially for the new station, the weight itself is not stable enough, if often modify these factors weight higher proportion, will greatly reduce the search engine on your trust, Hefei Shanghai Longfeng site early site had occurred to modify the site title and was briefly in love with the sea right down the search engine.

3, Shanghai Longfeng arbitrary operation. Arbitrary here is mainly manifested in the internal links to any. Mentioned forward before the construction of the internal links in the article, good internal link structure are included and assign weights to web page, and vice versa. Especially the anchor text links to the spider is particularly important, in accordance with the link to crawl the entire site, the anchor text to a certain extent, tell it along the links down what content to grab. At the same time, any direction would cause the website structure is not clear, easy to cause the bad phenomenon of Shanghai dragon link bombs.

1, Shanghai dragon operation rules. The law is mainly reflected in the content of irregular update, Links irregular add, external links and irregular change etc.. The search engine is crawling on spider to grab the Internet page, unless you are like this Sina site search engine spiders "Dundian" will specially assigned, the vast majority of the site is a regular spider crawling, when it is not the law rules and you, will make it produces a bad impression do you think the site is not stable enough or do you use black hat techniques in Shanghai dragon.


we can control, some factors can’t be controlled, that striker has to do is to avoid inferior optimization, optimization of your Shanghai dragon manipulation. Finally, by the Hefei website promotion (贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org) original, reproduced retain links, thank you!

Four effective methods for fast exchange chain of local tourism website

, through the QQ plus group to find relevant industry QQ group

second, exchange site search related sites through the chain chain. This method is also a lot of people are in use, before a lot of people love to buy Links Ali cloud, Ali cloud affected Scindapsus algorithm, very few people to buy links, so most of the people or by the friends of the chain site to exchange chain, such as webmaster helper network and go9go link platform. The platform can be customized to search relevant types of chain sites, to the webmaster is very convenient, but also eliminates the need for the webmaster to a >

, two


for example: I now through the chain QQ QQ group search local travel website, first author QQ click on the control panel to find contacts, click Add group after input "this four word tourism chain" in the search, and then click on the search and there will be a lot of travel website chain related group. But this group is very targeted, and then find the words with active click join, ready for a little more than 100 QQ group, is not recommended to add, finally agreed to wait for him and into the group exchange chain.

recently had been responsible for the local tourism website optimization, in the process of optimization of the local tourism website in addition to write text and release the station outside the chain, the second is to the local tourism website in exchange for several high weight Links, in fact in the optimization of the local tourism website, Links exchange is an essential daily optimization the Links, although the effect is not significant, but the exchange type and the same type of chain, greatly small effect is still there, but the time required for a period of time will appear.

during this period of time to exchange travel website of a chain, the author found that many owners are not the rapid exchange of Links, and part of the webmaster do not know what to the local exchange chain, so today I will place tourism websites Link Exchange work to do a summary, also let the webmaster master a plurality of exchange tourism website link method, the author has a total of four methods can effectively exchange the chain of tourism Webmaster Help, four effective methods for rapid exchange chain website following the author of local tourism.

first of all, through the QQ group to find relevant industry QQ group. QQ webmasters may be familiar with it, looking for friends of the chain way through the QQ group is the most appropriate method, can be in QQ search in the search by keywords and groups, and then find the group and their own website related types, generally as long as the group will pass, the friends of the chain QQ group wish the more people the better, so the webmaster in group to find a travel website belongs to the QQ group, and if the active chain group, this will play a certain role.

Through the Links search platform chain related

Fan Zhuo national plan depth analysis Shanghai love love Shanghai red

design what is the "love Shanghai red, not winning he will also guide you to a search box, search for a keyword, so imperceptibly, let Shanghai people use love every one more used to love Shanghai, let not used love the people of Shanghai, to develop a habit of love Shanghai use the correct. Brief summary: there are problems to all the people of Shanghai love a habit, love Shanghai.

there is love Shanghai in the "love Shanghai red" campaign, in fact not so much in should, because the interface has the following red Yao point 100, send Dangdang and other shopping vouchers, which in fact is to the online store and then advertise, the details of which I do not know, but there is certainly a cooperation in the inside of the ingredients, so that Shanghai is not sure how much money in it.

new year, businesses are doing the traditional channels of every hue of promotional activities on the network, the cell phone also not idle, Sina, Tencent, love Shanghai in doing their own activities, to the best opportunity in this achievement to make one.

of course is to let everyone use a habit of love Shanghai development platform, participating in activities of the page design is to love Shanghai platform form, that is using such a chance to love Shanghai red activities, let the majority of Internet users used to love Shanghai platform, let everyone accept a platform focused on the introduction of this love Shanghai, in order to better promote the development platform in the late love Shanghai.

fell in love with the sea is really awesome, a whole love Shanghai red, today to talk about this "love Shanghai red" of the depth of content.

first, the year is near, working in a big city white-collar, blue collar and other senior personnel in long-term work in city are returned to their homeland, which is from the city back to the town or village, close to the computer, digital products sales is a season, whellole most code computer products are accompanied by these it often contact the people returned to the level two and level three county towns, which will further promote the county and rural market computer penetration rate, then pull with the cable, then to the Internet, this time the "love Shanghai red power is present, with so many prizes for the introduction, let the the big city of Shanghai to popularize senior talents to rural and county, let love Shanghai more covering every corner of the China. This simple summarized as: "love Shanghai red" as the carrier, returning talents for the city channel, towns and rural group for the audience, increase the share of love in Shanghai Chinese market.

