K had not been right to drop the webmaster website and it is difficult to real growth

station is right to be reduced, "

we read this title may be asked me a question, is it that K had not been the site and right down to the station would be a very good growth? Of course it is negative, today in a station in Shanghai Longfeng outside perspective to analyze this problem. Then the angle from which to analyze? If we analyze from the angle of philosophy, I remember Ma said that the experience is summarized from the failure of the. Successful experience to listen to it, don’t believe. For example, if you ask Bill Gates to write a successful track record, estimated he would not tell you he successfully got the first order (gold) is because her mother is an important member of the board of directors of IBM. Warren Buffett if successful record writing, even will not tell you the first time he entered Wall Street Goldman received him, because his father and Goldman have a good relationship. From the above example, summarizes the experience of success in the experience of failure is worthy of consideration, only the experience of the blood that we The imprint is engraved on my heart. Now you understand what I said is not K of the website is not a good webmaster mean. Here is my experience in this area.

there is a joke, is also love sea K have no hair, thinking can only think of one reason, that is the content, this let me see an article as if what is called copy with some differences in collecting inspiration. Of course, I’m not collected, but with no acquisition what difference, every day I go to a website to copy the contents and contents of order is not disrupted, with the collection as like as two peas. I judge the reason should be with related content, in addition I wonder what other factors. There is a love of Shanghai made a mistake, should be like this, is in July when love Shanghai K station, the station was unfortunately K enterprise, I remain perplexed despite much thought, but also find a lot of friends, they also said that only love Shanghai misjudged, the solution is how to do it how to do, and not half a month to put out, confirmed our judgement is accurate.

I am "honored" to tell you I was K four station, K station is four times four times growth ah, the growth path of blood experience, the first time I was a Shanghai dragon blog is K, it is not convenient to search Shaoyang Shanghai (screenshot dragon, ranked first on the I), you can go to check with the webmaster tools of historical records, in July 27th the day included zero. What is the reason, this is relatively simple, because the record was kept for two days in space, resulting in all of the sites included were removed from the sea of love. Until two days before will not appear so big, I used to have the website was closed for a few days, not what the problem ah, why is this love Shanghai so serious punishment, then finally want to understand, is the blog weight is too low. Believe that even a week off Sina love Shanghai will be deleted. We remember a new website or low weight website not open phenomenon, love Shanghai right down is very serious.

In most

How to optimize the B2B site

this is just an example, not necessarily can achieve the best effect, but can be used to compensate for the amount of information. Around a product key, released a number of different titles, the number of most of the B2B website for free information release restrictions, is enough for us to play.

2 you want to put yourself in the customer’s point of view. For example, you want to buy XX products, if it is the first time to buy, will worry about how its quality and effect, you may have to search XX + product quality / price / effect etc.. The customer is the same, to set the key words according to the buyers generally search habits, so as to increase the probability of potential customers can see our release information.

love Shanghai search keywords you need to release products, selected the keyword row in Shanghai love search before the three page B2B website. This is love in Shanghai included such products, maintain friendly B2B website. Release of information on these sites will have a multiplier effect. The same is true of other search engines.

Title: the title set must be long, one is more likely to cause the visitor’s attention, two is to list a few keywords can increase the possibility of search engine included. For example, XX products, the title can be set to "XX company supply XX products, XX product, XX product supplier".

pinched fingers to calculate the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization have been more than a year, during this period of time can be said to be learned a lot of things, here to tell you a little of my experience. This is what I have been in use of the method, effect is satisfactory, love Shanghai general search keywords the main products of the company, can be found on the home page I released the information, each product at least two. Just browse the website of B2B is not enough, love Shanghai included, is to release information.


website on the Internet: small B2B website how to choose too many to count the release of information, web site is a key problem. Some small sites, slow to update, love Shanghai included nature is very slow, released information on these sites is almost equal to a waste of time. Here to tell you the simplest and most effective method of choice, website, only with other search engines can love Shanghai.

settings: the so-called keywords, is for you to fill out search keywords, can use love Shanghai or Google keyword tool to select the most conventional products called hot degree and frequency can also refer to these keywords used or be searched in the above, so that your information is being searched to more buyers the opportunity.

message retransmission: to make a few optimization in front of the love of Shanghai included is no problem. The information released by the number of accumulated to a certain extent, the rest of the work is very easy, as long as the information can be updated. Many websites are provided with a key update function on the update interval, I generally stay in.