"love Shanghai red", involved in the method is very simple, but it is also.

with the development of the Internet, regardless of any industry, any scale enterprises and companies, we pay more attention to the effective communication with his clients. How to design a simple activities let the audience can participate enthusiastically in, and spend the least cost, best effect.

A good web site optimization process which requires the quality of editing

second, the need to consider the user experience of reading writing. On the ability to integrate resources only to the basic conditions of search engines provide valuable information, then we see second points, the final group is of course we face our users, the user is actually an entity, is a thinking is normal, non judgmental concepts so in writing in the process of taking a veteran perspective to analyze and the user can not always forget reading experience, for example, an article has very high value, but paragraph division is not clear, level of confusion, a lot of ordinary people can not understand, this is not respect the reading demands of the user, it is rational. The best for the reasonable section, the appropriate time to add the appropriate images to help users understand the contents of the article, for difficult concept or >

first, the ability of information resources integration keen. At present, with all the changes in love Shanghai algorithm, in the station for the quality requirements increase, most of the time we have referred to the original white hot point, here I want to say is a professional editor, good writing skills is the basic quality, but keen ability to integrate resources is the key to understand why. Most of the time? We require text quality, quality here often refers to the original article, but in many cases, especially for some industry portal, you have to write a lot of original articles every day? Is clearly not realistic, in this case, the author thinks that we must first understand what is original is never on the Internet? There have been no clear definition of the original article, we go in the process of operation is also very handy, mainly reflected in the channel resources Information collection, through the love of Shanghai news source, industry website, portal website for your site related information collection, after collecting the data, to an industry two times for information processing, including their own thoughts and ideas for this article to grasp, to some point of view can be appropriate into their thinking. Finally, with a view of the industry a detail, and an organization experiences sentiment writing their own high quality articles, process, this process is the integration of resources Qucuqujing, into their analysis of events occurred or are in the book or write their own unique vision, this is without a doubt belong to the high value of original works own unique website.

as everyone knows, the site optimization process is a gradual process, in this process we have a lot of details should be considered, such as the station in continuous updating operation of the value chain construction of the station anchor text construction, website structure optimization, URL optimization details need to be dealt with, the author today is the station optimization especially for a web page editor what we need to do the basic work and everyone to do a simple web page editor is shared, at the helm of the entire contents of the construction of the professional degree will directly affect the search engine to determine the site quality, well we continued into the theme of short gossip.

About love for Shanghai text links some conjecture

first, after a major update in December 7th Shanghai love of the chain, December 14th again big update

second, love Shanghai for text links to crawl, is repeating yesterday’s tips, it prefers the front crawl peer text url. Wrap (end. Is love) of Shanghai as a separate, but a colon (:) comma (,) such as delimiters are ignored by Shanghai love, of course, the space is properly ignored. Of course, this is not 100%, love Shanghai and grab a small probability of other characters, but most of the time we maintain this text link format; (a separate line) XXX (you want to grab the text (XXXX) corresponding to the URL you want, of course is the text type, not a hyperlink) is able to love is a better Shanghai grab.

for love Shanghai for several now grab the link corresponding text algorithm extends the conjecture of.

to tell you the truth, the December 7th update is 14, can only be a query, but also at least ask a few friends, they say, and the 14 day update, one of the earliest found friends say yesterday, okay. Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools more and more awesome is a good news, at least than Shanghai did not always see love and a tattered integrity promotion website look but is not cheating because the promotion of K to the more meaningful.

third, with URL for the text in the form of a hyperlink, love Shanghai may also grab the corresponding text corresponding to the text, but the corresponding grasp is really awful. Such as: XXX original, xxxx (URL link) released. When such links crawl, love Shanghai would grasp issued this word to do hyperlinks corresponding to the word, this is really dumbfounding. But because this person lazy, don’t want screenshots above, so I will not give you the map, we are interested can go to study.

second, the sudden force of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools let me think of Shanghai Google still love optimization tool Comrades, you know, love.

today and cheap hand to check the chain under the hands of a few sites, with love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to check, then, and found a new problem.

first, this seems to love Shanghai crawl rules is still adjusting, to tell the truth, this is really no way to grab a good show this link to the value of love, if Shanghai has been prepared with such ground near joke grasp rules of words, estimated Shanghai Longfeng er who can love Shanghai drowned slobber. In fact, for such a simple grasp rules come up with corresponding countermeasures is also too simple, love Shanghai algorithm certainly need to change, people think that even if Shanghai does not love URL corresponding to the keyword extraction from the content, the article from the title or URL corresponding to the title of the article (personally think that this idea is good, hehe) to intercept text corresponding to the url.