Love Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform let the webmaster stand awful to

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform promotion

but today, love Shanghai regain their product is king "principle, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform rankings across! And not only is the ranking and ranking form.


before this, search for "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform" one word, love Shanghai show is a general ranking. Photo card:

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, is one of the platform every webmaster will enter, after all is love Shanghai products, our sponsor of the webmaster must abide "100", the only way to win a space for one person in the ranking list. If you don’t follow a "K" aimed down, webmaster, pray, "hard for decades, the night returned to liberation history will repeat on your body.



1, previously, platform title is "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform _ webmaster tools and webmaster exchange platform", and now has been changed to "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform — to help the site faster growth, the focus between the biggest change is" webmaster "one word, between the webmaster and previously focused on the exchange station, and now the title between the lines revealed the" site ", please pay attention to" help site "," webmaster "Duandiao, it is self-evident, the love of Shanghai hit Webmaster Platform is nothing more than to love Shanghai to bid.

today, Luo handsome again search "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform", everything changed, love is not only love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform artificial became the first home, but also to play new tricks. Directly above:

you can see from the figure, Shanghai attaches great importance to love love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, and made a great change, Luo handsome summed up the following, only for all reference:

significant change

today ranked form

previously, love Shanghai did not attach great importance to the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, just let it serve as a communication platform between love and Shanghai station, or a month out of the new algorithm, hair Huang bang on the platform, attracting countless stationmaster onlookers, only this. Indeed, this "love from Shanghai Webmaster Platform" in Shanghai love search can be reflected, is even more common than Webmaster Platform ranking. As we all know, Shanghai has always been a love for their own products "held in the hands of fear fell, with the fear of the mouth", in addition to its products ranked below love Shanghai auction, will occupy the home natural ranking one or two. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform ranking exception, Luo handsome thought love Shanghai Forum on products not to be concerned about it.

2, Shanghai Webmaster Platform cast love >

the past love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in Shanghai love to search on the show in the form of

How to write text How to quickly get through the soft external links

actually I write the purpose of this article is to increase our website "new group net" (贵族宝贝xintuan贵族宝贝) the number of the chain. In the chain for the emperor’s, not the chain of the website is really very difficult. Of course, the purpose of the soft, needless to say, we all know, soft to soft, every good article must have a real central idea, your thoughts, your experience tells us, we do not accept the soft look. Then we come to the point, how to write a soft wen.

"how to write a good article" this theme has too many Niubi characters written, I write is not very appropriate, because we have many years did not write, even my own soft too lazy to write. Even a not very familiar with the brothers also despise to say "you are right or wrong in straw, A5 and ChinaZ have done editing, the new group net soft you publish to the A5 a bird?" the brothers, I did not directly answer you, mainly because I think if you don’t understand the tone and so disdain, then you will continue to despise. But in fact, the answer is very simple, sharing entrepreneurial experience and can gain external links, Why not?? (* * * *, and beside the point, it seems that I really can not come to write how to write a good article such content. But today I have to point in any case what to write, even if it is suppressed, will hold at least two thousand words.

I think a lot of people like me, looking at the A5 and CHINAZ website to see a lot of friends on the network promotion, Shanghai dragon when talk with eloquence is very envy, but when I wanted to write something to find out when he actually had a "incapable of action" feeling, is his ink drink too little, or you know too little? Do not know.

I personally think that depending on the nature of the classification, text should be divided into: brand shape soft, soft, enhanced sales of personal marketing type soft, soft external links, as personal webmaster, in addition to the "brand shape soft" less commonly used, other basic is to use, such as often write some Shanghai dragon article, actually this kind of soft Wen can count as personal marketing and external links or soft soft, for nothing more than to increase personal fame, increase traffic to your site. While sales of enhanced soft, there may be some who love Daniel sell tutorial, Wang Tong had many articles in order to sell his tutorial. There are some passengers who love Taobao more concentrated in MM where they released some soft, MM, through the purchase of their Taobao passenger link attraction, which also belongs to the enhanced soft sales. Of course, the classification of the soft, but today the main topic is how to write a good article, so we stop here, such as around >


is very ashamed, the past two years, I rarely write, every time to write what was actually an hour to knock out a word, but only in this nonsensical prologue, to write to some inspiration.

How to use sharing to improve work efficiency in Shanghai Dragon

2, synchronous real-time sharing

function to achieve fast synchronous real-time sharing "reserved", if the third party platform for its different products directly to share information, to improve work efficiency, to achieve the "mass" function to Sina micro-blog through a Sina blog content, micro-blog and other Tencent corresponding demand for products. This is not going with

synchronous real-time sharing is very wide, but in Shanghai Longfeng industry but don’t bury. Why is that synchronization is widely used in real time to share? In fact, the major portals are embodied, for example: Sina blog can sync information to the micro-blog blog "," sharing blog to Windows Live ".

for Shanghai dragon, get a good share of content is very important, which reproduced the effects and how much. In Shanghai dragon industry to encourage people to share, but has gradually been neglected, nor from the deeper level to understand, in fact sharing can improve the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon Er, work problems directly affect the site ranking results show, want more quickly and more reasonable to improve website ranking, not from the sharing of how to improve the work efficiency by sharing? Is mainly reflected in the aspects of

sharing tools to improve the efficiency of

?1, the use of Application of Using the

tools group has been as network marketing essential tool, including Shanghai dragon er. And now has begun to slowly decline, people began to give up is not under the more primitive and more reliable way.

?3, the use of

love Shanghai original spark plans to strengthen the implementation of original content audit and rankings show, the growing demand for web content to improve the quality of content, and constantly improve the quality of the process we should consider: don’t waste their value, how to maximize the use of high quality content. The station is the best tool to share the most favorable way to high quality content to each need to quickly share platform. In the maintenance and improve the website content rich at the same time, also in the other corresponding platform for maintenance. Of course, some of the platform of content audit mechanism of different restrictions, needs to carry on the sorting and distribution. Of course, this is not limited to the station by sharing tools to other station platform can use, for example: Sina blog, blog and other Sohu integration sharing tools.

to improve the efficiency of

group share

is suitable for domestic share tools such as: love Shanghai very much, sharing tools, bShare tools, JiaThis tools to share share, these tools support platform for many, including SNS, network bookmarks, blog, micro blog, and other types of thermal paper, contains almost all of the main stream of "media", to the rational use of these the resources will be able to maximize the content of the website exposure, added a lot of opportunity.

How to make your website code optimization is more reasonable

is Shanghai dragon, we all know that a site in the search engine ranking position, the majority is also the site of the domain name age, effective external links, whether the original content and other comprehensive problem, right now the search engine, network interface can not get good rankings, stand good after all. Now, it is not smart to the ranking factors with a web interface. If the web is like a museum, then the search engine is like visiting travelers, maybe it’s not appropriate. A passenger to visit a strange Museum, can let him fully understand the museum information is not the outward appearance of the museum, but the museum collection of articles, web site is like this, I have seen a lot of website interface is very friendly, but high ranking website, do not rule out here are famous sites like u88 investment network, Zhitong talent network, an open interface is all advertising, can be said that the experience of the user interface, not very good, but why their ranking is very high, I have studied their source code, they found that the internal structure is well written, the details are in place.

in the website source code, the code written in very neat, very standard, website is based on DIV+css, and each content area of this, there will be additional instructions within the site are basically the main text, basically no FLASH (now Google to catch FLASH the contents inside, and each picture) have ALT properties to allow search engines to interpretation of the content of the picture, the code contains < h1> h2> < two labels to the page size, the page file size is not more than 60KB, the website opened quickly, spider the friendly page has been well improved.

website code optimization, relatively speaking, is very simple, as long as we usually pay attention to the details of the website, internal advice if you have time to check the site, you can refer to the following point optimization:

A: layout of the site, it is best to use DIV+Css, if you are still using TABLE, it only shows you OUT.

How to treat the new owners love Shanghai not included low weight website content of the original ep

According to the Shanghai We still remember the 2010 Google

but at the same time, I also told the station last night: a person does 1 things we are doing good things and can not attract the attention of the people, if you do 100 pieces of time, I believe that people’s eyes are bright blood, see the. That is to say, as a webmaster should not be quick, insist to write original articles every day, wrote 100 articles, 1000 articles, 10000 articles, if love Shanghai is not the first time included, so that Google search market in China has replaced the love of Shanghai.

this may be with the European and American countries attach importance to relations of copyright and intellectual property rights, on the mainland is not the same, especially the current awareness of copyright and intellectual property rights protection system has not been established there is a direct relationship. Love is not in the Shanghai the first time included the original episode, is not included in the original order in the first place is not with respect to the original author. So love the sea from Internet big company’s status is still far away.

exit Chinese storm event, at that time because Google included grab fast collection of content are very inclusive, suffer China government opposition. But Google and the first respect the original practice of people, so no matter whether small or large are all original and first priority search records, this is like writing a paper with the same respect the original.

Discuz! Lovers April 13th hearing last night a webmaster to I talk to their website snapshot is slow, the same original text in his first website, but love Shanghai only included the other repeater articles, their original article isn’t included, Google snapshot update every day, collected, included the number is several hundred the Shanghai times love. This is a lot of new webmaster confused and puzzled, of course, love in Shanghai to do so is normal.

love collection scheme, a see that love in Shanghai included the principle of weight at the website, if the higher the weight determine the reliability of the website. However, the Internet era, the homogenization of serious today, major website content from traditional media (such as Xinhua) reproduced, but as the original content included, which is really fantastic.

this, o love Shanghai to see included suggestions as follows: respect and the first truly original, truly original articles should be included starting in the first time, at the same time in the consolidation included should be more time order of ranking, the first station should be the first, the other in chronological order.

this is nothing more than to love Shanghai aspects of the website weight equal to political power, his preferred approach is not desirable. The Internet era is an era of flat, everyone is a hero, everyone became a journalist and author. Love Shanghai that included rules on the original author is a great disservice. Do not know how to see if 360? 360 to make a difference in the search engine, the rules must be different from the love of Shanghai.

by Discuz (www.aid> lovers!

Originally, it is to optimize the website should be the contents of mining depth


Xiaobian think, to talent shows itself a lot of information on the Internet, on the original light, by gathering light is not enough, so many teachers said that if you do this, you will just be in the back row of the


but not have fallen behind? In fact, if you want to go beyond the Xin’an talent network in the industry, which rely on the + chain has to die, and that in the end what kind of operation can be achieved? We still see!

take the talent network as an example, Anhui local talent network, Xin’an talent network visibility, but also many job seekers to find work platform, if you look carefully, you will find it in the domain name has existed for 13 years and 2 days, 2 years as a business website, even if every day you send articles, send the chain, and he can stand up? Anyway, Xiao Bian think that is unlikely, because when you send articles, send the chain, they probably do not lose at the starting line, this


2, also want to weight transfer chain? Sorry, you want more

1, false original article, the user can search engine, not love


has recently been in the course of listening to the Shanghai dragon, found himself proud of the so-called Shanghai Dragon technology was that. Write the original article, every day outside the chain, perhaps this is what you are doing now, but today Xiaobian want to say is, you are wrong! Maybe you will say, do not send the article, do not send the chain, then what to optimize the site? If you want to know, Xiaobian look down


so long, "the chain is no use" argument has been discussed, some people say no, some people say that in the end we still be useful, gray hair outside the chain? If you want to use a chain to transfer the weight, sorry, your site will one day be punished for the chain; but if >


as a professional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, every day to consider how to increase site traffic, the weight seems to be the most important task, can flow, what is the weight come from? In the eyes of Hefei talent network Xiaobian, before 2012, the chain is the focus of the article, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix work, in which join the target keywords that every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have been doing, of course, when the website is really can pass this way to get some weight, but today you still do these things, it is out

in recent years, more and more information on the Internet, no matter what kind of content, in the search engine, will match a lot of information, how are you going to rely on the pseudo original in so much information in talent shows itself maybe you will say? "The original", the original search engine is really love but, a no value, even the users don’t want to go to see the original point, meaning that

How to do web site right down

5 other factors: of course, Step

site is down right after it is remedial work, but not one or two days will be able to see the remedial changes, but should be calculated by cycle, love Shanghai every Thursday or five have a small update, so remedial a website also need at least a month or so, that is, small update three or four times at the same time should produce Excel document records, to exclude the factor are recorded, such as the original > remedy


2, a hidden code: this situation generally appear in the business website, for most enterprise website without maintenance, and the emergence of a large number of web applications can be exploited loopholes, a detailed inspection should be the internal code of the site to gradually eliminate this situation.

3, website content: Web content is the main problem because of the lack of original content, so in this regard solving way is to release some of the original content, original content does not necessarily need to write your own, can spend money in the task net ghost-written6, the price in accordance with the industry to determine, for the acquisition of existing or previous pseudo original content can be edited, but each modification schedule should be maintained at a certain number.


many webmaster when the site is down right love Shanghai directly on the site lost confidence, or stop the site all daily maintenance work, and asking all around other webmaster how to remedy the website, actually own website only to clear their own how to remedy the daily maintenance after all sites are doing so. From the website of the daily maintenance work to eliminate.



continued to observe the progress of remediation

1, the stability of space

: no good solution, what the only solution is to replace the direct business space.


site is down right does not exclude other factors, but still can be excluded by modifying the exclusion, step by step after the screening can be solved, the method is better than the problem.


site outside the chain: the definition of many webmaster is not clear, the so-called "mass chain", for example, every day you manually released a lot of forum or blog posts, forum or blog and published mostly spam sites, then the site is likely to be mistaken for the search engine group, and for Links problems, suggest you Adsense every time check Links, although this work is very boring, but if the Links site is K or drop right, how much will affect their own website, this should be a kind of joint punishment mechanism in the love of Shanghai, especially the number of friendship over 100 links or web content are collected, completely let users read this website, the Links should clean up as soon as possible.

down the right remedy for reasons

On the construction of the chain of Links

temporarily, I also used it in several ways by Links, there is a way to the QQ group of publicity, but then went in, found that publicity is too complex, not very good to find some suitable Links, therefore, to find their own Links are striking out on their own initiative rather than looking. Passive acceptance of other link >

in addition to this, he also frequently used way is to love Shanghai search and direct search Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon blog, blog marketing, keywords and so on, you can see a lot of people blog, blog and ranking is good, can the development of friendship, and then do Links, this is nothing more than a good way to do is Links, friendship links are only second, and then to their blog to find some place, almost the same type of blog, and then contact the webmaster QQ, can be found.

my site is a small Shanghai dragon blog, is looking for the same type of blog space, then these is what we often do, to some Master Shanghai Longfeng blog to see the others, and then look at the comments below is a good way to enter someone’s blog. Then go to the others, and then post their comments, if it is of the same type, is the Shanghai dragon, but also a message Links environment, so blog is a good way, and then through a blog article, find another blog, as a ten, ten hundred, you will see Links natural resources.

there is a correlation between the Links, here refers to the correlation between almost theme related websites, such as a blog on the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and try to find some type of blog, the results of this 2 party is good, to ensure their own play link are correlated, and from the chain if you try to have extensive links, is mutual, stable link correlation is definitely the best, also can improve the overall correlation between the site, which is looking for Links found problems.

Links is a mark of essential chain in the process of doing more Links can quickly improve the site’s relevance and weight, in the construction of the chain, has an important position, this is essential, these days in the company every day to spend a lot of time to find the right Links the exchange of resources, have seen quite a few tutorials, so long simply said about Links own feeling.

, about Links words, see the website collect and snapshot is important, PR is a little and no extra attention, the love is love to see Shanghai and Shanghai included snapshot, included key love view included a week and month, see the spider activity how, and whether the next snapshot snapshot is to insist on it, but the other is not much, in fact, about Links, only the weights are generally not much difference between, you can do.